NAZZ is the first released work featuring input from TR. Nazz wasn't TR's first band but was the first band of his to release any recorded work. Nazz were very influenced by British music and were not typical of the US music scene of the time. Todd Composed or co-composed most of the tracks released by Nazz though his musical role was mostly limited to guitar and backing vocals. Nazz were formed from the remains of TR's previous band 'Woody's truck stop' and featured 'Woody's' member Carson Van Osten on Bass Guitar. They enjoyed a small hit with thier debut single 'Open my eyes' and this first Nazz album also features the original version of the later Todd hit 'Hello it's me'.

All songs written by Todd Rundgren, except track 5 by Rundgren/Van Osten/Stewkey and track 9 by Stewkey/Mooney. Tracjs 1 & 4 produced by Nazz and Michael Friedman. All other tracks produced by Bill Traut.
String arrangements on track 6 by Todd Rundgren.
Photography by JHoel Brodsky and Michael Friedman.
Associate Producer Audio: Chris Huston
Carson Van Oston: Bass Guitar
Thom Mooney: Drums
Todd Rundgren: Lead Guitar
Stewkey: Vocals, Piano, Organ.

Track Listing:

  1. Open My Eyes
  2. Back of Your Mind
  3. See What You Can Be
  4. Hello It's Me
  5. Wildwood Blues
  6. If That's The Way You Feel
  7. When I Get My Plane
  8. Lemming Song
  9. Crowded
  10. She's Goin' Down


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
SGC001Open my Eyes/Hello it's me7" SinglePSUSA
SGC001Open my EyesOne sided promo 7" - 4 label variationsNo PSUK
SGC219001Open my Eyes/Hello it's MeWithdrawn 7" No PSUSA
SGC219002Hello it's Me/Crowded 7" re-issued with different B-SideNo PSUSA
Atco103182Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me7" singlePSFRANCE
Atlantic03086 Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me 7" SinglePSITALY
SGC70.347Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me 7" SinglePS GERMANY
Atco123102Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me7" SinglePS HOLLAND
AtlanticDT1076Open My Eyes/Hello it's Me7" SinglePSJAPAN
AtlanticAK2481Open My Eyes/Hello it's Me7" singleNo PSAUSTRALIA
RhinoR2 70109NazzCDStandardUSA
RhinoR1 70109NazzLP Re-IssueStandardUSA
AtlanticAK3519Open My Eyes/Hello it's Me 7" Single - reverse label coloursNo PSAUSTRALIA
SGCSD5001NazzAlbum -with count-in on 'Open my Eyes'StandardUSA


Open My Eyes

Underneath your gaze I was found in
The haze I'm wandering around in
I am lost in the dark of my own room
And I can't see a thing but the fire in your eyes

Clear my eyes, make me wise
Or is all I believe in lies
I really don't know when or where to go
And I can't see a thing 'til you open my eyes

I've been told by some you'll forget me
The thought doesn't upset me
I am blind to whatever they're saying
And all I can see is the fire in your eyes

Can't believe that it's on your mind
To leave me behind

Back of Your Mind

You know you don't have to tell me
What it is makes a man angry
But what you do have to tell me
What it is that you think there is to laugh about
Standing here waiting for an explanation
Seems like a waste of time
Try to see how much you can get away with
You might get away with anything you'd say
I don't know your mind

You can take what's mine, you can share my bed
You can go where I go, you can cry when I'm dead
But you don't get nothing 'til you tell me what's in
The back of your mind

You're somebody special
Or I won't let you be with me
And I don't like to get angry
But it's my habit of taking things seriously
I know what you do when I'm not around you
To see you're doing right
I got evil in mind but I wouldn't put it past you
Your silence shows that you won't disclose
Just what's in your mind

See What You Can Be

Let's talk about the things you wonder
Things that you're trying to hide
When words slip up, you drag them under,
making me stand outside
But from all I can see,
you've become somewhat frightened of me
But my thoughts run high of what we could be
If we didn't stop to think
of what could go wrong on our way there

I want you to see what you can be
See what we can be if we try

Here is a thing we can't skip over
I think you should be around
What one can do, can two do better,
don't try to drag the thing down
If I thought I could be
something more than I thought I could be
I would take off and fly if it were me
I don't need to be reminded
of the things I don't believe in

Hello It's Me

Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine
Seeing you
Or seeing anything as much as I do
I take for granted that you're always there
I take for granted that you just don't care
Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through
It's important to me that you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me
Think of me
You know that I'd be with you if I could
I'll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should
Sometimes I thought it wasn't so bad

Wildwood Blues

Got them old, Wildwood blues
Got them old, Wildwood blues
Wildwood town, some bad news
Got them old, Wildwood blues

Drinking beer by the sea
Giant baseball park by the sea
Looking like 1953
Vegetable soup by the sea

Look, Harvey, a crab!

Got into town on the 445
I could hardly wait to arrive
Local yokel hippies start performing their tricks
I try to make it out on the 446

Luxurious accommodations, room and board
But I take no anger until I fall on the floor
Baskets, sea shells, anything became my bed
The local yokels and Jeanie jumped in just the same now

If That's The Way You Feel

If that's the way you feel, don't change your mind
Be sure this time, I don't really mind
If that's the way you feel, let this be gone
Decide it on what you really want

I'm not going to plead so that no one is stopping you
Write when you get to where ever you're going to
I might have gone but I'm too much involved
To forget all my problems and think of them solved
I'm not in the habit of running my fears up a flagpole
And I'm less concerned of your secrets
than about why you carry on so
If you want a little bit of attention
Why not make a spectacle of your self in public
Or maybe you could credit me with having
Enough understanding to merit a wire
Besides this is the end
And goodbye, it was real
But then

When I Get My Plane

One of my friends went flying by
He at first didn't see me there
He said that flying got him high
I at first said I didn't care
I can wait 'til my time comes around
With my feet on the ground
When I get my plane

Porsches and Jaguars are a bore
I don't think trains are here to stay
I don't like taxis anymore
I don't think buses are the way
And as Wilbur and Orville have said,
"I think cycling's dead.
When I get my plane

Lemming Song

I was thinking 'bout my troubles this morning
Trying to decide if I should live or die
I forgot to leave a note on the mailbox so
Said I hope that you forget to come by
I'd wasted time to tell myself
It's wrong to leave you by yourself
The love I have does not exceed
The fear I have of you when you need someone to plead
With you to try again
And beg you not to cry in vain and be your friend
Why is it me? Why is it me? Why is it me now?

I was never meant to carry the burden
Keeping track of someone else's life as my own
How can I enjoy the time when I'm with you when
I'm afraid to ever leave you alone
I wish you'd stop this game or else
Begin to lean on someone else
I'd like to leave you far behind
Before I'm found in your state of mind
Because I need to lead a life of my own
I wish you'd find somebody else and leave me alone
Why bother me? Why bother me? Why bother me now?


Crowded, my life's so crowded
Not enough time to do the things I want to do
Faces, so many faces
Not enough time to search through all of them for you

See you know what I mean
When I say that nothing should come between

For you, I'd do anything for you
As long as I know that you are where you want to be
Happy, we'll stay happy
As long as I know that's your way of loving me

She's Goin' Down

About time you took a stand
But please don't misunderstand
I know she won't be back again
I think she's taken all she can

She's goin' down
She's comin' 'round
It's all over, she's goin' down
She's goin' down for the last time
Don't bother waiting for the next time around

The first time, it doesn't show
And her kind, just come and go
She's like a ship, a drifting free
And now she's sinking in the sea

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