Todd's first solo album, for real. Something/Anything? (the ? is important) was the first album to really launch Todd into critical and commercial success. Based around a 3 minute pop style Todd also achieved his biggest commercial success with the single 'I saw the light' from this album, which also includes the classic TR songs 'It wouldn't have made any difference' and the re-recording of the Nazz track 'Hello, it's me'.

SIDES 1, 2 AND 3:-
All voices and instruments by Todd Rundgren
All tracks recorded at I.D. Sound, Los Angeles
Engineering by James Lowe with an occasional assist by John Lee
Most Vocals recoreded at The Record Plant, N.Y. by Dan Turbeville
The remaining vocals and mixing was done at Bearsvill
All songs by Todd Rundgren


  1. Dust in the Wind
  2. Hello it's Me
  3. You Left me sore
  4. Piss Aaron
  5. Some Folks
  6. Slut

The Players:-
Mark Klingman - Organ 1,2,3 - Piano 5
John Siomos - Drums 1,2,3
Stu Woods - Bass 2,3
Randy Brecker - Trumpet 1,2
Mike Brecker - Tenor Sax 1,2
Barry Rogers - Trombone 1,2
Rick Derringer - Guitar 1
John Siegler - Bass 1
Robbie Kogale - Guitar 2,3
Billy Mundi - Drums 4,5
Jim Colgrove - Bass 4
Amos Garret - Guitar 4
Ben Keith - Pedal Steel 4
Bugsy Maugh - Bass 5
Ralph Wash - Guitar 5
Gene Dinwiddie - Tenor Sax 5
Serge Katzen - Conga 5
Hunt Sales - Drums 6
Tony Sales - Bass 6
Rick Vito - Guitar 6
Charlie Schoning - Piano 6
Jim Horn - Tenor Sax 6
John Kelson - Tenor Sax 6
Todd R. - Piano 1,2,3,4 - Guitar 5,6

The Singers
Hope Rudd - 1,2,3
Richard Corey - 1,2,3
Vicki Robinson - 1,2
Dennis Cooley - 1,2
Cecelia Norfleet - 1,2
Brook Baxes -6
Anthony Carrubba - 6
Henry Fanton - 6
Edward Olmos - 6

Tracks 1,2,3 were recorded at The Record Plant, N.Y. and engineered by Dan Turbeville
Tracks 4 and 5 were recorded at Bearsville sound and engineered by Nick Jameson
Track 6 was recoreded at I.D. Sound and engineered by James Lowe
Money (That's What I Want) written by J.Bradford and Berry Gordy Jr.
Dust in the Wind written by Mark Klingman
All other songs by Todd Rundgren

Album package concepts by Todd Rundgren
Back cover photo by Les Underhill
Inside cover photo by James Lowe and Todd Rundgren
Insert photos by Joe Travis Clapper
Layout and design by Richard Navin
Duds by Granny Takes a Trip
Produced and Arranged by Todd Rundgren

Track Listing:

  1. I Saw The Light
  2. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  3. Wolfman Jack
  4. Cold Morning Light
  5. It Takes Two to Tango (This is for the Girls)
  6. Sweeter Memories
  7. Intro:
  8. Breathless
  9. The Night the Carousel Burnt Down
  10. Saving Grace
  11. Marlene
  12. Song of the Viking
  13. I Went To The Mirror
  14. Black Maria
  15. One More Day (No Word)
  16. Couldn't I Just Tell You
  17. Torch Song
  18. Little Red Lights
  19. Overture - My Roots
  20. Dust in the Wind
  21. Piss Aaron
  22. Hello It's Me
  23. Some Folks is Even Whiter Than Me
  24. You Left Me Sore
  25. Slut


