Sticking with the experimentation Todd followed 'Todd Rundgren's Utopia' with this double album. Short for a double, Todd obviously felt the compressed sound of 'A Wizard A True Star' was the albums only failing. 'Todd' contains several long, involved, experimental tracks as well as several classics which as still performed in concert.

Producd, engineered and arranged by Todd
Recorded at Secret Sound Studio
Sons of 1984: Recorded at Wollman Rink, Central Park by Bearsville Sound Remote Recording.
Now More Than Ever, turn it UP!
Cover Photo: Alen Macweeney
Back cover photo: Bill Klein,Jr
Art Direction: Jim Luft-A.G.I
Sons of 1984 was recorded live with help and performances from an audience in New York and overdubbed by another audience in San Fransisco
All the names returned on the postcards from the A Wizard, A True Star LP can be found on a poster inside this alubm.
Notice: Names that do not appear on the poster are still on file at Bearsville and will be used when enough are accumulated for another project. Sincere apologies to all who missed the deadline or were forgotten. We'll make it up to you.

Track Listing:

  1. How About A Little Fanfare?
  2. I Think You Know
  3. The Spark Of Life
  4. An Elpee's Worth Of Toons
  5. A Dream Goes On Forever
  6. Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
  7. Drunken Blue Rooster
  8. The Last Ride
  9. Everybody's Going to Heaven / King Kong Reggae
  10. No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
  11. Useless Begging
  12. Sidewalk Cafe
  13. Izzat Love?
  14. Heavy Metal Kids
  15. In And Out The Chakras We Go
  16. Don't You Ever Learn?
  17. Sons of 1984


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
Bearsville0020A dream goes on forever/Heavy Metal Kids7" SingleNo PSUSA
Bearsville15515A dream goes on forever/Heavy metal Kids7" singleno PSUK
Bearsville15.515A dream goes on forever/Heavy Metal Kids7" singlePSHOLLAND
BearsvilleP-1303WA dream goes on forever/Heavy Metal Kids7" singlePSJAPAN
Bearsville2BR6952ToddLP Re-issueStandardUSA
Bearsville6955ToddAlbum + PosterStandardUSA


I Think You Know

The visitors were never seen
They missed my monologue between
But I think you know
The letters came, the letters went
The last reply was never sent
But I think you know
I can't explain what's in my brain
That tells me where to go
But I think you know
For I would draw a diagram
To signify the things I am
But I think you know
And in the end it all boils down
A useless bit of running 'round
'Cause I think you know
And love I send to you my friend
But never tell you so
But I think you know

An Elpees Worth Of Tunes

Who's that on the racks again?
A portrait of a crazy man
Trying to make a living off an elpee's worth of toons
A picture of a soul in pain
Trying to change the world with an elpee's worth of toons
There's something at the heart of it that's simply awful
A man who makes a living off a plastic waffle

Sweat is forming on my brow
Not a thing can help me now
My life is on the line for an elpee's worth of toons
I can see the write-ups now
The multitudes are crying for an elpee's worth of toons
A man would simply have to be as mad as a hatter
To try to change the world with a plastic platter
What's your problem, sonny?
What's your problem, son?
I want to change the world

A Dream Goes On Forever

A million old soldiers will fade away
But a dream goes on forever
I'm left standing here, I've got nothing to say
All is silent within my dream
A thousand true loves will live and die
But a dream lives on forever
The days and the years will go streaking by
But the time has stopped in my dream
We all have our everyday hopes and fears
And you'll find no exception in me
But that doesn't get me through a sea of tears
Over life's biggest tragedy
You're so long ago and so far away
But my dream lives on forever
I guess I believe that I'll see you one day
For without it there is no dream
You're so far away and so long ago
But my dream goes on forever
And how much I loved you you'll never know
'Til you join me within my dream

