After a 3 year gap Utopia returned with this very commercial album. Released at the same time as the fictitious Utopia TV Show, it spawned the first Utopia videos for many of the songs on this album.

Produced by Todd Rundgren and Utopia for Alchemedia Productions
Engineered by Todd Rundgren
Additional Engineering by Chris Andersen, Mike Young, John Holbrook and George Carnell
Photography: Bob Lamnel, Danny O'Connor, Jamison Goodman, and Todd Rundgren
Album package concept: Utopia and Danny O'Connor
Package Design and Production: The Creative Directors, Inc., NY, NY
Utopia Logo designed by John Wagman
Recorded at Utopia Sound Studios
Mastered at Sterling Sound
Management: Eric Gardner
All Songs originally performed for the Utopia Television production 'Utopia'

Track Listing:

  1. The Road To Utopia
  2. You Make Me Crazy
  3. Second Nature
  4. Set Me Free
  5. Caravan
  6. Last Of The New Wave Riders
  7. Shot In The Dark
  8. The Very Last Time
  9. Love Alone
  10. Rock Love


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
Bearsville49180Set me Free/Umberella Man7" singleNo PSUSA
Bearsville49247The very last time/Love Alone7" singleNo PSUSA
Bearsville49545Second Nature/You make me crazy7" singleNo PSUSA
IslandWIP 6581Set me free/Umberella Man7" singleNo PSUK
EdigsaK6991set Me Free/Love Alone7" singlePSSpain
Bearsville100690Set me Free/The Road to Utopia7" singlePSGERMANY
CastleTFOLP9Oops! Wrong Planet/Adventures in UtopiaDouble LP Re-IssueDifferentUK
CastleTFOCD9Oops! Wrong Planet/Adventures in UtopiaDouble CD Re-IssueDifferentUK
CastleTFOMC9Oops! Wrong Planet/Adventures in UtopiaCas Re-IssueDifferentUK
Bearsville6991Adventures in UtopiaAlbumStandardUSA
RhinoRNCD70872Adventures in UtopiaCDStandardUSA
RhinoRNLP70872Adventures in UtopiaLP Re-issueStandardUSA
RhinoRNMC70872Adventures in UtopiaCas Re-issueStandardUSA
BearsvilleILPS9602Adventures in UtopiaAlbumStandardUK
BearsvilleL37154Adventures in UtopiaAlbum - Red vinylStandardAUSTRALIA


The Road To Utopia

I blink my eyes and then it happens again
I lose my way but I discover a friend
It's a typical day on the road to utopia

I walk along until my feet are sore
I rest a minute then I walk some more
There's no time to delay on the road to utopia

And my destination is the unknown
But I'm never far away from my home

It shines like laser light
It's in my dreams at night
'Cause I've been all my life
On the road to utopia

I will be there to share your tragedy
I know that you would do the same for me
It's no trouble at all on the road to utopia

When day is over and I'm trying to sleep
It comes so easy 'cause I'm not counting sheep
I am counting the smiles on the road to utopia

And I may lose my way again and again
But I'll cross that borderline in the end

Trouble trouble trouble whirling all about
But if we stick together we can stick it out
Will we ever find the loves we lost again
Does this crazy journey ever have an end

And will I find what I'm after
Do I know what I'm after
Guess I'll join in the laughter
On the road to utopia

You Make me Crazy

I waited all night
I smoked a hundred cigarettes
I chewed my lip 'til it bled
But the phone made not a sound

Sometimes I wonder
If you ever wonder what's become of little old me
But I ain't no baby
I ain't gonna cry but baby
You don't know what's going on inside me

Y'know you make me crazy
What you do to me
It's a chemical reaction or an allergy
Y'know you make me crazy
You're aware of that
Why don't you come and put me away

It was a long night
I could barely keep my head
I heard a knock on the door
It was only Harry Jones

I used to wonder
What it is that makes me feel like I can't be free
'Cause you don't give me nothing
You never give me nothing
But you don't know what's going on inside me

Y'know you make me crazy
I'm in misery
Are you interested enough to see what's left of me

You scared me
The way you move in the night
Your face is something frightening
You're not so nice

I'm gonna wonder
Who you spend your time with
Everywhere you go and what you see
I know I'm not your daddy
I don't want to be your daddy
but you know what's going on inside me

Second Nature

Something tells me when something's wrong
Seems like it's been such a long,
long time since I felt that one
You have your ways and I have my ways
And like the back of my hand I know it
And I don't have to try to make you show it

You don't have to show me how
'Cause it's second nature to me now
Something's taken hold of me somehow
'Cause it's second nature to me now

Nobody must explain to me your way of communication
Give me the time to understand
I always come around

I have my ways and you have your ways
And we need no elaboration
We can just enjoy that sweet sensation

Set me Free

There ain't no reason why you let me wait
Just give me up and I will go
Let's set it straight
Got a right to who I am
And if I don't fit your plan then set me free

But you refuse to set me free
And you deny me of my needs
You have me under lock and key
Just set me free just set me free

You never cared for what I had to say
It's just because you got to have it all your way
Well I ain't no superman

If that's what you demand then set me free
Couldn't you please just set me free
You get your fun just hurting me
If this is how it's going to be
just set me free just set me free

Now I deserve to be as mad as hell because
I just don't get it
I place myself in your hands to fall
But I'm not quitting (No)
Feels like the time we spent was going to waste
Sooner or later it's goodbye we're gonna say
'Cause you just don't give a damn
So go find some other man and set me free

