This album, released in 1973, was a far departure from the simplistic pop structures contained in the predecessor (Something/Anything?) as TR experimented more with psychedelic drugs he began to exploit the 12" vinyl medium, and push track compression to it's limit. Why should an album be only 45 minutes long? Todd jammed a complete 30 minute piece, made of 12 separate, experimental, songs, onto the first side of the vinyl and filling side two with a similar length of songs harking back to the S/A? period.
Todd's most adventurous album up to this point it's elaborate cover design echoing the erratic, creative, music inside.

I'm not a real star. I'm just a musical representative of certain human tendenciew - the Quest for knowledge and the quest for love. Knowledge comes to a lucky few. Love comes to anyone with the knowledge to recognize it. At any rate, we should all have fun looking.
My greatful thanks to these helping heads, hands and feet:

Recorded at The Secret Sound
Produced and arranged by you-know-who
'Just one Victory' recorded at Advantage Studios
Album design and photography - Janson, Eding, Clapper
Cover Painting: Arthur Wood
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I'm sure you've heard this before but due to the fact that you can only put so much music on a piece of plastic before you start to loose some of the sound, and due to the fact that I have exceeded what is considered the practical norm by at least 6 or 7 minutes per side you will probably want to crank up your Victiola as loud as it will go to get the full enjoyment contained on this here LP! Thanx.

Track Listing:

  1. International Feel
  2. Never Never Land
  3. Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off
  4. You Need Your Head
  5. Rock and Roll Pussy
  6. Dogfight Giggle
  7. You Don't Have To Camp Around
  8. Flamingo
  9. Zen Archer
  10. Just Another Onionhead
  11. Da da Dali
  12. When The Shit Hits The Fan - Sunset Blvd.
  13. Le Feel Internacionale
  14. Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
  15. Does Anybody Love You?
  16. I'm So Proud
  17. Ooh Baby Baby
  18. La La Means I Love You
  19. Cool Jerk
  20. Hungry For Love
  21. I Don't Want To Tie You Down
  22. Is It My Name?
  23. Just One Victory


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
Bearsville0015Sometimes I don't know what to feel/Does anybody love you? 7" SinglePSUSA
Bearsville562International Feel/Never Never Land/Just one Victory 7" Promo SingleNo PSUSA
Bearsville2133A wizard, A trueAlbum - including postcard + poemStandard - ShapedUSA
BearsvilleBEA 45513A wizard, A trueAlbumStandard - Not ShapedGERMANY
BearsvillePRO-524The Todd Rundgren Radio ShoPromo Only AlbumNo PSUSA
CastleCLALP134A wizard, A trueAlbum re-issueSlg. Diff Single - Not ShapedUK
CastleCLACD134A wizard, A trueCD re-issueSlg. Diff.UK
CastleCLATC134A wizard, A trueCas. re-issueSlg. Diff.UK
Bearsville200 760A Wizard, A true StarAlbumGreen SleeveHOLLAND


International Feel

Here we are again, the start of the end,
but there's More
I only want to see if you'll give up on me
But there's always More
There is More, International Feel
And there's More, Interplanetary Deals
But there's More, Interstellar Appeal
Still there's More, Universal Ideal
Still there's More, International Feel
I swear something lies
in your ears and your eyes
'Cause there's More
You hear and you see yet you do not believe
That there's always More
(I know)

Never Never Land

I know a place where dreams are born
And time is never planned
It's not on any chart
You must find it in your heart
Never Never Land
It may be miles beyond the moon
Or right there where you stand
Just keep an open mind
And then suddenly you'll find
Never Never Land
You'll have a treasure if you stay there
More precious far than gold
For once you have found your way there
You will never, never grow old
And that's my home where dreams are born
And time is never planned
Just think of pleasant things
And your heart will fly on wings, forever in
Never Never Land

You Need Your Head

You don't need your feet
'cause you know you got wheels
You don't need your hands
'cause you know how it feels
You don't need your eyes
'cause you know how she looks
You don't need your tongue
'cause you know how she cooks
But you need your head
You don't need your belly
'cause there's nothing to eat
You don't need your heart
'cause it just can't be beat
You don't need your mouth
'cause you talk too much
You don't need your crotch,
ah you know it's only a crutch
But you need your head

Rock and Roll Pussy

Beat it, beat it, beat your guitar
Smash it, smash it, 'til it sees stars
Rip it, rip it, rip it to shreds
Throw down your axe and then jump into bed
Get up, get up, get up and see
Revolution on the TV
Will you, will you, get your nails dirty
Or are you only just a rock and roll pussy

Dogfight Giggle

Don't you think of anything but sex?

