Come to the Funkiest Estate sale since Jackie O.! Yes, Todd Rundgren is selling most of the stuff from his Lake Hill, NY home and YOU'RE invited to BUY it! On his BIRTHDAY no less!

Todd & Michele won't be there (they can't stand to see their stuff disappear!), but they'd like to see their property in the hands of FRIENDS instead of strangers! So, come celebrate Todd's 48th Birthday (and find yourself some neat treasures!) by coming to:

Todd Rundgren's Estate Sale
Mink Hollow Road
Lake Hill, NY
on June 22 & 23, 1996 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (both days)

For information and /or directions, call 201-438-7227.

And while you're there:

Come Join Us at the 4th Annual Gathering of the Seriously Rundgrenized! We have booked a block of hotel rooms, rented a hall, and have hired us a caterer! So, come PARTY with us!

Fee: $6 for the party (beverages, decorations, hall rental) and $20 for the (optional) LUAU (Hey, the caterer has to get paid!)

Call 201-438-7227 for all additional info on Gathering & Room Reservations.

Please RSVP for Luau by June 15th (so we order enough food.)