Frequently Asked Questions A Todd FAQ aimed at novice fans.
OLD_What's New Additions to the 'Todd IS Godd' site, with dates of addition.

Special Features An in depth analysis (sounds good eh?!) of ...

The R Files Information, categorised by LP, concerning Todds releases including performance information for that year, a complete illustrated discography, Lyrics, downloadable sounds and images, related interviews,reviews,and notes, and other related info. Probably the best place to start for finding specific information.

Kenny's Bit Collected information and thoughts of Kenny Stevenson. Includes his record collection list, reminiscenses of Todd shows.

TodData A collection of specific and general data including video lists and reviews, Grokware information, ordering info, other sites on the WWW, and more.

Darrens Bit DL's own Private Heaven. Contains TR humour, personal collection info, reminiscences of Todd, and more.

Todd In Action A gallery of 50 pictures of Todd in Performance.

Audience Participation A collection of information, scans, and other tidbits submitted by users of this site.

Feedback Contains 'Visitors Guestbook' to sign, also previous entries to read.
Quiz Utopia Trivia Quiz