Todd Rundgren: Go ahead Glenn!

Glenn: Welcome to The House Of Blues virtually speaking live with The Artist Formally Known as Todd Rundgren! GA Todd!

Todd Rundgren: We were working with strange equipment in anticipation of our Japan trip. The sound wants to be out of control. Let the questioning begin!

Glenn: Let's go right to it!

% Question from SACRAMENTO, CA: [102362,3042] Roger D. Linder
I lay claim to being the biggest "Difference" fan. What treats can we expect from the show while you're on the road?

Todd Rundgren: On the week of the 27th, will be my birthday show. (oops - the 22nd) I will play a lot of strange music and a few rare and unreleased productions.

% Question from VAN NUYS, CA: [102033,3443] Ken Warren
When does the Live show start? Will I be late if I stay for the whole conference?
I live 45 minutes from the House of Blues. Will the individualist CD-rom be
available at the show?

Todd Rundgren: The show starts at 10:30 pm, pdt, the CDROM is on hold while we find a solution to the CD+ delivery problem. Meanwhile check out the IMUSIC forum for the audio.

Glenn: every track from the CD+ is available in completion in "The Individualist" library. go get it

% Question from SALT LAKE CITY, UT: [102130,1172] Dan Wees
Todd, I've been using the CD-i of No World Order for some time now. How does "The Individualist" differ in format?

Todd Rundgren: The new interactive music engine will be simultaneously simpler and more flexible. The Individualist IM version will include a previous album in interactive format.

% Question from WAYNE, NJ: [76043,714] M&C Urge & Runt5
What is your copyright stance in The Individualist now that all the songs are downloadable in the forum...

Todd Rundgren: Nothing has changed people have been uploading and downloading music for years. Just don't try to sell it!

% Question from ATLANTA, GA: [74473,61] Holodude
Does Todd play with a band on his summer tour??

Todd Rundgren: Yes indeed. The personnel are as follows: Prairie Prince on drums Larry Tagg on bass Jesse Gress on guitar John Firenzek on keyboard and guitar Yours Truly on numeric keypad.

% Question from LA CROSSE, WI: [72102,2321] Cathy Brandstetter
Todd, what will you be doing in Hawaii, besides playing volleyball?

Todd Rundgren: Seriously chilling!! Actually, I am moving to the island of Kauai.

% Question from MONROVIA, CA: [72040,63] John R Lautz
Hi Todd
What kind of wireless monitors do you use?
Do you like them or are they a hassel?
Bob Lautz Audiologist

Todd Rundgren: I am using Crystal Taylor ear monitors (the company may have changed the name) They are the *greatest*

% Question from CLEVELAND, OH: [72610,3334] Randy Brown
Is it technically or economically feasible that your existing work will
appear on CD+? I'd love to play with "Singring" and "Healing".

Todd Rundgren: My major project for the next year is to remix all my previous recordings for interactive purposes. Including the above mentioned tunes.

% Question from POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: [75477,543] Woody
how do you put some great sequence of musical ideas into a pattern that can be repeated with NWO and CD+?

Todd Rundgren: Sequence is the operative word. I use a sequencer in looping mode to see how well the musical events splice.

% Question from DALLAS, TX: [70530,541] PCMusic
I understand that you have started an interactive label. How do you plan to compete
against the record companies that have interactive divisions and how is
interactive music going to change the profile of record labels in the future?

Todd Rundgren: For the moment interactive music is a parallel path, not likely to threaten the majors. However, when enough listeners become familar with the experience look out!

% Question from TULSA, OK: [76010,3227] Cello
What interactive features are offered with the Individualist CDROM that were
unavailible with NWO?

Todd Rundgren: It is important to understand the distinction between enhanced CDs and interactive music CDs. CD+ is a traditional linear format with computer data hidden in the unused areas of the disk. Interactive music is not a disk format, but a way of experiencing music.

% Question from PHOENIX, AZ: [73044,2474] Randy Hall
Is the Track 1 problem still going to be there for the CD+ Release?? -- don't
wanna blow my speakers. Any new advances in getting around this problem?

Todd Rundgren: Right now we are reviewing alternative systems for hiding the computer data that will be as effective as CD+ without the interminable wait for the rest of the industry.

% Question from TOMS RIVER, NJ: [74603,2137] Lee H.McClellan
Since your new CD uses mostly keyboards, do you
use a guitar synthersizer trigger or did you rearrange
the songs to be more guitar oriented?

Todd Rundgren: A little of both. I am forcing, under threat of death, the other members of the band to use various MIDI triggering devices.

