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Greatest Hits??!!

Here's my selections for where to start on my list of stuff. So if you've been considering ordering or trading with me take a look here for my favorites. They feature performance #1 and quality #2 but I usually find my favorites have decent quality.

Here in approximate chronological order:


1974 Todd R.'s Utopia-Soundboard Recording-St. Louis, MO. Yes, it is from the soundboard. There's some crowd mic, but only at certain times (usually between songs). Born to Synthesize (Todd only WITHOUT any reverb, phase shift, etc.-awesome), Side Walk Cafe, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Ikon Pt. 1, 2, and 3, We Gotta Get You a Woman, Sons of 1984, Slut, Do Ya, JOV. Perfect quality, it'll knock your socks off. (75 minutes)

10/16/74 Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Music Hall Cleveland, Ohio. The very first public performance for Utopia (Todd says so). Without question one of the best audience recordings I have ever heard. Clean, clear mono with very little boominess to it. A little uneven in spots due to microphone movement. The show however is nothing short of outstanding. Song list includes Utopia Theme, Don't You Ever Learn, Another Life, Freedom Fighters, The Wheel, Sunset Blvd., The Last Ride, Freak Parade, Night in New Orleans and much more. Great Quality. My copies were made direct from the original tapes. Any other tapes out there are sourced from my COPIES! (135 minutes)

1/8/77 Utopia-WDR Studio L/Rockpalast TV Show Koln, Germany. I've also seen this listed as "Dancing Spheres" video which I have as well. Audio of this great performance. Best quality performance/audio I have from this period - by far. Communion..., Sunburst Finish, Windows, Sunset Blvd..., Emergency Splashdown, Singring, Utopia Theme, more. Excellent quality. (90 minutes)

10/20/77 Utopia-Chicago Auditorium-WXRT FM Chicago, IL. Incredible Oops era show with Todd capably playing the role of Guitar Hero. This from FM broadcast includes Oops tunes (Trapped with intro, My Angel (with Todd Sax solo), BTTB type tunes (excellent Black and White, Love of the Common Man, Couldn't I Just Tell You), AWATS stuff (When the Shit Hits the Fan, International Feel), T.R.'s Utopia material (7 Rays, Heavy Metal Kids, Utopia Theme), as well as Ra material(Mountaintop...., and a whole tripping version of Singring and the Glass Guitar!). The whole first set ends with "...a new sing along tune..." Love is the Answer. Really an incredible show. Utopia is at an intersection sampling all which it has covered to date. Zeppelin would have had a very hard time keeping up with this set on its tour of the same period. Great quality. (135 minutes)

5/23/78 Todd and the Hello People-The Roxy. First nationwide simulcast of a concert transmitted via microwave. This show is the Roxy portion of the BTTB album, unedited. Includes Lady Face, Black and White, Range War with Spencer Davis, Sometimes I Don't Know with Hall and Oates, and Eastern Intrigue with Kasim. Includes the whole encore which was cut out of BTTB - Hello It's Me, Hang on Sloopy, She's Gone, and Just One Victory. It's cool to hear what happens after Todd says "It's sing along night for the Woodstock generation" at the end of BTTB. Good quality . (135 minutes)

5/24/80 Utopia-Live at San Diego State University. Audience tape of pretty above average quality. These Adventures era shows are really cool. Includes the 4 solo performances by each Utopia member, Bolero (!), a funky Rock Love, Something's Coming, and the cool Sunrise..., Ikon, Singring, Initiation, Utopia Theme medley. Also includes 10/14/95 CD-e demo from Mill Valley California. San Diego show is Good/Great quality, CD-e demo is Good. (180 minutes)

12/13/81 An Evening of Acoustic Music with Todd Rundgren-Northstage Dinner Theater-Glen Cove, NY. My copy from the master tape made with a Sony tcd3 and Shure mic positioned first row/center table. Love of the Common, CWSBF, Song of the Viking, Tiny Demons, Lord Chancellor's, Drunken Blue Rooster (Todd on piano), Time Heals, Motown Medley, I Saw the Light. Lots of chatter between songs-really cool show. Excellent quality. (90 minutes)

7/3/81 Utopia-Woodstock, NY Helm Studios-Tight show, many cool tunes. Showcases a lot of Swing tunes. One World, Last Dollar on Earth, The Up, Always Late, Time Heals/Healer, many more. A favorite of mine. Excellent Quality, first generation FM master. (120 minutes)

9/5/82 Todd - BBC Rock Hour - Solo London, England-Bag Lady, Cliche, Lord Chancellor's, Too Far Gone. Cool set, a favorite of mine. My copy made from transcript LP. Excellent quality. (45 minutes).

