Sorry for being late with my review, I spent an extra day in St. Louis. After finally finding a suitable Bosa Nova outfit buried int the back of my closet, I spent the rest of nite listing to the new WAT cd on my laptop, getting in the mood. It worked too I was up and excited as we drove to St. Louis the next day. Noting all the Elvis Presley museums on the way seemed ironic, wish now I'd stopped at one and picked TR up a souvnier.

Me and my girlfriend Sonja, prettied up and headed for Mississippi Nites, which was very near the magnificant St. Louis Arch Gateway to the West, shining out against the dark clouding sky, with just the slightest mist of snow falling, the setting had a mystical feel. I knew this would be a special nite as we drove up the old colbblestone street I spotted saw Todd's tour bus parked right outside Mississippi Nites with its Neon sign. A small line of people where still waiting to get in inside.

As I walked in the door and headed past the bar I saw rows and rows of tables elevated up about two feet all packed not an empty seat in the house, more tables made an "L" shape on each side of the stage where there was a big dance floor and Todd's Tiki set it was displayed well plenty of room and about 30 folks hugging the edge of the stage. More people where still coming into the show and by the end of the 1st set that whole dance floor was packed with folks.

We made our way near the stage, and I found Horned Chef Norm (my protector) and Lori, and Becky, *hugs* so great to meet Lori she had Pink Flamigos with her bless her heart. A suggestion by our fellow Show Me State homeboy Mnt. Pat living in Colorado. I headed back up to the bar for a drink and to my surprise Julipuli walked up to me. Aaahhh julie so sweet and we waved at her husband a few tables away, who looked like a biker.:)

Mins later the lights dimmed and as I stood behind and a bit between Chef and Becky the boyzz without TR and started playing a BN flavored instumental. Jessie had on a loose soft Plaid sport sytle jacket perhaps red and white with contrasting blue and white soft flowing pants. John had on a beautiful satiny white jacket with a special elegant almost sparkling trim around the front and neck. Prairie wearing sunglasses took his place and looked so sharp and distinctive in a blue shinie leisure suit.

And then I almost couldn't believe my eyes. KASIM stood before me in the most beautiful royal brilliant red leisure suit. Ah, he looked rich enough to eat and soooo young looking and his dark hair contrasted the red suit and was soft and swept back from the middle. A real show stopper, Kasim looked so hot and appeared refreshed and and smiling. Who could ever forget Kasim's beautiful boyish smile.

As I was just getting over the shock of seeing Kasim after 10 years, I saw Our Hero come towards the center of the stage less than 6 feet directly in front of me. Chefnorm had picked the perfect place. Dressed in shimmering grey leisure suit with his WAT style sunglasses, you couldn't help but feel his presense drawing you into his world.

The opening song was I Saw The Light ooohhhhh I melted from that moment on...the sound was just as shimmering and perfect as he was. It wasn't long before I started to move and groove and float with my eyes closed through the whole song. Inside I was taken to a place I'd never been before a sensation and rush that tingled. I was in a heavan I had left this planet into a wonderful place and space.

Song after song I danced messmerized more and more by his magic spell as the sounds wound around and around me taking me deeper than I'd ever been, you thought it would never end.

I'm not sure if I can remember the order of all these songs, or if I have them confused with the cd. I'm sure I have some in the wrong set. I'll get close... CHEF, LORI, JULI help me here in case I forget one or add one!!

I Saw The Light
Can Still Be Friend
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Love Is The Answer

Comments: Where you folks from...You passed up Don Hoe who is playing down the street bet he's pissed. Then he adlibbed something to the patorns about *Charro* the latin singer she plays in Hawaii alot. I was thinking maybe I looked like her?? And some point I yelled twice Show Us Bosa Nova. Durring this last set Todd says something about "The ladies are staying late, puts the band in the mood for love."

Comedian was great, I like his corny jokes alot, especially the East St. Louie ones.:) Costume change for the band into more relaxed clothes and TR comes out in War Paint no sunglasses, and Kamono thingy with vest. Todd dances and moves alot durring this set...he kept taking his hands and pulling an invisible string like he was shooting a bow. Very animated and exotic Todd durring this set.

Eastern Intrigue
Zen Archer
You Got To Hide Your Love
Can't Stop Running
Lost Horizon,

Comments: Mostly joked with the patons and band, until he received the Julipuli Flamigo then he seemed enchanted, like he'd found a special friend. Read julie's post on this...but he played with so much and talked to it.

Aaahhhhh... Prairie was so relaxed and content I kept looking at him thinking how handsome he appeared in this look and atmosphere, his style hear is perfect like he's done this for years and years and this talent is what makes you feel so shimmery and floating thoughout the show. Seems John has the most fun, in this tour he's up front more and shines caring the flow, and like so very happy as he banters with TR. Jessie plays soooo well and sits on one of the tall stools as if dreaming. He seems to be reserved and into deep thoughts and feelings as he plays many of the tunes, till time to liven up. Excellant job on the guitar parts Jessie. Kasim is so incrediable, pulling that bass so deep and rich as he stands behind TR and occasionally smiles at just the right times to TR and the boyzz or toward the audience, the bass warms you from head to toe, won't let you go.

Long Wolfie Howls before this next set starts, I could hunt this all nite. At one point here I noted Jessie playing a classical guitar a very dark rich colored one, I wondered what brand it was?? Anybody know?? Now listen sometime durring this or the last set. My girlfriend grabbed me and said look, I had my eyes closed in my little girl trance then. I looked up and almost fainted. Todd was moving his hips in and out toward the mike stand...I'd never seen soooo soooo soooo well let me say he was really thrusting it toward the mike stand.

Third Set
Scat Song
Love Of The Common Man
Never Never Land
Hello Its Me
Lalala I Want You
A Dream Goes On Forever

Ahhh so soft as a lovers touch as they leave you...and the lights are tuned down low and the Tike bar is prepared to close. Standing there watching this I heard three Elvis tunes play through the speakers. I thought how perfect Todd, and remembered the Elvis museums I'd seen on the road. Anybody write down the Elvis tunes, I recognized them I'm tired and can't recall...all Elvis soft and slow. I talked to several roadies and told them not to forget to take our Pink Flamigos with them, Lori had layed them on the stage, she had so much fun never took her eyes off him OH.

I notice Kasim near the end of the stage and waved he smiled and waved back. Saw Mary Lou come out to get some drinks, then noted everyone headed out the door to stand at the bus. Saw the band get on it guess Todd was already inside.

It was snowing and much colder now and my girlfriend had my coat... I huddled in the crownd to break the cold, and watched TR sign autographs and take his pic taken. Then it was my turn.:) "Its Wolfie" smile. He touched my hair and mentioned the snow on it...held me close for the picture and said; "Oh you're cold." I thought how sweet of him to notice.:) For the picture he held his hand up near his head and made this five fingered claw looking creature with his hand. I kept looking to see what he was doing then they snapped the shot. I said; I loved his concert and I jumped off the bus, to watch the last few folks in line. He then stepped into the bus the door closed and it prepared to drive off down the cobblestone street. I walked alone in the cold, in high heeled shoes toward the van waiting for me and as the bus drove by I waved, with tears in my eyes. There they go off to Chicago.

Thanks Todd and guyzz for this beautiful joy... a painting to hold forever, and sounds that will linger near, as I remember this nite, the WAT CD is now so clear.

See this show, hock your stereo, cut work, whatever it takes get on that plane now, hurry before its too late.

Still moved to tears, but its out of cheer for the beauty of all this.

Jackie Rae