Board logo The Todd Rundgren Connection Forums, as well as many message boards across the web, are under attack by certain data collecting "robots" (Internet programs collecting information for search engines, and more disturbingly, spam lists and pornography offers.) As a result, we are now requiring a login password as a quick, possibly temporary, measure (thereby thwarting automated posting attempts) to access the forums content. Please use username "trc" and password "trc" to access the forums when asked in the pop-up box. Continue to use you regular username/password combination to log into the forums themselves. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: As of 8:00 AM PST, 11/19/2004, the password requirement has been lifted to test some code changes that hopefully will prevent the attacks. Thanks for your patience while this problem is being resolved.

Note also that the address to access the forums directly has changed to (formerly Now that you have the password, proceed to the forums.