Here is information regarding the upcoming double CD package from Rhino entitled "Utopia: Oblivion, POV & Some Trivia". Release date: March 26, 1996, SRP $19.98, Rhino CD: 72287-2


For its nearly dozen-year lifespan, Utopia was hailed by critics and fans as one of the most inventive groups in rock. The band was formed in 1973 by performer/producer Todd Rundgren as a backing unit but soon took on a life of its own. Within a couple of years, the lineup had settled into the quartet of Rundgren (guitars), Roger Powell (keyboards), Kasim Sulton (bass), and Willie Wilcox (drums), but the repertoire was far less easy to pigeonhole. The band was equally adept at jazz-rock fusion and comic progressive rock as it was at tight, mass-appeal pop tunes. The one constant for Utopia was its distinctly humanistic perspective and (as befits the band's name) a guarded optimism as it explored musical frontiers.


Disc 1: "Oblivion" -- Itch In My Brain, Love With a Thinker, Bring Me My Longbow, If I Didn't Try, Too Much Water, Maybe I Could Change, Crybaby, Welcome To My Revolution, Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw, I Will Wait, Fix Your Gaze (fr "Trivia").

Disc 2: "POV" -- Play This Game, Style, Stand For Something, Secret Society, Zen Machine, Mated, Wildlife, Mimi Gets Mad, Mystified, More Light, Man of Action (original CD bonus track), Monument (fr "Trivia").

Catalog: Adventures in Utopia (70872), Anthology 1974-1985 (70892), Deface the Music (70873), Oops! Wrong Planet (70870), RA (70869), Redux '92: Live in Japan (71185), Swing to the Right (70875), Utopia (70713).