Todd Harry Rundgren - 1968 Bio sheet for Atco.

Philadelphia could probably have gotten along pretty well without Todd, but the fates had other plans for our blue-eyed lad and our poor cradle of liberty. The call of the Nazz beckoned, and can any one of us here say with all honesty to himself, that he has not at one time sought to follow the wild Nazz? Well, anyway, Todd, figuring that his modesty kept him out of a lot of activities that he would have liked to over power, answered the call. (What did he have to lose? He only lived in Upper Darby, five miles from Center City, Philadelphia.) Guitar in hand, he confronted his aficionados, and turning on his irresistable charm, and finding himself subsequently near death at the hands of said conpatriots, repented that very moment, falling on his knees, his hairy brown head in hands, begged for forgiveness all around and has been at least insufferable ever since. Oh well, as long as he earns his keep. He is proud to be six foot tall, weight 131 pounds, eat chinese food, and like green. One cannot say, however, that his hobby is self denial. Take him of leave him. Nazz just same.