Produced and Mixed by Todd Rundgren
Management: Eric Gardner/Panacea Entertainment
Tour Manager: Mary Lou Arnold
Production Manager: Joe Lamond
House Sound Engineer: Larry Toomey
Lighting Director: Charlie Malings
Tour Manager (in Japan): Dai Ogawa
Concert Tour Produced by: Mashiro Hidaka/Smash Corp.
Recorded May 10, 1992 at Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall, Tokyo
Mastering: Todd Rundgren and Ken Perry
Art Direction: Geoff Gans
Design: Monster X
Caricatures: Prarie Prince
Roger Powell plays Kurzweil Synthesizers

Roger Powell: Well, we went out to the garage, took the dustcover off the old clunker, and fired 'er up. Lo and behold, that bby came back to life with a new spark! It felt good to ride those tunes again-actually taking the corners a little faster in places inspired by a strange synthesis of familiarity and daring.
We waved at our friends who wer still waiting patiently along the road as we launched yet another adventure in Utopia. Although we were off to a foriegn land, we knew there were so many standing vigilant back home - and so, here is the document of our sojourn. Please celebrate!

Kasim Sulton: When we started talking about hte possibility of doing a two-week Japanese tour, my first thoughts were os all the shows we had done since I joined the badn in 1976. We'd made dozens of videos, broadcast countless radio and TV shows, but never recorded a live album.
It's taken a long time, and now the Utopian experience is finally documented on this dics.
Although it's been a while since we last toured, in my opinion, we did some of our best playing during these shows.
I hope you have as good a time listening to this record as we did making it.

Willie Wilcox: Utopia! Does it really exist? Or is it just a place that lives in our heads?
Dreams of Todd, Roger, Kas, and Willie performing live again. Over and over the same scene one by one, each drum falling apart in front of my very eyes until all that's left as the sticks that I hold in my hands, which have to keep beating.
I awoke to find Utopia in Japan! The drums not falling appart at all. The playing better than ever. The crowds responding in a way that makes you understand why you ever played music to begin with! Does Utopia really exist? It did for us in Japan 1992!

Todd Rundgren: Kas is the cute one, Roger is the smart one, Willie is the funny one, and me, I'm just the cynical one. If some band offered to sell me their fourth live gig in eight years, I'd be extremely skeptical (could't they have held out till gig 6 or 7?). I'd suggest that everyone approach the performance with the same skepticism. If we fail to meet your stringent standards, well, eat our collective shorts. We got a free trip to Japan.

Track Listing:

  1. Fix Your Gaze
  2. Zen Machine
  3. Trapped
  4. Princess of the Universe
  5. Abandon City
  6. Hammer in my Heart
  7. Swing to the Right
  8. The Ikon
  9. Hiroshima
  10. Back on the Street
  11. Only Human
  12. Love in Action
  13. Caravan
  14. Last of the New Wave Riders
  15. One World
  16. Love is the Answer


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RhinoR2 71185Redux 92 - Live in JapanCDstandardUSA