Massive Todd Rundgren Blowout

Gary Reese

[November 28, 2001] I live in NJ right outside NYC. I will be here for 3 more weeks. Then moving.

The main reason this is sort of a hodgepodge is that my 45 collection was stolen from my car Thanksgiving 1990. So I have Todd singles without records and as you can see things like the jukebox eps and nazz singles are missing their records.

There is still a lot rare stuff here.

Open to suggestions including a record party where people can come and buy or selling the whole thing at once.

I also have a shopping bag of Bearsville promtional material in storage for close to 20 years. Around 1973 I stopped at their 55 st ? office and got a copy of every piece of Todd lit they had. Color stuff, press kits etc.
Artist A B side Country Label # Comments
Todd Rundgren Day Job   US vinyl promo re-mix lp  
Todd Rundgren Comm w Sun stereo mono US Bea . 0317 promo
Todd Rundgren Love is the Answer-st mono US   promo
Steve Hillage Hurdy Gurdy st mono US Atl 3384 promo
Todd Rundgren Good Vibrations   Germany Bea 15525 picture sleeve
Todd Rundgren You cried wolf Onomontopeia US Bea 0330 stock single
Todd Rundgren It wouldn't Have made Don't US Bea 0335 back 2 bars single stock
Todd Rundgren Be Nice to me Broke Down US Bea 31002  
Todd Rundgren Long Time stereo mono US Bea 31004  
Great Speckled Bird We Sail Disappearing Woman US Ampex promo white label
Todd Rundgren Parallel Lines   US WB pic sleeve stock copy
Todd Rundgren ?   US WB sealed cassingle
Utopia Set Me Free Umbrella Man US Bea 49108 stock copy
Todd Rundgren S/A Jukebox ep   US no record 2 copies of sl and 2 inserts
Nazz Not wrong long   US SGC 006 no record
Nazz Open My Eyes   US SGC01 no record
Utopia Cry Baby   US Jem PS
Todd Rundgren Wolfman Jack Breathless GErmany   PS 2 available
Todd Rundgren Dream Goes On H.M Kids Holland Bea 15515 PS
Todd Rundgren I saw the Light Marlene France Bea 15502 PS
Todd Rundgren Hello   France Bea15513 PS
Fanny BesideMyself Last Night US Rep1162 sticker on label
American Dream LP 's   US Ampex A 10101  
Hello People     US ABC DUNHILL cut corner
Todd Rundgren Undercover Soundtrack   US    
Kasim       Liberty  
Hillage     US ATL  
Hello People Bricks   US ABC  
Todd Rundgren S/A   US BEA wl promo label red wb promo sticker no book
Todd Rundgren Initiation   US Bea stock copy
Todd Rundgren TODD   US Bea wl promo no poster
Todd Rundgren Hermit   Canada Bea Red Vinyl
Runt     Us Ampex 10105 stock with a bio sticker from label on back cvr
Runt     US BEA 10105 stock
Utopia Adventures   US BEA gold promo stamp on jacket
Moogy     US Cap 11072  
UTOPIA Network LP cut corner US won from a radio sation the lp is signed by all four members metalic ink  
NAZZ Best of   US Rhino  
Nazz wl promo   US SD 5001 promo labels peeled from jacket some residue
Todd Rundgren Nimbus Thitherwood     boot  
NAZZ 20/20 Hindsight     boot  
Todd Rundgren w/ Hello P @WLIR     boot  
Todd Rundgren TODD IS GODD     boot  
Flint       promo wl promo sticker on cvr
Todd Rundgren AWATS     wl promo w sticker censored shit hits no does anybody love u left off
Utopia same     Bea 6954 wl promo st on cvr
Hall and Oates         pr.
Todd Rundgren Another Live     Bea 55608 UK import diggerent cover than US
Roger Powell Air Pocket       cut corner
Nazz NAZZ NAZZ     SGC red vinyl
M. Frog       BEA white label promo wb promo sticker on cvr
Sean Cassidy Wasp     WB promo
Jerricho       Ampex 10112 promo radio station writing on cvr
Moogy 2     Emi Dutch autographed on coveer on white masking tape
Todd Rundgren Radio Show     Bea pro524 radio show bought with surface scratch

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By Roger Linder
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