This was the third, and final, Nazz album. It was released after the band had split up, with Todd concentrating on Production work and the remaining Nazz members forming 'Sick men of Europe' with future Cheap Trick members Tom Petterson and Rick Nielsen. In fact the ex-band members first knowledge of this album was when they saw it in a record store. Originally Nazz III was recorded as the second disc of the original Nazz Nazz album Fungo Bat, however Nazz III saw most original Todd vocals being replaced by Stewkeys.

Produced and Arranged by Nazz
All songs written by Todd Rundgren except 'Loosen Up' written by Nazz, 'Plenty of Lovin' and 'Christopher Columbus' by Carson Van Ousten

Track Listing:

  1. Some People
  2. Only One Winner
  3. Kicks
  4. Resolution
  5. It's Not That Easy
  6. Old Time Lovemaking
  7. Magic Me
  8. Loosen Up
  9. Take The Hand
  10. How Can That Be Beautiful?
  11. Plenty Of Lovin'
  12. Christopher Columbus
  13. You Are My Window


LABELCat. NoTracks/TitleFormatCoverCountry
SGC009Some People/Magic Me7" SingleNo PSUSA
RhinoR2 70111Nazz IIICDStandardUSA
SGCSD5003Nazz IIIAlbumstandardUSA


Some People

Some people think they were born out of wisdom
Some people think they were bred out of grace
Some people think they're alive out of glory
Some people think through the hole in their face

Some people are so fine
And some people ain't you, and some people ain't me
And some people are something that I don't ever want to be

Some people think that I'm acting naively
Some people think I'm not thinking things right
Some people think we don't look square at each other
Spite is the main driving force in my life

Only one Winner

There is only one winner
There is only one prize
Whoever gets your heart is the winner
There is only one winner
I'm at war with a man that I still haven't seen
It's a fight for life, if I lose you I'll die
Somebody's got to lose you and that's why

There is only one winner
There is no second place
I only know I must be the winner
There is nothing to lose but the sight of your face
I can't stay around if I know you're not mine
Somebody's gonna be lost in your mind

There's a line I don't want to have to follow behind
And I just can't see myself hugging you, loving you
There is only one winner
You're the one to decide
You've got to tell me who is the winner
Tell me who gets the broken heart, who gets the bride
Not a thing I can do - it depends upon you
But nobody wants to win more than I do

I can't lie, and I'll do anything to show you my side
I won't lie, no lie
I'll do anything to bring you over to my side
Take your time, take your time
If you want all my time is yours
Time is yours to make me the winner


Well you thought you found your answer
on that magic carpet ride last night
When you wake up in the morning
the world still gets you uptight
There's nothing that you ain't tried
to fill the emptiness inside
But when you come back down girl,
you still ain't feeling right

You think you're going to find yourself
a little bit of paradise
Well it ain't happened yet
so girl you better think twice
Can't you see no matter what you do,
you'll never run away from you
And if you keep on running,
you'll still have the pay the price

Don't you know that
kicks just keep getting harder to find
And all your kicks
ain't bringing you peace of mind
Before you find out it's too late girl,
you better get straight
Nobody told me (kicks)

No, you don't need to help
You face the world each day
That road goes nowhere
I going to help you find yourself another way


Think of something I can send her while I'm thinking
Can't remember when I had such fun
Maybe later it won't matter
No spent feelings looking at her
When she's out of sight, if she's out of mind
Wondering all the time did I do it right
Something tells me though she's left me, it's not over
Still I thought we'd had a very nice time

It's not that Easy

I know you think I've done something wrong
I'm only trying to see myself through your eyes
And put myself where I belong
You think I'm hurting, I can't make you see
I can't love you when the person you love isn't me

I can't stop feeling, my heart still feels like before
How can I tell you to make you see what I mean
I couldn't mean it anymore
If I could see you I'd try to explain
You're my heart's life, it can't take the pain
I'm alive - keep me alive

I'm not the guy that you think I'll turn out to be
You knew somebody with love too easy to say
But girl you know that isn't me
It's not that easy to say I'm in love
'til it's something we both are sure of
If you want me to say I'm in love
make it something we both are sure of

Old Time Lovemaking

One for the money, one for the lady
Two is the price to make the style of the day
Six days awaiting, now it's together
All that's forgotten can be picked up along the way
I'm of single mind, you know
I know what I want and I know what you need
You're looking at me
You're looking at the man home free

Got to get into that old time lovemaking
Old time, old time making of love

Time for the lady, time for the master
Time is awaistin' 'til it's time to get down
Fire on the heart side, love in the vinyards
Run down the reasons why we bother to stay around
I believe by now we know
My head is a song and my soul is a wire
My heart is a fire
I,m burning up with that desire

