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Images Copyright © 1996
to Todd Rundgren
and David Levine
Music for the Eye

I have finally recieved my copy of the book, almost a year to the day later! (I ordered away back in May 1995) I have kept the 'old' details so you can see how it was originally to be released.

You can now see a larger picture of the front cover by clicking on the image, it's 30K in size.

Inside cover

Welcome to a symphony of sensual sights and visual vibrations.

These striking images are created with psychedelic software by prophetic rocker Todd Rundgren and pioneering tech-yogi David Levine, collectively known as oficianados of cyberdelia as Utopia Grokware, Inc.

The masters of the transcendental digital mind have unleased a psychotropic storm of dazzling colors and organic forms, of auroras radiating heatwaves of noisy elemental distrotions. The dynamic here is real, and invites you the gazer to collaborate rather than spectate, to free your mind and cut loose your imagination. Maybe you'll meditate on the flow of a curve, or muse on the rythms and fazing of hues.

Groove to the rifts accross your retina, and rock while you grok to the cybercosmic optics of Music for the Eye.

order details

The UK price is 16.99 (UK sterling) and is available from the Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts importers ...
	Airlift Book Company
	26, Eden Grove
	London  N7 8EL
	Tele 0181 804 04000

order details

The USA price is $19.99 and is available from :-
	Celestial Arts Publishing
	PO Box 7123,
	Berkley, CA. 94707
	Tele 510 599 1600

USA order

Here is the 800# for ordering. It's 1-800-841-BOOK and is priced at $19.95 SRP. They take Visa, M/C, or AMEX.

ISBN details

ISBN 0-89087-752-1

Introduction text

Read the Intro to the book

Further reading

Just an image at present and some kool gif89a animations for Netscape2.0 users,, but lookout for changes at the following URL,

I also have some images taken from the Expo '95 DPK


Please Email me with any reviews/comments - Thanks!

Details from a year ago

I have obtained from Celestial Arts their 'Fall 1995' catalog - it has details of 'Music For The Eye' by Todd and David Levine.

Here's the associated advert text :-

'Often called a visionary, Todd Rundgren has continually been on the cutting edge of multimedia technology through the integration of his music and art in video. 'Music For The Eye' is a scintillating collection of electronically produced imagery, combining current 'cyber-punk' form whith echoes of psychedelia. Over 100 incredible and colorful images throughout the book are coupled with the musician's words and excerpted song lyrics.'

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