Title:Somewhere/Anywhere? - unreleased tracks -
CD(product number):VICP-60492

Track List
1. Be Nice To Me (Live Broadcast on WMMR-FM/6/30/'71)
2. Open My Eyes/Utopia (Live at Cape Cod Arena/8/23/'75)
3. Broke Down and Busted/Runt Band (Live at Carnegie Hall/6/8/'72)
4. Believe In Me/Runt Band (Live Broadcast on WMMR-FM/6/30/'71)
5. Ooh Baby Baby/Runt Band (Live Broadcast on WMMR-FM/6/30/'71)
6. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference/Runt Band
    (recording before album "Something/Anything?")
7. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere/Utopia (Live at Landmark Theater,Syracuse,NY 11/16/'79)
8. Something/Anything?(promo #1)
9. Something/Anything?(promp #2)
10. Hold Me Tight(Lennon/McCartney)/Runt Band (Live Broadcast on WMMR-FM/6/30/'71)
11. 96 Tears/Utopia (Live at Landmark Theater/11/16/'79)
12. A Dream Goes On Forever/Todd Rundgren (Live in St.Louis,MO 11/9/'74)
13. Just One Victory/Utopia (Live at Landmark Theater 11/16/'79)
14. Something/Anything?(promo #3)
15. Something/Anything?(promo #4)
16. Do Ya(alternate take)/Utopia (Live in St.Louis 11/9/'74)
17. Where Does the Time Go?/Todd Rundgren (recorded in 1985)
18. Something/Anything?(promo #5)
19. Something/Anything?(promo #6)
20. Sequence 1
21. Sequence 2
22. Sequence 3
23. Sequence 4
(Sequence 1-4 are early version of "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire")
liner notes:Todd Rundgren, Mark McKenna at Bearsville Studio
All music produced by Todd Rundgren
Tape researched and restored by Mark McKenna
Supervisor:Yoshi Nagato(Believe in Magic Inc.)
Executive Producer:Sally Grossman(Bearsville Records)
Released only in Japan
20bit K2 mastering
Info provided by Keiko