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Ruth Rundgren Memorabilia Auction
Last Updated on - Monday 25th Aug 1997


Liz Wilkinson (lys@flash.net), on behalf of Ruth Rundgren, is organising the following aution.

(All bids to Liz Wilkinson (lys@flash.net) please)



Artist Album Title Label Info PriceBID
NazzNazzRhino reprint $ 8
NazzNazzSGC Slightly Scratched $30
NazzNazz Nazz Rhino reprint $ 8
NazzNazz Nazz SGC Mail Order Edtn/RedVinyl $50
NazzNazz IIIRhino reprint $ 8
NazzNazz IIISGC $40
TR RuntBearsville $10
TR RuntAmpex Slightly Scratched $20
TR AWATS Bearsville incl. Band Aid & PostCard $15$25
TR ToddBearsville incl. Poster $15$15
TR ToddBearsville incl. Poster $15$15
TRTodd Rundgren's Utopia Bearsville $10
TR Hermit Bearsville $ 8
TR Hermit BearsvilleRed Vinyl-Canadian Import $25$25
Utopia Oops! Wrong Pl Bearsville $ 8
Utopia Utopia Network incl Bonus Lp $12$17.50
Utopia POV Passport $12
Utopia OblivionPassportUnopened $15
TR Nearly HumanWB Wrong Jacket $ 8



Artist Album Title Label Info PriceBID
Roger Powell Air Pocket B'ville $15$15
Roger Powel Cosmic Furnace Atlantic Slightly Scratched $10$10
Bebe Buell Cover Girl Rhinoincl. Poster $15$30
Hello People Bricks ABC TR produced $12
Hello People Bricks ABC Unopened $15$15
Tom Robinson
TRB II Harvest TR produced$10$12.50
Hall & OatsAlong the Red Ledge RCA TR is add'l musician$10$15
Patti Smith
Wave Arista incl. insert - TR prod $12
Steve Hillage L Atlantic TR produced $10$12.50
Grand FunkWe're An American BandCapitol Yellow Vinyl -TR prod.$25$30
Grand FunkWe're An American Capitol Ylw Vnl-Slight Scratched $15
The Tubes Love Bomb Capitol TR produced $10
The Tubes Remote Control A&M TR produced $10
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell Epic TR produced $10$12.50
XTC Skylarking GeffenTR produced $10
Gold Medal(Various Artists) WB 2 lps 2 Utopia songs $ 8$20
The Whole
Catalog(Var. Artists)
WB 2 lps 1 TR song $ 8
Finest 100% All Meat
WB 2 lps1 TR song $ 8
Music From
Free Creek
Buddah 2 lpsTR plays guitar 1 song$15



Artist Title Label Info PriceBID
TR Something to Fall Back On WB Promo - 12" single $15
TR We Gotta Get You A Woman/
I Saw the Light
Bearsville $ 3
TR Compassion/Compassion Bearsville Promo $ 4
TR Time Heals/Tiny Demons Bearsville from Healing lp $ 3
Utopia Set Me Free/Umbrella Man Bearsville $ 5


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