You Don't Have To Camp Around

Daddy don't like it but Mommy still wonders, Sweet Boy
But you're allowed to try it and I point no fingers
Sweet Boy, but I'm still wonderin' what it means, boy
You hold your wrist so limply
You don't have to camp around
Save all your money, go confess on Sunday, Sweet Boy
And you get your copy of "Honey,"
back on the street by Monday
Sweet Boy, but tell me where does that leave me, boy
Save the satin undies, don't pluck out your eyebrows
Stow the mincey lisping, you don't have to camp around

Zen Archer

Pretty bird with feathers falling
Pretty as a lady calling
For her pink and midnight lover
As she stares into the water
And a yellow moon is rising
And there can't be no disguising
That the pretty bird is dying
With a silver arrow lying at its side
Rivers of blood,
oceans of tears,
life without death,
and death without reason
To the whole United Nations,
To your greatest expectations
To the moment that you realize
As a dark figure slips from out of the shadow
Pretty bird closes its eyes, pretty bird dies
Another pretty thing dead on the end of the shaft
Of the Zen Archer
A man in parts forgotten
With an outlook that is rotten
And an attitude to match it
Finds relief inside a hatchet
And he halved someone in Boulder
Justifiability is in the hands of the beholder
And you just don't know what people will do next
Mountains of pain,
valleys of love,
death without life,
and life without meaning
To the promise kept and broken
To the love that's never spoken
Just as surely as I'm in your ears
A dark figure slips from out of the shadow

Just another Onionhead

The blessing of the turtles, the eggs lay on the lawn
Paint a pretty picture for me to sit upon
The calling of the rabbit, the falling of the hare
The hat man then begins to play, a song is everywhere
You want the obvious
You'll get the obvious
Tell them Groucho said, you're just another onionhead
Another Virgin Mary, another case is shut
Have another helping, prime cut of baby's butt
A sip of holy water, a shot of saving grace
Another western mystic, the words pore out my face
You want the obvious
You'll get the obvious
I'll shave my skull instead, be just another onionhead

DA da Dali

Dada Dali goodbye, Dada Dali don't sigh
Your soft alarm clocks quake me
So boil your beans and meet me at Perignon Station
Crutch me Dali again, Lobster telephone friend
Stay in your seat, watch what you eat
If you don't get a dead mule then you'll know I'm in heat
Dada Dali hello, Dada Dali you're just another onionhead

When the Shit Hits the Fan/Sunset Blvd.

Earthquake in New York City,
the Chrysler Building fell in my yard
But when the shit hits the fan,
I think I'll have to make my way
back to Sunset Boulevard
The IRA has just hit London,
they blew up half of Scotland Yard
But when the shit hits the fan,
I guess I'll try to make my way
back to Sunset Boulevard
Cruisin' down a mountain highway,
someone's cut the brakes on my car
But when the shit hits the fan,
I know I have to get my ass
back to Sunset Boulevard

Le Feel Internacionale

Everyone is mine,
no one left behind and there's More
Wait another year,
Utopia is here and there's always More

Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel

Sometimes I don't know
I just don't know what to feel
Sometimes I don't know what to feel
Everything I thought that I knew starts to look so unreal
There's a ringing in my head that keeps me awake at night
Sometimes I don't know what is right
Today I saw a car crush my little dog under its wheel
It did not even stop, it just sped off and out of sight
Sometimes I just feel so afraid
But I know that no one else has it made
So if I just believe in myself
I won't need no help from nobody else and I can make it alone
And everything will be cool, I got to keep on keepin' on
There's nothing else I can do
Sometimes I don't know what to do
Someone said the world's going to end and I think its true
I thought there was some love in the world
but I guess I'm wrong
Sometimes I just feel so alone
I don't want to admit to my friends that I feel confused
I wonder what I'd do with myself if the world was gone
Something makes me stay on my feet
Don't you dare admit to defeat
And if I tell myself it's all right
I can comfort myself through the night
and watch another day dawn
And everything will be cool

Does Anybody Love You?