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
Bearsville0003I saw the Light/MarleneBlue Vinyl 7" Promo SingleNo PSUSA
Bearsville0003I saw the light/MarleneBlue Vinyl 7" singleNo PSUSA
Bearsville0003I saw the light/Marlene7" SingleNo PSUSA
Bearsville0007Couldn't I just tell you/Wolfman Jack7" SingleNo PSUSA
BearsvilleSB2066Something/Anything? 7" Jukebox EP - Little LP#236PSUSA
Bearsville0009Hello it's me/Cold morning light7" singleNo PSUSA
Bearsville0301Wolfman Jack/Breathless7" singleNo PSUSA
Collectablese8133I Saw The Light/Hello It's MeCDSinglePSCanada
CollectableseCOL0326I Saw The Light/We Gotta Get You A Woman7" SingleNo PSCanada
CollectableseCOL0327Hello It's Me/Can We Still Be Friends7" SingleNo PSCanada
Bearsville0335 It wouldn't have made any difference/Don't you ever learn7" singleNo PSUSA
BearsvilleR3-73025I saw the light/Hello it's me
Can we still be friends/We gotta get ou a woman
3" CDSinglePSUSA
BearsvilleGS45167Hello it's me/We gotta get you a woman7" SingleNo PSCANADA
Bearsville15502I saw the light/Marlene7" singleNo PSUK
Bearsville15506I saw the light/Black Maria/Long flowing Robe7" SingleNo PSUK
Bearsville15506I saw the light/Black Maria/Long flowing Robe 'A' Promo 7" SingleNo PSUK
Bearsville15509Couldn't I just tell you/We gotta get you a woman7" SingleNo PSUK
Bearsville15513Hello it's me/Cold morning light7" singleNo PSUK
castleCD3-6I saw the light/Can we still be friends/All the children sing/Bang the drum all day3" CDSinglePSUK
Bearsville15502I saw the light/Marlene7" SinglePSGERMANY
Bearsville15502I Saw the Light/Marlene7" SinglePS FRANCE
Bearsville15.502I saw the light/Marlene7" singlePS HOLLAND
BearsvilleHS839Vi La Luz (I saw the light)/Marlene7" singlePSSPAIN
Bearsville15512Hello it's me/Is it my name? 7" singlePSGERMANY
Bearsville15.513Hello it's me/Cold morning light7" singlePSFRANCE
Warners45-1007Hola, Soy Yo (Hello it's me)/Luz De Una Manana Fira7" singlePSSPAIN
Bearsville15519Wolfman Jack/Breathless7" singlePSFRANCE
Bearsville15519Wolfman Jack/Breathless7" singlePSGERMANY
Warner BrosP-1135WI saw the light/Marlene7" singlePSJAPAN
Warner Bros10003I saw the light/Marlene7" singleNo PSNEW ZEALAND
Warner BrosP-1274WHello it's me/Cold Morning Light7" singlePSJapan
Warner BrosWB EPB253I saw the light/Wolfman Jack/
One more Day/The nigh the carousel burnt down
Warner BrosWBP-62WHello it's me/I saw the light7" singlePSJAPAN
Warner BrosWB P-384WIt wouldn't have made any differrence/don't you ever learn7" singlePSJAPAN
Warner Bros7.013I Saw the Light/Marlene7" singleNo PSBRAZIL
Warner Bros31906Vi La Luz (I saw the light)/Marlene7" SingleNo PSARGENTINA
Warner Bros009Vi La Luz (I Saw the Light)/Marlene7" singleNo PSEL SALVADOR
Warner Bros6.003I saw the light/Marlene/Wolfman Jack/
Couldn't I just tell you
7" singlePSBRAZIL
Warner Bros32.124Hola, Soy Yo (Hello it's me)/ Frio Amencer7" singlePSARGENTINA
Warner BrosWB GXHola, Soy Yo (Hello it's me)/ La Fria Luz/Marlene/ Luz De La Manana7" singlePSMEXICO
Warner Bros301101041Wolfman Jack/Breathless7" singleNo PSBRAZIL
Warner Bros24.002I saw the light/Useless begging7" singlePSBRAZIL
Bearsville2BX2066Something/Anything? albumStandardUSA
Bearsville2BX2066Something/Anything? Album - Red and Blue VinylStandardUSA
Warner BrosP-8410WHello, It's meSingle Album version of S/A? DifferentJAPAN
BearsvilleK655011Something/Anything? LPStandardUK
CastleESDLP0071Something/Anything? LP - Re-issueStandardUK
CastleESDCD007Something/Anything? CD Re-issueStandardUK
CastleESDMC007Something/Anything? Cas Re-IssueStandardUk
Mobile FidUDCD2-591Something/Anything? CD - Ultradisc 1995StandardUSA
Mobile Fid2-225Something/Anything? Album - Re-issue 1995StandardUSA


