Here are the liner notes from "Demos and Lost Albums" Japanese release on Crown as translated by Kazuyuki Zaima. Apparently these were done in some sort of translation software, so good luck!

This sequel sends it behind.

The management of Todd and it got the right of a great deal of sources, videos from the Rhino from Crown Records. This plan, too, became the 4th version because it was. These tapes lay idle in the corner at the office of the manager. The one which doesn't find in what process it was there is most. A just partial live source was memorized at the tape for the business. Then, so far, they were released. However, a lot of other sources don't meet. There is one where only the cassette tape has material, too. It is possible to suppose that most are the one to have copied the one which was regularly recorded to listen, returning to the house, having. There is space in the break which is made when moved to the B surface from the A surface of the cassette tape on the way of the part music. It is a big fault when it releases. (Is it one by his character?) Mistaking by the recording date Then, it sometimes is not, too. It represents a title, too, only as the "DEMOS". It doesn't understand the time, too. It seems that it isn't managed at all. It listened to all of them and it ordered or the finding work began.

There is little true unreleased song at the whole. It gathered their music this time and it thought of it. The feeling as it is in Bearsville's warehouse does unreleased song until the middle of the 70s. "Somewhere/Anywhere?"Album is indeed the plan. These seem to be the control of Victor Entertainment. Moreover, we request that finding work, too.

All sources of disk 1 are a cassette tape. It thinks that the sound quality is bad because it is. It includes approximately in chronological order until the time from 77 to 84.

Lucky Guy/You Cried Wolf/ CWSBF 3 pieces of the first music are the oldest class in the tape. It is from the tape which was represented only as "Todd solo tunes". It includes in Hermit of mink Hollow album. The one before the Final mix. Lucky Guy is only a piano. You Cried Wolf is before a horn in the first handclap, the chorus, the interlude is dubbed. CWSBF is a very low sound but begins with the rhythm box. As for this song, the bass, drums, chorus enter at this point. By this song, this point has a bass, a drum, a chorus (high low part) at it. However, there are not a keyboard and a multiple chorus which is in the official version. The timing of fadeout, too, is already decided at this time. It thought to be singing quite roughly.

LONWR/Second Nature/ Very Last time / Don't Tie My Hands / Umbrella Man It thinks that 4 pieces of this music are demonstration for Adventures In Utopia album. At the tape, it wrote only "Demos". There will are not a record in the those days. A concert isn't too much done from the BTTB Tour in December, 78 while Japan performs in April, 79. Because it is, it thinks that the possibility to have been recorded among it is high. This album should be made for the TV program which the very persons don't appear on. Because it is, it is created based on the concept of the program. It was set episode from 1 to 7 to the album.

LONWR : Kasim is singing. (It is singing the original with todd.) kasim shouts in the interlude. There is a time to have been singing in this way live. It seems that it is before recording in earnest.

Second Nature : It is almost made. The one with the count which is, the keyboard and the chorus are different if it is possible to fit and finding a difference.

Very Last time : It is at the part to be practicing before the music begins that it is interesting.

Don't Tie My Hands : It will be the eyeball of this CD. It includes the original in Runt album. Will it not known that it was recorded for Adventures In Utopia album, and so on, except the very person? It is surprised to be built into the sound which is peculiar to Adventures In Utopia album fast. Originally, there are lyrics which are not! It doesn't find whether or not it was already made in the making of these lyrics at this time.

Umbrella Man : The song with "Set Me Free"single B surface (America entered top 40.However, aren't sold in Japan !) Finally, will it have been judged not to fit the concept of this album? In the official version, the rainy sound enters from the beginning. In case of this demonstration, it is from the middle stage. It is substituting the thunderbolt of this version in the electric noise. A few melodies of the singing letting-out, too, are different.

One World In the list, it writes "Swing to the right rough mix 7/10/1980". It thinks that it wrote to publish in the list because it entered Swing to the right album. It thinks that I am the one when making "Deface The Music" album when seeing like a time. It is played by Deface The Music tour which began from later by 3 months of this date October. It is singing with the lyrics which are the same as this version. After all, it thinks that it decided to use with the following album. The song begins with the count. The handclap enters because it is doing like Beatles. There is not a harmonica in the interlude.

Attitude It is unreleased song. It found only the fact to have recorded in 1981. Why will it not released so far? It thinks think the more so it makes, the better song are. It got the following comment of the place to have asked to Todd. "Attitude was recorded at the request of Cameron Crowe (the director of jerry Maguire & Almost Famous) for Fast Times At Ridgemont High. He opted not to use the song. Wildlife from POV was demoed under similar circumstances." It asked whether or not I made with famous tune "Where Does The Time Go? " which was made for you in the 80s. He was saying " that it didn't make the same time because it was the song which was made before Nearly Human".

2 pieces of the following music are from the tape which was represented as " 3/20/82 rough mixes of Network LP". 6 pieces of music entered this tape. 4 pieces of the other music aren't too different from the official version. In September 17th behind this half year, it was released in America.