11/24/82 Utopia-The Country Club Los Angeles. Dress rehearsal for the USA Cable show (the following night). The set is the same except they left out Set Me Free and Just One Victory and added The Up. A different mix than than the show from the 25th-no crowd mics and Roger and Willie more up front in the mix. Also includes, 5 minutes of the sound check, Utopia Theme, it is absolutely on fire. I wish I had more, but somebody pulled the plug. Excellent Quality taken DIRECTLY from the sound board at the club! My copies were made direct from the original tapes. Any other tapes out there are sourced from my COPIES! (120 minutes)

11/25/82 Utopia-The Country Club Los Angeles-USA Cable Thanksgiving Show. Same show as the Evening With Utopia video but the complete show - including Burn Three Times and There Goes My Inspiration. OFF THE BOARD in the club with no compression or FM radio garbage. Also you get the soundman's mix not the cable guy's mix. Includes Todd during a sound check in the club before a solo show ('82 or so?). He does about 8 tunes on piano, there are no vocals and he flubs and restarts quite a lot. Very interesting. Excellent quality, DIRECTLY from the sound board. My copies were made direct from the original tapes. Any other tapes out there are sourced from my COPIES! (135 minutes.)

4/8/84 Utopia on King Biscuit-FROM VINYL TRANSCRIPT. Finally, my favorite show from the vinyl master. Broadcast 5/13/84. Oblivion tour show beyond compare. Includes Itch in My Brain, Too Much Water, Cry Baby, Trapped, Swing to the Right, If I Didn't Try, Hammer in My Heart, more! Mixed by TR. Perfect quality. (60 minutes) Includes 2/6/90 KNBR San Francisco interview, KSJO San Jose "Perry Stone Show" (some loser who shamelessly rips off Howard gets to talk to Michelle only as Todd won't get out of bed), and SFX Issue 15 interview from June '82. (90 minutes of total stuff)

4/8/84 Utopia Simulcast from the Chance Pougkepsie, New York (same show as above King Biscuit)-My absolute favorite Utopia show of all time! Different mix then above, more tunes including Bring Me My Long Bow (way cool) and Lysistrata. Worth having both mixes. Good quality (great in some spots, good in others), made from FM master. (90 minutes)

8/24/84 Utopia-The Pier - NYC, NY. Out door show next to the USS Intrepid. Another tcd3 show. Excellent playing on this Oblivion show. Too Much Water, If I Didn't Try, Set Me Free, Itch in My Brain, Crybaby, JOV. Very Good/Great quality. (100 minutes)

4/22/87 Todd with Bourgeois Tagg-Condomania Show- DNA Lounge in SF, CA-Hilarious condom spoofs of some of Todd's greatest hits for this benefit which helped put condom machines in the clubs in SF. Love of the Condom Man, Ramses Man, Protection (Compassion), Rubber's the Answer, as well as Left Me Sore. B.Tagg backs up Todd on this great performance. Good quality. Also includes: Bammie Awards Spot and interview on Todd, performance (Tomorrow Never Knows with Bourgeois Tagg), and Todd winning "Best Keyboardist" award. Great quality. (90 minutes)

3/3/89 Todd R.-Presidio School Benefit Show-Excellent audience tape. One month before NH was released. Includes some not so perfect versions of I Saw the Light, Just One Victory, Love is the Answer and more. Includes KFOG interview. My best NH performance by far. Great quality. (90 minutes)

4/18/91 Todd R.-WBCN Simulcast from Citi, Boston MA- 2nd Wind simulcast. Includes the regular set plus uncensored Jesse and that great version of Love of the Common Man. Quality is excellent. (120 minutes)

2/23/92 Todd R.-Star Guitar Benefit - WNCX FM - The Agora Cleveland, OH. Todd is the only one of about 50 classic rockers (Floyd, Dylan, etc.) who not only signed a guitar that was auctioned for charity but actually showed and performed at the benefit for Camp Cheerful in Cleveland. Cliche, There Goes My Inspiration, all solo acoustic Todd. Excellent quality. (40 minutes)

9/23/94 Todd R.-NWO Live Bevrs Van Berlage-Amsterdam, Holland. Rebroadcast show which aired on 1/16/95. Whole show including Day Job, Property, Worldwide Epiphany, so on. Excellent quality. (90 minutes)

7/18/95 TR-i-The Sting New Britain, CT-WHCN Simulcast. Live TR-i on FM. Black Maria, Black & White, and a fantastic Mystified/Broke Down. Great stereo separation. Excellent quality. (135 minutes)

B-Sides Rarities-Out-takes like Umbrella Man, Special Interest, God 'n Me, Madmen and Metal Machines, S/A radio adds, more. If you're looking for something particular, it may be here, write or leave e-mail. Quality is all great except for a spot or two. (45 minutes).


*1/8/77 Utopia-WDR Studio L/Rockpalast TV Show Koln, Germany. I've also seen this listed as "Dancing Spheres". Best quality performance/audio I have from this period. Communion..., Sunburst Finish, Windows, Sunset Blvd..., Emergency Splashdown, Singring, Utopia Theme, more. Great quality.

*'89 Todd on Night Music with Taj Majal, Pat Metheny, Nanci Griffith and others. One hour. (first generation, HQ video stereo audio, whole show). Kas on Arsenio with H&O (bad audio).

*My most popular video!!! Better quality of some of last video. Include: Midnight Specials (12/74, 2/75, 8/78, 5/78), Columbus goes Bananas, Jerry Lewis telethon, Rock N' Roll Tonight and SNL appearance (Time Heals and Healer-very good versions). Great quality.

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