TR-i and the World Wide Web

By Roger D. Linder
Antelope, CA

On June 1, 1994, I debuted the first World Wide Web (WWW) page devoted to Todd Rundgren and Utopia. I dubbed it "The TR Connection" and it has gone on to become one of the most successful pages in Internet history. Well, maybe not, but in that year's time over 2500 different computers have accessed it, played with it and learned a bit more about Our Hero. From the humble announcement of the page on the Todd Rundgren Internet Mailing List and Newsgroup to the International Feel of over 40 countries now accessing it, the page and its related offspring have grown in popularity. So what's the big deal? Well, much like the UT, it is a fan-produced effort. Articles have been culled from the mailing list and newsgroup, and original material submitted. There are lyrics archives, organized by album, sound samples from TR, Utopia and other productions, interactive surveys, pictures, movies, Woodstock '94 items, even a reprint of the infamous John Lennon letter, as well as pointers to other net-based TR information. All-in-all, nearly 50 million bytes of information!

In December, 1994, I debuted my second TR-related WWW effort, "The Difference" to help promote Todd's syndicated radio program on the 'net. In January this evolved into "The Difference Companion," the only known online archive for the show, again with a worldwide audience. Included here are summaries of each show, each selection timed to the second, and links to additional information about the artists and songs featured. With additional information supplied by Joe Taylor, Jr., line producer for the show, the page has been very successful and continues to grow.

Pointers to both pages have been included as featured items on over 40 other pages on the Web, including TR-i "his own self." The TR Connection has spawned a mirror site "Todd Rundgren's Freedom Fighters Home Base" and inspired a new site in the UK to go "online." Below you'll find the URLs (network addresses) for access to these pages and other TR-i information pages. If you're not online yet, there's no better time than right now!

TR On The Web
The TR-i Expo Home Page
The TR Connection
The Difference Companion
Todd Rundgren's Freedom Fighter Home Base
Todd Rundgren Newsgroup
Todd Rundgren Mailing list
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