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" ... gather round childrens, I've got a tale to tell ..."

I have been a TR fan for may years now, it is really 20 years !!

I have seen TR in concert a few times. The Venue in London and the most unforgetable was the Edinburgh Playhouse, the year was 1982. The audience participation bit I'll never forget - "A Dream Goes On For Ever".

Here is the set list:-

Todd Solo Tour 1982 (May 22nd)
Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Song list:- 

Side A
 1)	Love Of The Common Man
 2)	Cliche
 3)	It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
 4)	Too Far Gone
 5)	Can We Still Be Friends
 6)	Plannets Video
 7)	Commpassion

Side B
 8)	Lysistrata
 9)	Tiny Demons
10)	Lord Chancellor's Nightmare
11)	Bag Lady
12)	Drunken Blue Rooster
13)	When I Pray
14)	Time Heals Video (Golden Hippo)
15)	Ooh Baby Medley
16)	I Saw The Light
17)	One World (Cut)

Apart from meeting TR on stage, I did get to meet him in London, at the Virgin MeggaStore. - "Just One Victory"

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