Lord Chancellors Nightmare Song

Love unrequited, robs me of me rest,
Love, hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers,
Love, nightmare like, lies heavy of me chest,
And weaves itself into my midnight slumbers.
When you're lying awake with a dismal headache and repose is taboo'd by anxiety,
I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in, without impropriety;
For your brain is on fire, the bed-clothes conspire of usual slumber to plunder you:
First your counter-pane goes, and uncovers your toes, and your sheet slips demurely from under you;
Then the blanketing tickles, you feel like mixed pickles, so terribly sharp is the pricking,
And you're hot and you're cross, and you tumble and toss 'til there's nothing 'twixt you and the ticking.
Then the bed-clothes all creep to the ground in a heap and you pick 'em all up in a tangle;
Next your pillow resigns and politely declines to remain at it's usual angle!
Well, you get some repose in the form of a dose, with hot eye-balls and head ever aching,
But your slumbering teems with such horrible dreams that you'd very much better be waking;
For you dream you are crossing the Channel, and tossing about in a steamer from Harwich,
Which is something between a large bathing machine and a very small second class carriage,
And you're giving a treat (penny ice and cold meat) to a party of friends and relations,
They're a ravenous horde, and they all come on board at Sloane Square and South Kensington Stations.
And bound on that journey you find your attorney (who started this morning from Devon);
He's a bit undersiz'd and you don't feel surpris'd when he tells you he's only eleven.
Well you're driving like mad with this singular lad (by the bye the ship's now a four wheeler),
And you're playing round games, and he calls you bad names when you tell him that "ties pay the dealer";
But this you can't stand so you throw up your hand, and you find you're as cold as an icicle;
In your shirt and your socks (the black silk with gold clocks) crossing Sal'sbury Plain on a bicycle:
And he and the crew are on bicycles too, which they've somehow or other invested in,
And he's telling the tars all the particulars of a company he's interested in;
It's a scheme of devices, to get at low prices, all good from cough mixtures to cables (Which tickled the sailors),
by treating retailers as though they were all vegetables;
You get a good spadesman to plant a small tradesman (first take off his boots with a boot tree),
And his legs will take root, and his fingers will shoot,
and they'll blossom and bud like a fruit tree;
From the green grocer tree you get grapes and green pea, cauliflower, pine apple and cranberries,
While the pastry cook plant cherry brandy will grant, apple puffs, and three corners, and banburys;
The shares are a penny and ever so many are taken by Rothschild and Baring,
And just as a few are allotted to you, you awake
And with a shudder despairing
You're a regular wreck, with a crick in your neck, and no wonder you snore, for your head's on the floor
And you've needles and pins from your soles to your shins,
and your flesh is acreep, for your left leg's asleep,
And you've cramp in your toes, and a fly on your nose,
and some fluff in your lung, and a feverish tongue, and a thirst that's intense,
And a general sense that you haven't been sleeping in clover;
But the darkness has pass'd, and it's daylight at
last, and the night has been long, ditto, ditto my song,
And thank goodness they're both of them over!

The Last Ride

It's the last ride
Our little game is over
It's the last ride
It's time to take you home
And we can't cry 'cause we seen it coming
No use running, take it slower
It's a dangerous drive
I'm afraid to arrive
But I strive to survive
More a fool than alive
I thought I knew just everything
I had it made and I could coast
But I turned away love when I needed it most
It's the last ride
My little game is over
It's the last ride
It's time to take me home
And I can't cry 'cause I seen it coming
No use running, take it slower
And the road rolls around
And turns through the town
The depression drips down
And glazes the ground
Horizons east and skylines west
The moon, the sun, and all the rest
The loving son, the faithful wife
The burnt out wreck of a poor man's life
The father, son, and holy ghost
They all turned away love when they needed it most
It's the last ride
Their little game is over
It's the last ride
It's time to take them home
And they can't cry 'cause they seen it coming
No use running, take it slower

Everybody's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae

I remember, I remember
What life was like in the yard
'Cause you can't ever think about dying
And it just makes a person get hard
I keep wondering if my friends feel like I do
I don't know how someone could stand it
To go through what I'm now going through
So every night we party
And every night we get too high
And I put myself so close to death
'Til I think that I ain't gonna die
And I realize just a little
Why sometimes I like to feel like dirt
It's the only thing in this day and age
That can make me feel close to the earth
But if I ever get to heaven
If I ever reach that door
I will listen why I had to go through this life
Why they just couldn't take me before
But everybody's going to Heaven
'Cause already we've all been through Hell
We're gonna laugh all night and cry all day
Watch the big monkey do the King Kong Reggae
A Cadillac and a Chevrolet
Watch the big monkey do the King Kong Reggae
The president of the U. S. A.
Watch the big monkey do the King Kong Reggae
Everybody fall down on your knees and pray
Here comes that big monkey doing the King Kong Reggae