I Saw the Light

It was late last night
I was feeling something wasn't right
There was not another soul in sight
Only you, only you
So we walked along,
though I knew there was something wrong
And the feeling hot me oh so strong about you
Then you gazed up at me and the answer was plain to see
'Cause I saw the light in your eyes
Though we had our fling
I just never would suspect a thing
'Til that little bell began to ring in my head
In my head
But I tried to run,
though I knew it wouldn't help me none
'Cause I couldn't ever love no one, or so I said
But my feelings for you
were just something I never knew
'Til I saw the light in your eyes
But I love you best
It's not something that I say in jest (ha ha)
'Cause you're different, girl, from all the rest
In my eyes
And I ran out before but I won't do it anymore
Can't you see the light in my eyes

It Wouldn't have Made Any Difference

Do you remember the last time I said
If I ever thought about lying,
I'd rather think of dying instead
And maybe you remember the last time you called me
to say we were through
How it took a million tears
just to prove they all were for you
But those days are through
'Cause it wouldn't have made any difference,
if you loved me
How could you love me
When it wouldn't really make any difference,
if you really loved me
You just didn't love me
'Cause I know of hundreds of times I could be
In the most unfaithful arms that you always picture me
And maybe you remember that
though I can't always show proof I was true
No one else could change my mind or
stop me coming home to you
But those days are through
You just did not love me enough to believe me
Enough not to leave me
Enough not to look for a reason to be unhappy with me
And make me regret ever wanting you
But those days are through

Wolfman Jack

"Hey baby, you're on a subliminal trip to nowhere.You better get your trip together before you step
in here with us!"
Full moon tonight, everything's all right
Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack
If you want yourself a day man, well I don`t mind
You just ditch him when the sun goes down
'Cause the moon shines bright
and everything's all right
When the Wolfman, he creeps into town
Now you maybe want a man who throws round his money
But he ain't as cools a Wolfman Jack
And you might want yourself a man
who don't act so funny
But he ain't your fool like Wolfman Jack
I don't mean to treat you evil
I'm just a good boy gone bad
But if I catch you after dark walking through the park
I'm just liable to do something mad
You maybe think you know what love is about girl
But it's nothing 'til it's Wolfman Jack
And everybody knows, you go round and shout it
That your only thrill is Wolfman Jack
Full moon tonight, everything's all right
Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack
I may miss your loving while I'm on my back
But you can't escape from Wolfman Jack
You can't do this to me
Look me in the eyes baby, now you cut that jive
You know the Wolfman's just about
the number one cat alive
You got my great big eyes spinning round in my head
How could you love another man instead?

