Recorded live in front of a (very quiet) audience, the themes of studio performance and 'feel' utilised in Nearly Human were taken to a conclusion with this release. Each song was recorded live, without overdubs, yet contained new Todd Compositions including several songs from his recent score for Joseph Papp's stage adaptation of Joe Ortons 'up against it'. Todd declares his intention to change the way things were going, and with the next release of 'No World Order' the nature of this change was revealed.

Roger Powell - Keyboards and Vocals
Vince Welnick - Keyboards and Vocals
Bobby Strickland - Reeds, winds and Vocals
Shandi Sinnamon - Vocals
Scott Matthews - PPercussion, Guitar, Samples, and Vocals
Max Haskett - Brass and Vocals
Ross Vallory - Bass
Jenni Muldaur - Vocals
Michele Gray - Vocals
Prarie Prince - Drums
Lyle Workman - Guitar

Mary Lou Arnold: Tour Manager
Joe Lamond - Production Manager/Guitar Tech
Michael Benedetti: House Engineer/Keyboard Tech
Francis Trouette: Monitor Engineer
Dean Cornell: Lighting director/Percussion and Keyboard Tech
Pat Toomey: Production Assistant/Drum Tech
Craig McVey: Bass Guitar Tech

The producer thanks Sony for use of the 48-track Digital Tape Machine

Special thanks to Lon Nuiman and George Kazane (Sony), Stephan Jarvis, Barry Squire, Michael Bailey, Drum Screen Bob

Title Lettering, production coordinator: Howard Jacobsen
Photography: Jean Lennen
Art Direction: Robin Lynch

All songs written by Todd Rundgren 1990.
Representation: Eric Gardner / Panacea Entertainment

Track Listing:

  1. Change Myself
  2. Love Science
  3. Who's Sorry Now
  4. The Smell of Money
  5. If I Have To Be Alone
  6. Love In Disguise
  7. Kindness
  8. Public Servant
  9. Gaya's Eyes
  10. Second Wind


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
Warner BrosnoneJessePromo Only CassetteNo PSUSA
Warner BrosCD4551Change MyselfPromo CDSingleNo PSUSA
Warner Bros19198-4Change MyselfCassinglePS USA
Warner BrosCD4553Public ServentPromo CDSingleNo PSUSA
Warner Bros26478Second WindCDStandardUS
WEA7599 26478Second WindAlbum - VinylStandardGERMAN


Change Myself

Half of me wants to knock you out
Half of me wants to tell you that I'm sorry, so sorry
Meanwhile, half of the world wants to scream and
shout at half of the world
Just like you and I
Just another fact of life
We plan and we scheme
'Til there's nothing left of our little dream
But half of the time I can't decide and
Half of the time I'm petrified

I want to change the world
I want to make it well
How can I change the world
When I can't change myself
Try again tomorrow
I'd love to change your mind
Capture your citadel
How could I change your mind
If I can't change myself
Try again tomorrow

Both of us want to win this fight
Both of us think the other is mistaken, so mistaken
Meanwhile, everyone wants to take up sides
So everyone helps us to fall apart
Just another fact of life
It's hard to play fair
And it's so easy to pretend to care
But if nobody wants to share the blame
Then everyone gets more of the same

If I want more peace in the world
Then I must make peace with myself
If I want more trust in the world
Then I've got to trust in myself
If I want more love in the world
I must show more love to myself

Love Science

I've been around the world, I'm going around again
I got a new word up, gonna lay it on my friends
I'm still too young, I've got these emotions in my blood
But when I grow up, gonna be a scientist of love

Working on, love science
Got to know, love science
Show the world, love science
How to be a scientist of love
Tell my friends, love science
Take a chance, love science
Give it up, love science
I'm a scientist of love
Feel the power, love science
Study hard, love science
Know the truth, love science
Be a scientist of love
Choose a plan, love science
Pick 'em up, put 'em down, love science
Bring it on home, love science
Got to be a scientist of love

Hey you!

Sometimes you get screwed up, and you're looking for a cure
But you don't want to see just another amateur
I know the kind of expert you must be thinking of
Go out and find yourself a scientist of love

Some say that love's a game, a random circumstance
I'm not the type to leave that kind of thing to chance
You might sit back and wait, but I'm taking off the gloves
I'm gonna crack this case like a scientist of love

1, 2, 3!