Libertine It is Roger that it is singing. At first, it made Roger sing but Kasim will have been better. It is singing strenuously but it seems that there is not yes like kasim.

Feet Don't Fail Me Now The chorus is rather different.

3 pieces of the following music are from "9/21/82 TEPTAE rough mixes". (It adds a different sound to the demonstration tape in case of Todd and it seems that it has sometimes completed it, too.) When Network LP is released, the song of the following solo album has been complete almost already. The interest seems to move to the following project without waiting for a sale and a tour if leaving its hand.

Hideaway A lot of echoes listen to the vocal of the beginning. It seems that it is before the chorus decides. The count of Bass drums is stuck.

Influenza Will it should say introduction from beginning's being called a count? I like this version more.

There Goes My Baybay There is not a big difference. A sound is warped because the recording level of the recorded tape is high.

Too Much Water (dance version) Passport records which released Oblivion was letting out "Cry Baby/Itch in my brain/Love with the thinker"12 inch record for the promotion. Therefore, it will have been preparing this song, too.

Mimi Gets Mad In the list, it wrote "TR DEMO". In the official version, Kasim is singing. Todd is singing this version. It is different in the guitar solo, too. It seems that it is the verb which "She could squeeze of ..." of the lyrics is different from.

Secret Society The way of singing is rather different. "refresh your memory" becomes "back in your memory" about the lyrics, too. It is different in the guitar solo, too. The part is different about the lyrics, too.

Wildlife There is not an effect in the vocal. It is flicking the guitar solo of the ending showily. This song is included in the demonstration of "Tubes/Love Bomb" in 85. It seemed not to have been for Utopia at first and to have written for the solo or Tubes. However, todd is doing the remark as it made this, too, for the movie.

2 works of unreleased albums are included in disc 2.

One is the album which is called "Froggy went a Pumpkin!" to have been made in 78. It is the work which was not in the rumor so far. It is a collaboration with M.Frog. The real name is Jean Yve Labatt. The title in those days is synthesizer player in the first utopia. But, the fact seems to have been managing the sound of the guitar of Todd.) Todd seems to be playing completely except the vocal. There is an atmosphere of the system of being alternative / the noise when saying now. His vocal may not be liked by the fan of Todd. It will feel, being pleasant because there is one which is common to the sound of "Oops Wrong Planet""Adventures In Utopia" if accustomed to his vocal. Why will Todd be attracted by these strange French? In the book which is called "Born to Synthsize", it is telling Chris Andersen, saying " todd was generous only to him and lent a studio and a car". Moogy Klingman is remarking " that all was positive for the purpose and that the union was solid if excluding him in the member of Utopia ".

Let's introduce the comment of todd about this album. "I don't remember much about it. It was encouraging Jean Yves Labat to take advantage of the punk craze and let him use my studio to work out his concept. i also talked him into wearing a frog costume,strapping a synthesizer and batteries to his back,and going out on the streets to perform , which he did about twice."

M.Frog releases a solo album from bearsville in 1973.Todd is doing a produce. It plays in 1 program in "We are crazy" which it should call the title music, too. The others are only individually pleasant music such as the cover ("The Doors/Hello I Love You","? & Mysterians/96 Tears" which utopia was playing in 79."Nazz/Magic Me")

There was promotion video creating scenery of "All The Children Sing" in a series of tapes, the video. The person that M.Frog speak English of the French accent in triangle irregular corrugation's being running with a background of the primary color was deteriorated. It is telling only that Todd " is that it is possible to be " about this. As for the album, it is telling that it does " recording in Mink Hollow studios. It isn't doing a produce. It cooperated only with some songs.". It thought of my reflextion to the sound construction of todd.(but it may be the setting of Chris Andersen.) It seems only in the one to have made a form for Todd on the whole, too.

It said " doing to like because it places an engineer " after setting a studio and it cooperated sometimes?(It is the supposition of me.) "Magic Me" and "96 Tears" will be the proposal of Todd. In these two songs, Todd seems to participate in the chorus. The guitar solo of "Magic Me" will be todd surely. The count of the whole half song is Todd. I don't understand whether or not it is the form that this was complete.

Therefore, it doesn't find whether it developed into " and the place to ask if announcing " to the record company. It doesn't find whether or not it sounded a record company on the sale. It is the album " not to release here and to release where ! ". To use for the scrap, it is precious.

Another is Disco Jets. It is the disco album of the musical instrument. It said that Bearsville Records could not release. It says that it recorded in 76. It becomes this master tape in April, 78. It thinks that it did mastering newly after approaching a record company any time. Will it have been smoldering because todd pressed release persistently even if it was refused in 2years? In case of todd, there are many songs to try to make release in the other way even if the song which was made for some project is refused to the companion to be represented by "I just wanna touch you". Among the fans in America, " being a work in 76 immediately behind Faithful. It is the one that John Siegler participated last as the member of utopia." and todd seem to want to be speaking. There are lyrics in TR CONNECTION.(but being a little)