Glenn: hahaha

% Question from CHICAGO, IL: [71763,104] Chas
Do you still use the Video Toaster? If so (or if not, I guess), do you maintan
contact with the people at NewTek?

Glenn: redrum

Todd Rundgren: We still use Lightwave the renderer from NewTek, but it runs on a DEC Alpha. I still talk with the people at NewTek and understand they have a lot of new projects, mostly for the PC.

% Question from NEW YORK, NY: [76520,2563] binki
The new website looks great. Will you be supporting it fully or will it remain
just a pointer to the stuff on CIS?

Todd Rundgren: The web site will remain in its present form until July 1. After that it may continue but will mutate into something else.

% Question from WAYNE, NJ: [76043,714] M&C Urge & Runt5
What are the last 5 cd's you purchased and who is your current favorite
guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, bassist and singer?

Glenn: fairly comprehensive question there :-)

Todd Rundgren: Now that I'm a DJ I don't have to buy albums anymore!

% Question from NEW YORK, NY: [75324,1543] Frank
Granted you don't want to simply be on a 'technological' curve, but where are
you in 1995, compared to where you wanted to be? Any longer term goals for 2000?

Todd Rundgren: As mentioned previously I will be checking in with the world community from a remote tropical location! The only thing missing is the house!

% Question from COLUMBUS, OH: [70003,4166] Eben Kent
Some of my favorite works of yours, such as Say No More, are based more on
voice than instruments. How do you see a capella pieces being performed
interactively (and not be rap in nature)?

Todd Rundgren: With an incredible. amount of talent and effort, Frank Zappa turned a bunch of conventional musicians into an interactive performance group. I expect the same is necessary for vocal artists.

% Question from TROY, MI: [74504,1562] Dennis Kutzen
can you give us some examples of the types of interactivity you will provide on
a CD+? I would assume there is the ability to remix, resequence sections, etc.

Todd Rundgren: Again, there is a difference between a CD+ and an interactive music disk. The latter cannot be played on a conventional CD player. The interactive experiences on The Individualist are mostly of a graphic nature.

% Question from DAYTON, OH: [102362,1272] Radman
Hi Todd, will tonights show air on the HOuse of Blues TV show?

Todd Rundgren: We tried to schedule a taping while we were here, but the season has concluded. Maybe next year.

% Question from MINNEAPOLIS, MN: [72133,2702] Galen Spain
Hi Todd,
Been a fan of yours since your first album. Are you going to be playing more
guitar in this tour than your last 2? We sure would like to see that playing again!

Todd Rundgren: The choice of material was based on my ability to noodle incomprehensibly to my heart's content.

% Question from CONCORD, CA: [76175,3714] Michael F.
I've enjoyed your work with other artists, XTC's Skylarking in particular. Will
you be working with them in the future? What other artists will you be producing?

Todd Rundgren: The likelihood of me repeating. that exercise is highly unlikely. Other productions are on indefinite hold while I sort out this Individualist stuff.

Glenn: we're taking questions at warp speed how's your fingers holding?

Todd Rundgren: Great

Glenn: fantastic!

Todd Rundgren: Keep it coming.

Glenn: let's go get 'em

% Question from NASHVILLE, TN: [102435,3475] Timothy G. Gill
Could you tell us about your work with the IM cable channel in Orlando.
What form will it take?

Todd Rundgren: We are trying to establish a universal look-n-feel for the Interactive Music system What you see when you buy the Interactive Music version of the Individualist (available last qtr) will be the same thing you see when you turn on the Interactive Music channel

% Question from WHITE PLAINS, NY: [72163,2647] Ken Bluttman
What problems arise with getting pieces of music match up...for example do four
bars in F not sound the way you wish when followed by a section in A.
Do rythms have to be even mulitples..1/2 time to 1/4 time, etc??

Todd Rundgren: Technical limitations forced us to use a "splicing" method that limited many musical combinations. The new system utilizes a "mixing" technique which should eliminate many of those limitations.

% Question from LONDON: [100444,373] Kit
Are you considering at any point in the future of getting a good old fashioned
"Combo" together and returning to your roots-not the odd few grey ones that have
recently become apparent? :-)

Glenn: hehehohoho from the UK

Todd Rundgren: Got the combo and the roots

% Question from DALLAS, TX: [70530,541] PCMusic
There is a big difference between CD+ titles and more comprehensive (i.e.
NWO, Pete Gabriel) titles. Where do you see the market going...CD+ or more expensive
(i.e. longer development time) full titles.