Cold Morning Light

I believe if I was all alone,
I would be better off in a world my own
I'd forget I ever knew of you, and this dream every
night that you put me through
We walk along a Hollywood sea
and you dance once again with me
We are close, we are friends
And our love never ends
But in the cold morning light I see
That you won't be back for me
The wound you left is healing and then
it starts itching and I scratch it open again
So the pain comes out and I give in
and indulge my imaginations, whims
We sit and drink Victorian tea
and your face wears a smile for me
I was yours, you were mine
Our hearts bound, lost in time
But in the cold morning light I see
That you won`t be back
For me there can be no peace
For me there can be no rest
I believe though I've tried my best
I'm condemned it seems to a life of
restlessness and broken dreams

It Takes Two to Tango (This is for the Girls)

It's true, yes it's true
I'm as guilty of the sin as you
I lived through it too
And as you can see it didn't hurt me
You must admit, you helped a bit
It takes two to tango
You know I wasn't alone
It takes two to tango
I remember it still
Drink a toast if you will
This is for the girls who just couldn't see
That my only sin was being me
And this one's for the girls and they know who they are
It's so long ago and I don't know
Now I don't recall all the details of the scene at all
But I had a ball
And learned all the games, forgot all the names
You must admit you learned a bit
This is for the girls who couldn't understand
What it's like to try to be a man
And this one's for the girls and they know who they are
It's so long ago and I don't know
I don't claim to know at all
Who was right and who was wrong
I just don't remember all
All the things that were said
What went on in my head
But it's easy to see that I used you and you used me
This is for the girls who think I've done wrong
Could you really hold a grudge that long
And this one's for the girls and they know who they are
It's so long ago and I don't know who you are

Sweeter Memories

There's a cloud in the sky and it's raining on you
Still you try to keep dry but your troubles leak through
And you've lost all you could, feeling sad
Choose your reveries
Keep the good, leave the bad
Take a few of these, the sweeter memories
Don't forget them please, the sweeter memories
To set your mind at ease, the truest remedies
Are the sweeter memories
There's a life full of pain and a life full of glee
So you see that the rain doesn't mean much to me
For I know that it pays making light
of living's tragedies
Make your days be as bright
Take a few of these, the sweeter memories

The Night the Carousel Burnt Down

Weren't you there when the carousel burned down
The fire and confusion, the smoke and the sound
I swear you were there when the carousel burned down
We were all around
The rings charred and tarnished all over the ground
And the heads hung down
And we all left town the next day
The children all cried when the carousel burned down
The old ladies sighed and the carousel burned down
The rest of us lied as the carousel burned down
And the flames did fly
The pipes steamed and shrieked out a blazing goodbye
As the boiler died
And they melted down the midway
And we all left town the next day

Saving Grace

I think I'm gonna love it
I think I'm gonna love it
Because I know someday someone else will see it my way
And then I'll know I was not wrong
I know they won't believe it
I know they won't believe it
They think that I'm no good
but I will make myself understood
'Cause I believe it all along
I think I'm gonna love it
I know they won't believe it
When they finally see the saving grace in me
I know the time is gonna come
When I will mean something to someone
Until that day I'm hanging on


Marlene Marlene, you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen
Do you care for me at all
Marlene, I care for you
And I just don't care who knows it
and I guess that means that I love you
Marlene, who'd believe that you're only seventeen
I'm in trouble if your folks get mean
And if they do
Then I don't care if they bust me
and I guess that means that I love you
I don't need no fantasies
Just one thing I need
I you could make it here, Marlene
Dear Marlene, Marlene
Marlene, when I think that it all is just a dream
I remember that your eyes are green
And mine are blue
They will always see each other
and I guess that means that I love you
I don't need realities
Just one thing I need
If you could make it here Marlene
Dear Marlene, Marlene
Marlene, I'm depending on you now

Song of the Viking

I am a Viking of some note
Knut's my name and here I float
Out on the sea in a great big boat
and I'm the one who beats the drum in time
To stroke the oars that drive our galleons on
And while we rowed we had our song
And we had our god, and it may seem odd
But at least there was a cause
Caught a wind and we upped the sail
Lost two ships when it turned to a gale
Down went a third when she rammed on a whale
Though we despaired we could not fail
And through it all we never faltered
Late at night I lay on the decke
Wondering whye I risk my necke
Picture myselfe in a sinkinge wrecke
Ande downe I'me goinge notte knowinge whye
I just can't quite recall the reason why
It's such a drag to carry on
But there was a cause, but there was a reason
If you like I'll be your Viking
Sit you down to a Nordic meal
Give you strength that you might wield
A Viking sword and a Viking shield
And off we'll sail in mighty ships of yore
Perhaps we shouldn't let our hands get sore
We need someone to pull the oars
And to do the chores
So we need a cause, so we need a reason why
(Erik is here!)

