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Details follow on the present fan club and a list of past fan clubs (details from

The Present

Date sent:        Sun, 1 Oct 1995 16:37:30 -0400
Subject:          "BLACK & WHITE"

A Proclamation!!!!
It is Hereby Decreed
that a new publication is forthcoming!!!

The Seriously Rundgrenized Network  presents:

"Black & White"

A Printed Newsletter for Todd Rundgren Enthusiasts All!

This 8-12 page, bi-monthly publication will be available starting November,
1995, and will contain all the latest info about TR, along with such features

THE MISSING LINK-a companion to Todd happenings on the Internet
(allowing the "non-on-line" to get "in-line".)

ALL THE CHILDREN SING-where we get to find out just what's up with
Kas, Roger, Willie, Prairie, Shandi, and the rest.
SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT-an exploration of the mystical aspects
of the man and his music.

PROPERTY-info and answers to questions about all that
TR/Utopia stuff we love to collect!

FAMILY VALUES- reports on the gatherings, projects and special announcements
concerning our greater Utopian Family-US!

MATED-"The Utopian Love Connection"! ($2 per ad)
Honest Work-a classified ad section for those
looking for/offering something/anything.($4 per ad)

SWEETER MEMORIES--for the nostalgia buffs in us all!

$20-US,$29-International, will give you a year's subscription to B&W (6
Mail all checks, money orders, or inquiries to:
Seriously Rundgrenized
PO Box 356
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Phone-201-438-7227 (fax available-call first)

Also, photos, articles, input, questions (and answers) will be greatly
appreciated, (including photos and artwork for the upcoming calendar we'll be
hurriedly trying to put together.)