No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator

I wanna see your number 1 lowest common denominator
You're so hot! What choo got?
On the outside I'm a good boy
Let me inside 'cause I'm full of joy
I don't want to shock you but I'm an electric eel
How's that make your denominator feel?
Think I'll surprise her
I can always depend on my great equalizer
I wanna grind, lose your mind
I kissed you once, but will I kiss you again?
Be certain with sex and you'll always have friends
Your glands wanna freak, your hands wanna speak
And your mind slips away at the peak
Recitation (A Poem of Love)
Time stops - the light goes on
A thundering head and no body
Washed up and woke up on the beach,
seaside breakfast
A tender egg on white sand
Legs long and tan without a break, even to the neck
Suddenly, simultaneously, an eclipse and a snowfall
Flakes melt instantly on the shoulders like wet silver
Burning little holes all the way to the marrow
Puckered flesh like avocado sags into a green pool
All the birds leave turquoise ruts
across the Velveeta sky
It's time to scream
I wanna be your number 1 lowest common denominator

Useless Begging

Is that you?
Look who's on the skids this time
Bitchin' 'bout her place in line
And all you really want is attention
'Cause you're like every other girl uptown
Who wants to ride her face around
And wave about that power you have to put me down
And so I'll tell ya
To see you like this is nearly tragic
But it's like Ruby says our dreams have magic
But I know useless begging won't help me
Yes it's you
You leave me nothing left to say
'Cause I thought that we'd return one day
Together to a great sphere of knowledge
But that would never do for you
'Cause you thought you knew a thing or two
But you don't even know what is and isn't true
And so I'll tell ya
I was a fool that's why I got burned
But in all that time there's one thing I learned
And that is useless begging won't help me

Izzat Love?

Izzat love what I feel when you're in my arms
Make me die before I'd do you harm
When you're lost I will lead you home
If you're cold, you know I'll keep you warm
Am I wrong?
Or izzat love when I dream there is no one else
In the end, who's your friend? Just myself
Izzat love to forget my pride
To conceal how it feels deep inside
Am I wrong?
Or izzat love?
Izzat love to forgive all those things you've done
If you go still you know I'm the one
Only love, love alone can survive
Deep inside I believe it's alive
Am I wrong?
Or izzat love?

Heavy Metal Kids

It's like a normal Times Square day on 42nd Street
I feel like trashing some windows and crunching some feet
I watch society crumble and I just laugh (hee hee)
They soon will see what it's like to be the other half
But I'm trying
Said I'm trying to forget
And it ain't happened yet
I musta woke up this morning with a bug up my ass
I think I'll just haul off and belt the next jerk that I pass
My old man says I'm just a stoned little punk
But he keeps himself a pistol and he's always drunk
I know
Something's gonna give
Pretty soon
I know it
Something's gonna give
I wanna live
I wanna mess thing whole world around
Go on and poison all the water, use up all the air
Blow your stupid heads off, see if I could care
Put me down but don't blame me for what you did
'Cause inside everyone is a heavy metal kid
I was a sweet little kid once
Now I'm a full grown crank
And when I die I'll probably come back as a Sherman tank
I know that I could make this world so peaceful and calm
If I could only get my hands on a hydrogen bomb

Don't You Ever Learn?

Don't you ever listen?
Don't you ever learn?
The hand may find you
It's time to take a turn
You think this life is something strange
You're ready for another change
But don't you ever learn?
Don't you ever listen?
Don't you ever learn?
The world is on fire
Your body doesn't burn
Kill yourself before receiving
Something out of all this breathing
Don't you ever learn?
Sons of 1984

Open your eyes and see
The world I couldn't change for you
Reach out your hand and take
The world that will belong to you
We were on our way to a better day
And the spirit was in us all
But as time went by we fell by the wayside
Maybe you'll be the last to fall
You are the only ones
There is nobody left but you
You are the chosen ones
There is nobody else to choose
Back when I was young, my hope was strong
But the time blew it all to hell
If I thought I knew what was good for you
I would have gone and done it for myself
Worlds of tomorrow
Life without sorrow
Take it because it's yours
Sons of 1984
I can still see the great panorama of hate
Being cleansed by our loving hands
But the brothers broke stride, the sisters cried
Now you have to start all over again

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