Todd Rundgren: The CD-ROM market is so new that no one can depend on predictable buying patterns Also, many developers are reconsidering the time and expense involved in making an interactive title from scratch

% Question from GAINESVILLE, FL: [102331,732] John G. Davisson
Which is your preference for live showss, guitar or keyboards?

Todd Rundgren: Guitar anytime (mistakes sound better)

% Question from MINNEAPOLIS, MN: [72607,266] Bob Baines
Sorry to get away from all this computer\interactivity\technological stuff, but
I've wondered this for 25 years; Why were there extra tracks on the original Amp
ex "Runt" album that weren't on the subsequent Bearsville pressings? And is the
mystery track titled "Say No More"?

Glenn: my mistakes don't

Todd Rundgren: There was a limited and accidental release of a rejected pressing. It was decided that the running time on the second side was too long. So, I edited a few tunes and turned them into a medley and ejected the remaining tune you mentioned.

Glenn: if you have it hold on to it!

% Question from LA CROSSE, WI: [72102,2321] Cathy Brandstetter
Hey, did you get your picture taken with Newt Gingrich, and how'd your hair look
? ;-)

Glenn: hehehe

Todd Rundgren: Better than his.

Glenn: ahahaa

Todd Rundgren: He asked me to be his running mate but we couldn't decide who would head the ticket.

% Question from KILLEEN, TX: [76743,2113] Paul A. Pedersen
Have you released any of your soundtrack music on disk?

Todd Rundgren: I suspect that it is possible to find the soundtrack from the pilot episode of "Crime Story" That's the only one I know of.

% Question from CLEVELAND, OH: [73743,2050] RJ Hagler
Caught your interactive show in Cleveland a while back. How should we as Midi
performance artists respond to the musical "purists" who feel that we are not
being very creative or "feeling" by using computers and pre sequenced data
in our shows? Or should we care:-)?

Todd Rundgren: We should not care.

Glenn: next

Todd Rundgren: Purists are not the same as regular people

Glenn: haha in the pure sense of the word

% Question from CLEVELAND, OH: [72610,3334] Randy Brown
Do you find yourself making any creative concessions when recording
with CD+ specifically in mind?

Todd Rundgren: I have to admit that the CD+ aspect was not an option when I was recording the Individualist but since I was forced to withhold the ex-Japan release of the record for contractual reasons it gave me time to consider radical new approaches.

% Question from PHOENIX, AZ: [102413,1715] Patty Van Norman
Todd, from what do you obtain the greatest musical satisfaction--writing? playing live? producing? other?

Todd Rundgren: Writing is always such a difficult process that the sense of relief is greatest after I've managed to complete a song.

% Question from FAIRFAX, VA: [76767,14] Laura
What's in store for those of us who can only look on from afar, i.e., fans of
yours who only own a conventional CD player and are quite thrilled just to sit and
listen to your music? Is there a place for us, too? :)

Todd Rundgren: The CD+ is just a tarted-up conventional CD You are free to ignore any additional content.

Glenn: so you're ok there Laura

% Question from DALLAS, TX: [102171,3412] MARY A. BLAKE
I wonder how you, as an artist who masters a medium, views your role as the creator of the medium
for the unknown artists who now create the final work? How has this changed your process of writing
and styling the music as you, the artist, in(tr)prets it??

Todd Rundgren: If I understand the question.. This is as much a learning process for me as for everyone else Musicians and listeners included. There may be others working in this area whose names are unfamiliar to all of us.

% Question from TROY, MI: [74504,1562] Dennis Kutzen
when using an IM version of a disk, is there any particular software necessary
besides that which is on the disk, i.e. Quicktime, etc?

Todd Rundgren: If the label has done their job you should have everything you need on the disc. Keep in mind, discs aren't everything. Someday you will be getting it online

Glenn: that is correct

% Question from SARASOTA, FL: [102172,1660] Thom Williams
Will there be a Grok Screen saver?

Todd Rundgren: Dave, who is standing right behind me, is as busy as I am. As soon as we find him some free time, Grokware will become his principal priority.

% Question from GRAND RAPIDS, MI: [71333,2233] Jerry Parise
Todd, Your albums "Oops Wrong Planet" and "Swing to the Right" were among the
best albums released in their respective years. Do you plan more work with Utopia
- for my money one of the most talented live bands I've seen.

Todd Rundgren: As much as I would like to give hope to all Utopia fans out there The likelihood seems slim. (though not impossible)

Glenn: here'e one for you:

% Question from TOPEKA, KS: [74357,764] STEVE HAYNES
Todd, how do you really feel about the Beatles, tell us the truth!

