Yesterday was of course filled w/ that 'excited anticipation' one experiences leading up to a night of Todd. He performed at Mississippi Night's which (for those who've never been there) is a very comfortable club that many performers have aknowledged that they enjoy playing. This marked the ump-teenth time I've seen Todd in the last 17 or 18 years. And while it was as completely different from what I think would stand as my favorite (The Indiv. - blew all the doors off) show of just two years ago, it was a great time. Being that there are already a couple reviews already posted, mine will be brief/personal.

Caravan was extremely cool
first set was enjoyable and on the lighter side

Second set- enjoyed the most as a whole
especially got a kick out of seeing my gal-friend (who is not a "Todd fan") freak over Todd's getup- the whole tribal deal, yes it was quite bitchin and I now I can fully identify w/ what the fellow Todd fan meant re; The indiv. I too hate the song on disk, but this performance of, fleshed it out in an amazing way.
Real Man was big crowd pleaser.

Third Set- was classic w/ the motown medley thru to A Dream

Crowd was well behaved. I scored a small promo poster that club management let go of off the walls for the asking, only to have it stolen when I went up from my table toward the very front. When the show had ended I saw some punk kid girl showing it (there were a few that lucky people ended up with) to her parents and am pretty damn sure she was the theif. Grab one if you can. I did not see any concert paraph. for sale.

Personal highlights:
Eastern Intrique
and meeting Kasim after the show, he didn't look old to me as I had read from someone else, but man is he small. Asked him when he and Todd had decided to join together for the tour and he said 2 weeks before it started. He also said he has a new solo CD coming out in just a couple weeks.

In closing, I feel SL is very lucky to have the dedicated following of/connection to Todd such that he includes us in a 20+ shows tour. And man am I anxious for the next batch of new material. I've gotta start ordering that stuff directly from Todd.

Terry Oertli (pronounced ert-ly)
34 yr old
Todd fan(atic)
of 20+ yrs.