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Grokware Pictures Index Page

(Courtesy of Utopia Grokware)

Taken from the DPK

These spectacular images were created by TR-i and David Levine of Utopia Grokware - thanks for allowing them to be displayed

Want to see more?

  • Todd and Devid Levine (Utopia Grokware) have a new book called Music for the Eye. I have this on order but seems to be taking ages (over 2 months) to get imported to the U.K.

  • Utopia Grokware also have a video -

    "GrokGazer - Your Visual Concert Hall" video (by Todd and David Levine) (1995, by Miramar Video)

  • A Utopia Grokware WWW site may be on-line in the near furture. It currently has some kool> animations. (you'll need Netscape 2.0 or higher versions to take advantage of the gif89a animation feature.)

Hope you enjoy the following pictures ....

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