Let's go down, now everybody's waiting there
Nobody's done a thing like this before
Do it again
When you're standing on the floor
It's all together two in love (I love you)
Send [...] where it is impossible
Hold my hand, hold my hand
I gotta get away from here

Play it by ear now, play it by ear
Please start it once and then play it by ear
Please start it once again, play it by ear now
Can't quite remember when my brother told me to hear
What did he say?
I wish that he were here today
To see me digging that old time love making

Magic Me

Innocent angel with your evil mind
But not around to see me plot the perfect crime
It makes me dizzy thinking just what you might do
And if you should find that I'm as evil as you

Magic Me, know just what you hide girl, Magic me

It isn't just talent 'cause it took me years
And girls like you only want to see my tears
I'd like to sit back now just to picture the fun
And see your reaction when the damage is done

Magic Me, know just where you hide girl, Magic me

The spell is very simple and it's worked so far
It's quick and very painful and it leaves a scar
Justice is all right with me
And I'll treat you just like you treated me

Loosen Up

Hi everybody, we're the Nazz from Philadelphia, home of tuna fish hoagie. In Philadelphia, we do a little thing called the loosen up. It goes like this. First we loosen up on the drums. OK, now we loosen up on the bass. All right let the guitar player fall in. Now then, now then, the organ player. Get loose everybody. Do the loosen up. You can do it now. Ain't nothing to it now. Loosen up baby. Get loose. Hang loose baby. Hang loose mother. Hang loose fungo bat.

Take The Hand

There's a hand that reaches
Reaches from a heart
One that isn't able
One that doesn't know just where to start

So it starts to tremble
Gives itself away
Strains to find a gesture
Something that the heart can easily say

Take the hand
It would mean so much to the heart to touch you
Play the part
Would you hold the hand and warm the heart

And take the heart that's waiting
Open it and find
There's a heart that's reaching
There's a heart that's reaching from inside

How Can You Call That Beautiful?

Believe me I would rather say nothing than lie
But have you heard about that so-called beautiful guy
I was begging for some money at the usual time
The only thing he gave me was a lousy dime

How can you call that beautiful
Why can't you see that I'm beautiful
How can you call that beautiful
Why can't you see how beautiful I am

I never paid him much attention before
I think I know why I never noticed him more
He doesn't pay enough attention to me
He's a nice enough guy but he's not what I am

You believe me, I believe every word you say
So tell me what you did to be beautiful today
It's not that I think you're not a beautiful lot
I wouldn't want to hang around with someone who's not

How can you call that beautiful
Why can't I see that you're beautiful
How can you call that beautiful
Why can't I see how beautiful you are too

You're a nice enough guy
But you're not what you'd have me believe
I guess we're not as beautiful as we thought
But it really doesn't matter
as long as we're all just as ugly

I guess I really have made a lot of mistakes
And maybe I haven't got what it takes
The stuff that I need to be a beautiful me
I'm a nice enough guy
but I'm not what I'd have you believe

Plenty of Lovin'

I've got plenty of love for you
Golden rings for your fingers too
Well I can dance and tell jokes too
If you'll buy me a drink of my favorite brew

Let's make plans full of fun and games
I'll sing you a song, you can call me names
I'd love to hear anything you say
Just another few dollars, I'll be on my way

I've got plenty of love for sure
A mind that's clean and a heart that's pure
So let's get together for a couple more
'Cause I've got plenty of love that's for sure

Christopher Columbus

Once upon a time I had this idea
That the world was round like me
So I asked the queen for three fine ships
To sail across the sea

Traveling with hoodlums as my crewman
Made me quite a little scared
Luckily I found that in the new world
Somebody was already there

I wasn't very sure just what to call them
See the funny clothes they wear
So I called them Indians
'Cause I knew they were already there

You are my Window

You are my window
You cast my shadow
All in the light is you
All I ever saw in the love light was you
All I knew
You are my marrow
You cast my sorrow
You feel the world for me
You are what the world isn't feeling for me
And the key
Here with me
And the world is black but I can't see my window
You are my prism
You are my reason
You're what I want to be
You are everything that I want you to be
You're my key
Set me free
Open up my mind
Make me be the soul you hope to find
Keep me in line
We know I'm not all I should be feeling
Don't make me fake it
I'm not all love sense
Not all,
not all,
free and,
not all,
me and,
not all
You are,
you are,
you are,
you are,
you are my window
You're my everyday
my pathway,
you're my mind,
my hope,
my light,
my dream,
my sleep
You are my pillow
You are my willow
You shouldn't wait for me
No one need weep for me anymore
You're my door

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