The Past by

THE TODD RUNDGREN FAN CLUB (1974) The first Todd fan club, based on scowering hundreds of '70s mags, was THE TODD RUNDGREN FAN CLUB out of California whose ads appeared in Rolling Stone and Creem. I have tried for years and years to secure a copy of anything produced by this outfit and all my searching only resulted in one fan who told me they sent money but got nothing. THE RUNDGREN GUIDE (1973) Although no official organization existed, fans could write to Todd care of his Bearsville Records. Some received merchandise and concert info, promo photos, etc. Camilia Sally is the rep I heard from on more than one occasion. She sent me a copy of THE RUNDGREN GUIDE which is 8 page promo piece created in conjuction with AWATS. It includes a very detailed list of collaborations of Todd's, fan letters, and a wild description of the upcoming UTOPIA. This band from the future would play in out present (their past). It contains the most horable pictures of Todd I have ever seen. THE IKON In 1979 and 1980, Chris Rasmussen began a Todd pub called the IKON (still my favorite) which lasted for 5 quarteryly issues and collapsed on the verge of authorization from Bearsville. It included the most complete discographies I have ever seen, concert coverage, song lyrics and lots and lots of photos. THE IKON was a straight ahead, "just the facts, ma'am" kind of pub; solely about Todd, not the fans. I was sad to see it go. THE UTOPIA FOUNDATION (1979) Also at that time, Utopia listed an address for the Utopia Foundation on album covers. The Utopia Foundation never really existed. Later, Todd once referred to it as a "Mail drop." Some people got posters in the mail for writing. THE UTOPIA TIMES (1980) The Utopia Times was begun around 1980 when a batch of unanswered Utopia Foundation mail was forwarded to Todd's mom, Ruth Rundgren, for safe keeping. Inspired by the some of the letters to her son, Ruth began correspondence with a select group of fans. This quickly lead to the need for a newsletter to facilitate ease of handling on Ruth's part. Editor's came and went for 5 years, but the process remained the same. Fans wrote to Ruth, personally. She selected what went in. The Editor would type, duplicate, and layout the material. This was a quarterly publication that cost $5 per year and would be up to 28 pages long. Totally unofficial. Some current info on Todd. Focus was on members and creativity, interaction, and release of inspiration based on Todd's music. It grew to about 250 subscribers. THE IKON UK (1981) A british sister publication to the US version. About 6 or 7 issues produced, if I recall. Sue Appleton did this one until her hubby made her stop before she had a nervous breakdown. It was kind of a cross between the IKON and the first UTOPIA TIMES. RUNT In 1983, Vicki Ray and a friend started a shortlived NL called RUNT... Reunite Utopians 'N' Texas. $3 dollars for 3 issues. Never viewed it. Ads claimed concert info and connections to Texas Fans. The SEVEN RAYS (198?) This name just pops up, but I can't put my hands on anything to expound upon it. I just remember seeing it was a group that advertised it's existence somewhere. THE NEXUS UT (1985) Todd's mom had no interest in the commercial aspects of her son's activities and felt strange with the view of herself in a promotional environment concerning Todd. When she heard of the latest plan to make the UT official, she voiced her objections, but agreed to remain involved in an adviosry capacity in the event of it happening. In May of that year, the mail handler, Merf Sohmers, mailed a proposal to Eric Gardner. She claimed to be acting, in part, under the sanction of Ruth who did not see or approve the propsal before it was mailed. The nature of the deal was such that no money ever changed hands between Todd or his management. It was to be a completely independent operation to which information was provided for distribution. The organization would also be forwarded Todd mail sent to the record company. The only thing Todd need do is list the address. Authority was granted. Merf and Mary France created the Nexus company and moved forward in bold strokes. They changed the format to monthly and membership fee to $15. Focus of content shifted to heavy coverage of Todd's activities and reviews of shows and lots of "join the club" promotion. Altho hurt by the abrupt process of the exchange, Ruth's attitude was that if this is what Merf and Mary wanted, and their brand of coverage is what the fans wanted, more power to them. After a few months, she relented trying to influence the direction of the publication. Membership shot up to 1,000 at the end of the first year and was around 2,000 by the end of 1986. As far as I can tell, it has remained at that level, but I only have info through1992. Mary left at the end of 1986 for unknown reasons, and, since that time, Merf Sohmers has ruled. TOUCHSTONE (1986) Finding a lot of time on her hands, and knowing at least some portion of the fans wanted the depth of the old UT, Ruth began a joint venture with me called TOUCHSTONE. This was a quarterly which cost $15 and was up to 30 condensed pages in length. It was published until 1991. TOUCHSTONE issue titles included: The Archer, Discovery, Jaberwocky, Utopia, Yin & Yang, Revalations, and Quietus. In addition to reactions and analysis of Todd's songs, other musicians like Kate Bush inspired article contributions. Readership peaked at 150 before I stopped publishing for two reasons: 1) Increased family and business responsibiltes, and 2) the realization that if fans really wanted coverage of more Todd topics in the UT, they should press for it there and stop relying on TOUCHSTONE. TODData (1989) In 1989, Ruth and I also conducted another experiment in publishing which consisted of a six part bi-monthly series of stories about Todd's youth and early musical adventures. It was eight pages in lentgh and cost $6. (If you look real close at Mitch Cooper's Todd Tribute CD cover from a few years back, you might be able to make out one of the TR $6 bills used for promotion.) There were also two separate inserts available for $2 each for the two years. The inserts included SECRET SOCIETY which covered fan feedback and interaction, and THE IKON II which dealt with trading, Rundgrenalia and trivia. Ruth finished all of what she had to say when the story of the Life and Times of Todd reached 1972 in issue 6. After that, she figured everyone knew what happened and she had little insight to add. Around 450 copies had been sold. We left it to the fans to ask for more. Not enough did. It stopped. SOMETHING'S COMING (198?) Steve Jacobs of Cleveland, Ohio, created a one-off pub dealing with the spirituality of Todd's message. ONE WORLD (1???) I have heard Japan has a big Todd following and that they have a strong organization called ONE WORLD. I presume it is printed in Japanese. I could find the address if pressed. KOINONIA (1992) Ruth is currently facilitating a letter exchange format publication called KOINONIA. (Kind of like a print version of this mail list.) You send as much money as you want and you get issues until your contribution is used up in mailing costs. Members write letters which are photocopied in reduced form and printed virbatim with everyone else's for the month. This is small community of fans who exchange thoughts of a very wide range including personal information about who has children, etc; anything the readers care to send. THE TRIP (Todd Rundgren In Print) (1993) Ray Roberts and Kim Huffman did two issues of Todd discographies and trading info before their relationship and the publication disintegrated.

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