Talk, you can talk, but if you ask me take
All your big words and put them together
What good will they do when the long day is through
Does anybody love you?
Do you think that anybody's in love with
You can dress up or dress down as you
Gaze in the mirror, hung up on your body
What good can it be when there's no one ahere to see
You're so lovely, so wise
You could make Venus crawl
But love between the ugly is the most beautiful love of all

I'm So Proud

You're prettier than all the world
And I'm so proud, I'm so proud, I'm so proud of you
'Cause you're only one fellow's girl
I'm so proud, I'm so proud, I'm so proud of you
I'm so proud of being loved by you
And it would hurt, hurt to know,
if you ever were untrue, yeah
Sweeter than the taste of a cherry so sweet
Yeah, and I'm so proud, I'm so proud,
I'm so proud of you
Compliments to you from all the people we meet
Yes babe and I'm so proud, I'm so proud,
I'm so proud of you
I'm so proud of being loved by you

Ooh Baby Baby

I did you wrong
My heart went out to play
But in the game I lost you
What a price to pay
I'm crying - ooh baby, baby
I know I've made a few
But I'm only human
You've made mistakes too
I'm crying - ooh, baby, baby
I'm just about at
The end of my rope
But I can't stop trying
I can't give up hope
'Cause I believe
One day I'll hold you near
Whisper I still love you
Until that day is here
I'm crying - ooh baby, baby

La La Means I Love You

Many guys have come to you
With a line that wasn't true
And then you pass them by
Now you're in the center ring
And their lies don't mean a thing
Why won't you let me try
Now I don't have a diamond ring
I don't even know a song to sing
All I know is La La means
I love you
If I ever saw a girl
That I needed in this world
You are the one for me
Let me take you in my arms
And fill you with my charms
I'm sure that you will see
The things I am saying are true
And the way that I say them to you
Can't you hear me, La La means
I love you

Cool Jerk

Cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk
This cat they're talking about
I wonder who could it be
'Cause I know I'm the heaviest cat
The heaviest cat you ever did see
When you see me walking down the street
And they clapping and they speak
All the business they wish to whisper it
But they know I'm the king of the cool jerks
Ah ha ha
Look at them guys looking at me like I'm a fool
Ah but deep down inside they know I'm cool
I said now,
I said now the moment of truth has finally come
When I was gonna do some, some of that cool jerk
All right, now I want to hear a little bit
of the drums by himself here
All right, now I want to hear a little bit of
a bass with those eighty-eights
All right, now let's hear the organ player fall in
All right now everybody, I wanna hear you howl
Ah you're cooking, you're smoking
Come on people can you do it?

Hungry For Love

Mom's old fashion cooking
Caviar and champagne
A meal at McDonald's
Nothing fills a man when he's hungry for love
Give him love, make him feel all right
Give him love, help him sleep at night
Give him love, give him one more bite
He's hungry for love (give him that)
An ounce of sweet Jamaican
A snowy spoon of powder
A half a pint of Bushmill's
Nothing gets you high when you're hungry for love
Give me love, make me feel all right
Give me love, help me sleep at night
Give me love, give me one more bite
I'm hungry for love (give me love, give me love)

I Don't Want To Tie You Down

Sometimes it's hard to look up under
The times we're going through
I scratch my head and stare and wonder
How to face the day anew
But it gives my life a bit more meaning
To feel in love with you, so heavy
I don't want to weigh you down, oh baby
I don't want to tie you down
I don't want a thing to mar this ever
The picture that we make
The balance of our minds together
The perfect give and take
For me to let my love possess you
Would be the worst mistake, I'm sorry
I don't want to bring you down, oh baby
I don't want to tie you down, oh Jesus
I don't want to nail you down

Is It My Name?

There is cause and effect
There's a reason I'm so erect
There's last night and there's today
There's a reason you feel this way
Is it my name?
Don't miss the boat Barry, don't miss the plane
I don't think I can make this scene again
Why don't you love me?
Is it my name?
All the lies, all the truth,
All the things that I offer you
All the sights, all the sounds
All the times that you turn me down
Is it my name?
My voice goes so high you would think I was gay
But I play my guitar in such a man-cock way
Why don't you love me?
It is my name?
You only love me for my machine

Just One Victory

We've been waiting so long,
we've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still to give us the will
Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?
I am here to tell you I have made my choice
I've been listening to what's been going down
There's just too much talk and gossip going 'round
You may think that I'm a fool, but I know the answer
Words become a tool, anyone can use them
Take the golden rule, as the best example
Eyes that have seen will know what I mean
The time has come to take the bull by the horns
We've been so downhearted, we've been so forlorn
We get weak and we want to give in
But we still need each other if we want to win
Hold that line, baby hold that line
Get up boys and hit 'em one more time
We may be losing now but we can't stop trying
So hold that line, baby hold that line
If you don't know what to do about a world of trouble
You can pull it through if you need to and if
You believe it's true, it will surely happen
Shining still, to give us the will
Bright as the day, to show us the way
Somehow, someday,
we need just one victory and we're on our way
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right
We may feel about to fall but we go down fighting
You will hear the call if you only listen
Underneath it all we are here together shining still

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