A user friendly version of the standard NWO album. This release contains compact mixes of all the tracks on the album, combining each fragment of the songs, originally separated into separate areas of the album, together into a whole. For it's UK release this CD was packaged as a double with the original NWO album.

Produced and Performed by Todd Rundgren
All Songs written by Todd Rundgren
Representation: Eric Gardner/Panacea Entertainment

All the music that will ever be written has already been written - as
"Smells Like Teen Spiritr" is "More than a Feeling" is "Louie Louie."
World without end. Amen.

Since Music was "discovered," not invented, so-called new music is
only newly discovered music. When I was 16 or so, me and my
friends discovered the blues. Later I discovered jazz and musique
concrete and Ravel. Believe it or not, I once discovered the Beatles.

The music on this CD is not new, but most of it is previously
undiscovered. It's predecessor, No Worl Order, version 1.0
includes much of the same thematic material, albeit in a form that
makes discovery of the "song" somewhat challenging.

So what is the difference? Doesn't the term 'lite' (which isn't even in
the dictionary) connote that something is missing or been replaced
with an inert substitute? What's missing is the implication that this
music has no ultimate form, the assertion that the listener is
mistaken in the beliefe that things belong in a certain order. What
would "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" be without "With A
Little Help From My Friends to follow it up?

In reality, no such rules apply to music. At the last minute,
musicians decide in what order to present their discoveries, and the
permanence of plastic makes those decisions sacrosanct,

So here, yet again, is the penultimate presentation of my recent
musical discoveries. Which is the absolute version? The one you
have most recently discovered.


Track Listing:

  1. Worldwide Epiphany
  2. Love Thing
  3. Property
  4. Day Job
  5. Fascist Christ
  6. No World Order
  7. Time Stood Still
  8. Proactivity
  9. Word Made Flesh
  10. Fever Broke


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ForwardR2 71744No World Order LiteCDstandardUSA