This USA compilation contains highlights of Todds production work through the 70's and 80's.

Track Listing:

  1. Personality Crisis - New York Dolls (from 'New York Dolls')
  2. We're an American Band - Grand Funk (from 'We're an American Band')
  3. All Mine - Fanny (from 'Mothers Pride')
  4. Funky Friday - Felix Cavaliere (from 'Felix Cavaliere')
  5. It's All Too Much - Steve Hillage (from 'L')
  6. All Revved Up With No Place To Go - Meatloaf (from 'Bat out of Hell')
  7. Bully For You - Tom Robinson Band (from 'TRB2')
  8. It Must Be Love - Rick Derringer (from 'Guitars and Women')
  9. Prime Time - The Tubes (from 'Remote Control')
  10. Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith (from 'Wave')
  11. Whispering your Name - Jules Shear (from 'Watchdog')
  12. If I Had You Back - the Rubinoos (from 'Party of Two')
  13. Live for Today - The Lords of the New Church (from 'Is Nothing Sacred?')
  14. Dear God - XTC (from 'Skylarking')
  15. Midnight Sun - Hunter (from 'Dreams of Ordinary Men')
  16. I Don't Mind At All - Bourgeious Tagg (from 'YoYo')
  17. I'm An Adult Now - The Pursuit of Happiness (from 'Love Junk')
  18. Too Cool to Fall in Love - Jill Sobule (from 'Things Here are Different')

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RhinoR2 70519An Elpees worth of ProductionsCDstandardUSA

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