TR For President in 1984!

Back in 1974 there was talk of Todd running for President of the United States in 1984, the first year he'd be eligible. Roger Linder was inspired to write the following song, which was later included in his Rock Opera/Play "Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy" (heretofore, unpublished/unperformed.)

Soap Box Story

Music and Lyrics by Roger D. Linder
Lyrics: 5/15/74
Music: 5/28/74

It's 1984 and time to vote once more
For once you really do have a choice:
A Wizard, A True Star has raised his voice.

In music and in song he has carried us along
And he's conjured up a quite devoted crowd.
Corruption in the streets won't be allowed.

On the sixth of November you've got to remember
To go to the polls and vote.
I know you won't be sorry, with Todd there's no worry
And your hopes won't be so remote.

Utopia it's not, but with a vote for Todd
You'll find that it's one step nearer.
We need Something, Anything to stop fear.

Repeat Chorus

Roger sez...
"O.K., so now you know why Todd never asked me to collaborate with him :)."