Just don't refuse to set me free
You can't deny me of my needs
Just turn your head to hear my plea
Just set me free just set me free

Couldn't you please just set me free
You get your fun just hurting me
If this is how it's going to be
just set me free just set me free


Moses went into the desert
Moses came back with the law
Jesus went into the desert
God only knows what he saw
Hitch up your ass and your camel
Fill up your skin at the well
Roll up your tent, whisper your prayers
Are you ready to ride through hell

Caravan moving through the night
sleeping in the light of day
Caravan spinning through the void
on our way to anywhere
Caravan time is just a joke change is all we
Caravan life is a mirage,
only a mirage dancing on the desert sand

How I recall all the mountains
How I remember the farm
Oh how I miss the big city
With a pretty girl on my arm
Sell my best friend for some water
Cut off my leg for some shade
Sunburn these thoughts from my memory
If I live I will be remade

The sand is like a razor
Slashing at my face
Everyone's in panic but you can't see any place
It's a sand storm, taken by surprise
Hide beneath your wrappings and cover up your eyes

Well I lost my kit and camel
Maybe I will die
Feel so lost and helpless and I think I'm gonna cry
It's a sand storm, nothing you can do
No one knows if it will last
No one knows if you will make it through

It's been so long without water
Vultures are filling the air
Where is that bloody oasis
Must be around here somewhere
Time for some strong meditation
Time for the ultimate change
Time to make peace with your maker
Everything has been prearranged

Last of the New Wave Riders

The last of the new wave riders
Will be the first of the new age masters

Pick up your arms was the call
So I packed up my Fender and ran down the hall
Back to the fields and forests
Now I am one of them
"Turn on the power" cried the army of sound
And the hum of the amps shook the trees and the ground
And like a single man we cranked up the knobs
And a thousand guitars sang our national anthem

We captured the whole human race
There was nowhere to hide, playing filled every space
Jamming the world back into place
Everyone a star

We hit the supreme overload
And the great amplifier began to explode
The smoke is slowly clearing away
And the whole universe is a giant guitar

(Here comes that silver surfer now)

Shot in the Dark

Everyday it's the same old situation
I face the same old line of empty faces
Sit at my desk while the clock counts up my wages
Pick up my pay every Friday and take off like a
Shot in the dark

I took off like a shot in the dark
I split the scene like a shot in the dark
Ain't got no target, don't aim for no mark
'Cause I'm off like a shot in the dark

It was only a game when we first started
The novelty wore away and the fun departed
I can't live up anymore to those things I spouted
And if you say you feel the same way
I'll be off like a
Shot in the dark

There's no changes going down
There's no lesson to be found
Makes no sense to hang around
If that's all there is to that
(That's what she said)

Someone just tossed a bomb through
Kitchen window
And in the middle of a shoo-fly pie
Mama took off like a
Bat out of hell
She took off like a shot in the dark

The Very Last Time

Sometimes I wonder if I'm still alive
How much abuse can someone stand and survive
How long I've waited for this day to arrive
When I won't be a fool no more

Nobody knows how you push me around
Nobody sees how you treat me like I'm your clown
I never made a sound

It's the very last time you will get on my case
It's the very last time 'cause
I won't be a fool no more
It's the very last time you will step on my face
It's the very last time 'cause
I won't be a fool no more

I still remember the look in your eyes
Just a reflection of the things you despise
But sooner or later I've got to get wise
And I won't be a fool no more

Nobody sees how you treat me like dirt
Nobody knows just how badly a man can hurt
You've got a lesson to learn

I can still feel the sting of your words
But I won't cry no matter how much it hurts
My head may go crazy, my heart it may burst
But I won't be a fool no more
No I won't be a fool no more

Love Alone

When she calls my name
Nobody says it quite the same
Gives me a feeling I never knew
Makes me so happy loving her.
Love and love alone
I'd wait a life just to have it here.
Love is all I know and that can't be wrong.
It's sometimes hard to see
Love isn't bought well it's got to be
There for a reason you want to share
To show somebody you care.
Love and love alone
Conquers the world that can be so cold.
Love is how we show just what we feel.
It's enough for me can't say I need anything else.
Love is here to be had by us all
Don't cheat yourself.
I can say it now
Someday we'll all be there somehow
Everyone singing, love leads the way
'Til then I'm counting every day.
Love and love alone
I'd wait a life just to have it here.
Love is all I know and that can't be wrong.

Rock Love

I seen these big shots all come and go
Been there myself and there's one thing I know
You got to choose your heroes, choose them well
They could be leading you straight into hell

Let me be your protection
Keep the vampires off your neck
Sample your wine and
Stay so near that you'll never have a thing to fear
Get thee behind me Satan

Big as a mountain, strong as a diamond
Rock love
Bright as a nova burning forever
Rock love
Close as a heart beat, free as the water
Rock love
Get thee behind me Satan

I see the same damn faces in the news
Taking up sides when there ain't nothing to choose
I think their game is just designed to confuse
They cut the pie up and the rest of us lose

Let me be your advisor
Keep the monkeys off your back
Figure your taxes
Stay up all night making sure that everything is right
Get thee behind me Satan

It seems like only yesterday
Remember when I used to say
I knew we'd be in vogue someday
Rock love is love and not fade away

Lord you got to rock on
Got to rock steady
Spinning on the rock of love
Can you feel it
Hard as a rock, strong as a rock
Put your hands on the rock
You've got the rockin' steady now
I looking for a life like the rock

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