If love's what we want, if love's what we need
Why can't we make love from suspicion and greed?
If love's what we want, if love's what we need
Why can't we make love?

I've got no time to waste just waiting for the bus
This is the place, the space to get down and serious
School is in, the lab is open for research
I do declare that love is a walking, talking church
I've got to quell the beast, be a credit to my sex
I've got to give at least as much as I expect
Can't get no rest 'til I discover what I need
Gotta start somewhere, that why I believe, believe, believe

Believe the word, love science
Party down, love science
Thinking hard, love science
How to be a scientist of love
Place to place, love science
Hour to hour, love science
Can't hold back, love science
Got to be a scientist of love
Sexy girl, love science
Manish boy, love science
Take the course, love science
And be a scientist of love
In your face, love science
Outer space, love science
Here's a taste, love science
Got to be a scientist of love

If love's what we want, if love's what we need
Why can't we make love in a love factory?
If love's what we want, if love's what we need
Why can't we make love?

Who's sorry Now?

You can feel the bodies aching
You can feel the spirit waisting
But it's someone else's children
And it's someone else's problem in the end
You just go about your business
You've got bigger fish frying
Someday you might be a witness
Someday you may wake up crying like I cry

What's the problem?
There's no problem in your own little world
What's the bother?
Can't be bothered
'til your own little world goes to hell,
Then you can tell

We are all in this together
We are all in this together
We got to pull together
And we can't worry who's sorry now
Who's sorry now,
Now that everything is clear
Who's sorry now,
Sorrow unspoken here
Please take a bow

You got so many distractions
You got old friends to satisfy
You're afraid of the reaction
If the others should find out, you'd falsify
Maybe this could never happen
Maybe God is on your side
Tell yourself what I tell myself
That it's justice when somebody else must die

It's a hard life
Such a hard life, it's a hard little world
Some are winners, some are losers
Here in our little world
But you'd sell out, beg, borrow, steal,
Move mountains, if it was your own
It was your own
When it's your own pretty baby

There's no method in the madness
We all can't escape the sadness
Don't surround your heart with hardness
You may someday need someone to sympathize
Before you're crushed by your own selfishness
You must confess

Are you feeling sorry?
Sorrow spoken here
Who's sorry now

The Smell of Money

My boy I say you're unaware of
Things that I am unaware of
The things they say behind one's back
That you suspect but aren't quite sure of
Don't say you haven't noticed

The smell of money is all about me
I just can't rid myself
Of it's overpowering bouquet
My inner beauty cursed with obscurity
By a scent that can't be washed away

I don't know who you think I am
But if I'm who I think I am
Then there's no cranny I've examined
Taints the air where ere I am
But don't say you haven't noticed

The smell of money wafts all about me
It neutralizes any other odors I convey
Best friends won't tell me
They know I'm suffering
With a scent that can't be washed away

The stench of money
Is reeking off of me
A mix of cheap cologne
Weasel pheromone and rotted grave
Thank dad and mommy
I'm filthy, stinking rich
So I can say to you "Piss off"
I bathe, I bathe

If I Have To Be Alone

If I have to be alone
Then I should make my mind serene
After all you're born alone, you die alone
You might as well spend every moment in between alone

But if I have to be alone
Then it will be on my own terms
I can never talk about it, ever show it
Even though the world is watching while I squirm alone

And your bleeding heart friends say, "Isn't it sad?"
Then they go make love
While you go insane. Insane!
It drives you mad! Mad!

My mind, I love my mind
And if no one can feel the same
I'm a computer with a name
And I've got no one else to blame
If I have to be alone

And if nobody understands
That special creature that is me
And if they fail to see the me I see
Then no one else knows truly what it is
To be alone

Maybe once in a lifetime you lose your will
Then you can let down your guard
But they cower in fear. In fear.
It makes you ill! Ill!