I Went to the Mirror

In a voice soaked with euphoria:
I went to the mirror this morning
I looked in the mirror instead
The first thing to come into focus
Was a face wrapped all around my head
There's something sticking out of the middle
I guess it's my nose (I suppose)
I just don't recognize those eyes
All these years I've been watching from the other side
The voice is now one of brutal stupefication. The underlying question is - "If
you went crazy, would you know it?"
Uh oh, here I go thinking them crazy thoughts again.
Who is that there? You mean I been walking around
in that all these years? What's it all about?
Where's it all at? I don't want to get heavy but
what am I doing here? uh
My lip has a dark spot upon it
(The voice of a mature adult who's comprehensive
capacity has suddenly been reduced to that of a
cherrystone clam)
My teeth look like plastic in chips
And there on my chin I discover
One lonely red and arrogant zit
I went about my business this morning
You got to get out of bed and make that bread
But try as I may to get away
I won't forget what I seen in the mirror today
Boogie on out to a brand new day.
Get off your back and dance!
I seen my eyes. I seen my nose. My lips. My teeth.
My, my gums. I seen my gums! I looked all the way
down my throat! I looked at my ears. I looked real
hard at my ears. I looked at my hair. I think I'm going
bald. I had hair all over the sink or something...

Black Maria

Black Maria, you scare me so
I feel as though my heart stop dead
You're a liar, this I know
I watch you go around my head
Oh, I'm going down slow
You scare me so
Oh, you never let go
You scare me so
Gay deceiver, my eyes they burned
My insides turned, my brain it rolled
Unbeliever, but now I've learned
I took my turn, I come up cold

One More Day (No Word)

One more day
They said we'd be home for Christmas
but I'm still here today
One more day
I went to see the first lieutenant
he said shut up and wait
One more day, no word
We don't pick no more trees 'til the union OK
If they don't get a contract soon
then I don't think we can stay
One more day, no word
All alone, all my friends are gone
Ears of stone, eyes gone blind
Too little to do and too much time
I haven't seen my girl in a year last July
She hasn't even written a letter but I try not to cry
One more day, no word

Couldn't I Just Tell You

Keep your head and everything will be cool
You didn't have to make me feel like a fool
When I try to say I feel the way that I do
I want to talk to you
And make it load and clear
though you don't care to hear
Couldn't I just tell you the way I feel
I can't keep it bottled up inside
And could we pretend that it's no big deal
And there's really nothing left to hide
Something sure doesn't seem right to me
When you can turn your back whenever you please
And you stroll away and calmly bid me adieu
Why can't I talk with you
And put it in your ear though you don't care to hear
Hear me out
Why don't you lend me an ear
You've got no reason to fear
I'll make it perfectly clear
I love you
I don't come whining with my heart on my sleeve
I'm not a coward if that's what you believe
And I'm not afraid but not ashamed if it's true
I got to talk with you
And then I'll make it clear

Torch Song

When you say goodbye to the love that we knew
This you can be sure of
I will torch on for you
I will carry my torch for you
When you break somebody's heart,
nothing much left to do
Howsoever sadly
I will torch on for you
Somewhere in the back of my heart it's there
And every day it finds me then reminds me
I will bear my cross, I will bear your cross too
I will pine forever
I will torch on for you
I will carry my torch for you

