Todd Rundgren Midi Files

Due to a major increase in server space, the files are no longer zipped!
All MIDI files in this collection are provided for personal use only. It is not my intention to violate any copyrights by offering these files for TR & MIDI fans. If you find any files in this collection that must not be distributed, please inform me. I'm sure we can resolve any conflicts amicably. Thanks to Kelly Norris, Robb Scalise, and all the unknown sources out there in the Almighty Ether.....
If you would like to be credited, want to add to the inventory, or have comments, don't hesitate to write to: Charles Williamson
Last Updated 6/18/96

If you would prefer to download the whole magilla (all the tunes in one zip file (227K) , Click on Todd.

(1)Terry Kelley
(2) Joel Enbom

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