My heart, my burning heart
And if no one will quench the flame
I'm not obliged to do the same
And then they'll have to share the blame
Because I have to be alone
Because I have to be alone
But I don't want to be alone

Love in Disguise

Sometimes things fall apart
That's God's love in disguise
And when I break your heart
That's my love in disguise
When you awake in pain
It should come as no surprise
I'm not so sure I care
Yet still it must be there
My love is in disguise
And all you want are sweet lies

I see my problem now
Don't be a fool
Her love was in disguise
Look what she's done
Some fear that won't allow
She'll do it again
Her love to shed this guise
Pale, pure, and virgin things
She'll be our downfall
So frail, it turns from my eyes
Don't believe your eyes
It hides while I become
So hurt my heart is numb
When love is in disguise
The best you have is sweet lies
And then she'll leave you all alone

Possessiveness and jealousy
We recognize easily
That which we all claim to prize
No one can recognize

The poor young sap is unaware of
Things that we are all aware of
The knife she hides behind her back
Misery! He'll get his share of

The flowers must pollinate
The beasts are forced to mate
Woman and man decide
Yet we're not satisfied
God's love is in disguise
And all we want are sweet lies
Sweet lies


The one that showed me kindness
Was the one that taught me kindness
Though I did not recognize it
Still I might have died without it
And when I awakened
It was too late to thank her
If I live someday I'll make repayment
And show someone the kindness she showed me

When my voice grows strident
When I feel important
I'm reminded of that kindness
And where I'd be without it
I'm learning my lessons
It may take me a lifetime
Give me strength to justify my being
And show someone the kindness shown to me

Public Servant

Cut 'em loose

Public servant, public slave
It's one single slice from the cradle to the grave
Can't remember why you're still in the race
To be a public servant, public slave

You got to know who Satan is
You know you made him come alive
You let the yahoos write the script
When you sold your soul to survive
I only want to hear my voice
Come on, hit me where I live
Let's imagine we had a choice
Let's pretend we're persuasive

I guess it keeps you off the street
I guess you couldn't find honest work
And you're content to follow the fleet
Hanging 'round with world-class jerks
I guess you can't have too little class
Sometimes it pays to have no soul
Just keep your mindset in the past
And your head up your asshole

It's not as if we couldn't cope
It's not as if the pope eloped
It's just as if you're out of hope
And if you can't stand twice as tall
If you're too afraid to fall
If you haven't got the balls
Cut 'em loose

Gaya's Eyes

Gaya's crying, can't you hear her crying
Like a whisper, oh so very soft and low
If you listen, underneath the status quo
Will she still be friends and once again
Pardon our ignorance?
Can we make ammends so near the end?
Is there no second chance?

No one hears when Gaya cries
No one cares to wonder why
Can't they see the tears in Gaya's eyes?
Gaya's crying (yes she is)

Selfish children, greedy little children
Took her loving and gave her nothing in return
Like invaders, everything is slash and burn
Count up every face and every race
That we will never see
Count the human ache we can't escape
The tears are for you and me

As her lovely green eyes
Turn black
And her pretty blue dress
Turn black
And her gentle red lips
Turn black
Everything that she has
Turn black
And is it too late?
Turn back
Is it too late?
Turn back
Is it too late?

No facts of life, no birds and bees
Can't see the forest, can't see the trees
Oh pitiful capricious lies
That hide the tears in Gaya's eyes

Second Wind

Old rocking chair
It beckons you like a junkie's needle
Start thinking feeble
Cowardly lion
The special today is karma yoga
Glued to the sofa

Where was I when we lost power?
Where was I when lies were spoken?
Where was I when evil snuck in?
Where was I when hope was choking?

A spy in the house
Someday one of the kids may catch us cussing
Then turn us in
Family ties
They used to be colors in a rainbow
Now we fly solo

Give me back the passion flower
Give me back the nonconsumer
Give me back my lack of reason
Give me back my sense of humor

Blow like cyclone my second wind
Blow like typhoon my second wind
Blow like tempest my second wind

Blind by design
I've gotten the hang of not resisting
Who cares who's listening
Popular press
And we've got the video and the movies
Let's feed the zombies

Now that I know what to fight for
Now that I need more adventure
Now that I have thoughtful patience
Now that I can see the future

Put your hours in and take your pay
Like there wasn't any other way
Then I heard a voice inside me say
It was twenty years ago today
When did I get so tired?
Did I wake up half-sleeping?
I can't life slip away
To a world with no meaning

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