Little Red Lights

You got to ease into line boy
But once I hit the open road
I'll be sailing off and on my own
You and me in my GT
With those little red lights in front of me
When I go to heaven you know that's where I want to be
Would you please fill it up boy
I'd like to stop and catch myself a bite
but I sure hate to leave the road tonight
Instrumental in 3 movements: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear.
And when I'm racing the clock
You know that I would die or kill somebody
just to move this hunk of steel one more block
Spoken (with mild disdain as one gropes for the stick):
I think I see a little red light in my rear view mirror
A terrific case ensues, resulting in many highway
statistics and ultimately, the realization of the
desire expressed in the chorus. RIP

Dust in the Wind

Tell everyone that I am sorry, truly sorry
For all the wrongs I done
I never meant to hurt nobody
Lord I never want to do no wrong
I have lied, I have begged and I have cheated
And I know my ship won't be coming in
As I lay me down to take my rest
I see that it's just dust in the wind
Take hold my hand, hold it tighter, ever tighter
You must believe that I love you still
But my strength, it grows weaker, ever weaker
And my body has lost its will
Oh my Lord, I have lost once again
And I got no one to help me find my way
But I never wanted to hurt nobody
And I never wanted to do no wrong

Piss Aaron

We figure, my daddy and me
Things are still the same, it seems
As when he lived it in his teens as a kid in school
Aaron was a junior, the class of '32
His momma called him angel,
but everybody knew he was the
King king, the gross out king
They called him Piss Aaron
They always caught him pissin' in the hall
Piss Aaron, he never would refuse when nature called
Dumb Larry from homeroom 9
Kept his locker full of weeds
Just to satisfy his smoking needs and his love of fire
Went to a game and lit a stink bomb in the bleachers
The coach, the cheer leader, and
the chem teacher, and the
Dean dean, duh dean dean was after
Dumb Larry, they always caught him smokin' in the john
Dumb Larry, you never would have missed him
when he's gone
Chuck Biscuits, conservative-jive
The biggest pig in all the school
He would sit and smack his lips and drool
as he eyed your lunch
I left a bag in his desk one night
A raw egg sandwich and when Hungry took a bite
he had to
Up chuck, uh up up-chuck, a'pukin'
Chuck Biscuits, they always caught him eatin' in the class

Hello, it's me

Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine
Seeing you
Or seeing anything as much as I do you
I take for granted that you're always there
I take for granted that you just don't care
Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through
It's important to me that you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me
Think of me
You know that I'd be with you if I could
I'll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should

Some Folks is Even Whiter Than Me

There ain't a man alive today
Who doesn't want to have the world in his hand
And everything to go his way
And abuse what he don't understand
Some people never can be satisfied
less they push somebody else around
But I can't give no aid or take no side
I just watch them drag each other down because
Some folks is even whiter than me
Some folks is even blacker than me
I got myself caught in the middle somewhere
And that's just where I want to be
I'm talking bout the outside
Talking bout the inside too
I spent a lot of time alone
And when I'm gone you won't remember my name
But I ain't never been nobody's boss but my own
And I hope that you can say the same
And I feel just like everyone around
I like so sing my songs of change like a crooner
But if we was all to live another mile uptown
I think we'd like to get it changed a whole lot sooner

You Left Me Sore

Love is infectious and I was a victim
The worst case you'd ever see
But still I know no doctor or nurse
Could cure what you gave to me
'Cause you
Really, you left me sore
You really left me sore now baby
You messed me up for sure and I don't mean maybe
'Cause you really left me sore
You didn't tell me and I didn't ask so there's
Nobody left to blame
But still I know no place I can go
That helps to relieve the pain
But now I know no good ever comes
From love on a one night stand


See that girl, watch her dance
If I knew her name I wouldn't have to sit on my hands
If my mouth don't work I get some help
And she don't mind if I don't keep my hands to myself
You're all right
You put up such a good clean fight
I'm afraid that you lose tonight
She may be a slut but she looks good to me
You're so clean, so refined
You don't care to get messy just to have a good time
She's got saggy thighs and baggy eyes
But she loves me in a way I can still recognize

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