"Conversational Jam Session" on AOL features Thomas Dolby Robertson & Todd Rundgren

Tuesday, January 21, 1997
9PM ET in the Globe Auditorium
on America Online

Known for their years of work in the realms of pop music and video, Thomas Dolby Robertson and Todd Rundgren have independently embarked on parallel paths exploring the new edge of interactive music and online development. This coming Tuesday, in a live online chat event, AOL members will have the opportunity to interact directly with these maestros of technology and the cutting edge, in a freewheeling hour-long session.

As well as your host for the online chat, Thomas is also the creative force behind the AOL area, Hypractv8! (keyword: HYPR) where he serves as a guide for those looking to enjoy or create new media art, music, games, etc. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Headspace, a company with offices in Hollywood and Silicon Valley specializing in music/audio content and technology for interactive applications (http://www.headspace.com)

Todd Rundgren was Born and raised in Philadelphia, where he began playing guitar as a teenager, going on to found quintessential 60's cult group The Nazz. He subsequently pursued a solo career and development of the progressive rock band, Utopia.

As a producer, Rundgren has brought his creativity to bear on albums by Patti Smith, Cheap Trick, the Psychedelic Furs, Meat Loaf, XTC, Grand Funk Railroad, Hall & Oates, Paul Shaffer, and other artists. Rundgren composed all of the music and lyrics for Joseph Papp's 1989 Off-Broadway production of Joe Orton's Up Against It -- the screenplay commissioned by The Beatles for what was to have been their third motion picture.

Someone who has always acted to liberating technology in the service of creativity, Rundgren is regarded as one of the pioneering multi-media artists. In 1980, Rundgren directed and produced Time Heals, the first music video to utilize compositing of live action and computer graphics, a project which became the second video to be played on MTV. In 1982 he performed the first live national cablecast of a rock concert via USA Network.

Rundgren established a new musical genre when he composed, produced and performed the world's first interactive audio-only CD-ROM project No World Order, which was licensed to both Philips Interactive Media and Electronic Arts and released in 1993, simultaneous with his record company's release of the traditional non-interactive, linear version of the album.

In June 1995, Rundgren continued his long history of multi-media "firsts" by releasing The Individualist. Described by Rundgren as a "multimedia album," the title was released exclusively on CD+ via an exclusive licensing arrangement with ION, a Navarre-distributed interactive CD label. Featuring both the redbook audio as well as enhanced visual content, the CD+ behaves like a conventional CD when operated with a standard audio CD player.

His latest venture, Waking Dreams, and his visions of the changes to come in music and technology will be the focus of this event. His appearance in the Globe auditorium with Thomas Dolby Robertson marks the first such appearance on AOL.

For more information on Hypractv8! with Thomas Dolby (keyword:HYPR), contact RB Gelman <cyberguy@well.com> or 415.851.7799. For more about Headpace, contact Marsha Vdovin Public Relations, 415.826.1121 <vdovin@sirius.com>