Todd Rundgren: I wouldn't be in the music business were it not for the mop-top lads. However, after having toured with Ringo for three months I believe the Karmic debt has been satisfied.

Glenn: haha

% Question from NASHVILLE, TN: [102435,3475] Timothy G. Gill
Lyrically, does The Individualist have a theme? Self Actualization?

Todd Rundgren: That is one of the big ones The essential message is that individuals must avoid identifying themselves with the institutions to which they belong.

% Question from SEATTLE, WA: [73700,1425] Michael Stroup
Can you project the number of interactive/cd+ titles that will be released
within the next year? And after
the Individualist CD+, do you have another recording project in the oven?

Todd Rundgren: I speculate that before the end of the year anywhere from a dozen to a hundred titles may be released I also speculate that the majority of them will not be worth the effort.

% Question from GOLETA, CA: [73004,1571] Rick L. Fuette
TR - You noted that theinteractive experience with the new CD will be more
graphic in nature. Will I see any of the awesome animation from you like I have seen
on the Miramar animation videos like the one called Theology?

Todd Rundgren: We are using the same tools to generate virtual environments for the CD+ However, they are displayed using a completely new technology.

Glenn: and now for something completely different:

% An issue is up for vote:
Favorite TR Tune from these slices:
1 Hello, It's Me
2 Bang On The Drum
3 I Saw The Light
4 Real Man
5 Can We Still Be Friends
Vote for up to 1 options
(Example /VOTE 1,2)

Glenn: we can answer that while we continue

% Question from GAINESVILLE, FL: [102331,732] John G. Davisson
Are record labels anxious since they
are only a distribution channel that can
be subverted if distribution of
music was on-line. Are they
opposing it or embracing it,
and do you think they're on
the verge of extinction? Do you look
forward to eliminating the middlemen?

Todd Rundgren: In reverse order Yes. They are sorely confused (all things are on the verge of extinction)

% Question from CHICAGO, IL: [71763,104] Chas
Todd, has your relationship with Rhino ended, or can we expect to eventually see
the long rumored rarities compilation?

Todd Rundgren: I just today spoke with the man in charge of the rarities collection. He had to divert his atention to attention to something else for a while. My relationship with Rhino continues to be most pleasant.

% Question from NORRISTOWN, PA: [75047,2211] Ken Zemalis
Todd Are you booked on late night this time around and will we see TRi Unplugged,
Unmodemed, or any other MTV protocal?

Glenn: Unmodemed

Todd Rundgren: We are not yet booked but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Me and MTV are like Venus and Mars But that doesn't mean it won't happen.

% Question from LA CROSSE, WI: [72102,2321] Cathy Brandstetter
What advice would you give to a young band wanting to by-pass the
traditional bar-band scenario and go to the Internet marketing strategy?

Todd Rundgren: Don't give up. Don't give up the opportunity to play in front of real people. Virtual reality is for people who can't get there otherwise.

% Question from MONTGOMERY, AL: [74221,574] KELLY NORRIS
totally off the subject...but do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

Todd Rundgren: Whatever.

% Question from PARIS: [100334,344] fROG
brian eno said that interactive is the wrong term; interactive music is
permanenty do you feel about this?

Todd Rundgren: All music is permanently unfinished It's just that we get tired of it and have to move on to something else.

% Question from SALINAS, CA: [72370,3433] Bob Frenchu
How long is the line for beta testers for your CD+ material?

Todd Rundgren: Right now it looks like about 124 people. (make that 125)

% Question from CLEVELAND, OH: [72610,3334] Randy Brown
Since millions of people have computer CD ROM players and relatively few
have CD-I players, will CD-I still be viable (musically) when CD+ takes off?
Will CD-I's ability to play with the music more help keep it alive?

Todd Rundgren: The best thing about CDi is that it is not a computer. It connects to your television and stereo Much more convenient than hauling your desktop into the living room.

% Question from TULSA, OK: [76010,3227] Jim
What interactive aspects of your live performances involve the audience in your
music in any way that we're not used to seeing from other artists?

Todd Rundgren: This particular tour is not especially interactive. The last tour allowed a broad range of activities from choosing your viewpoint on the show to actually becoming part of the show.

% Question from KANSAS CITY, MO: [102412,207] Chef Norm
Are you going to leave the pay phone off the hook for me tonite?

Todd Rundgren: What's your number?

% Question from VAN NUYS, CA: [102033,3443] Ken Warren
After moving to the tropics, does that mean you'll do less live performances?
Seems like you always put on some great intimate shows. I'd hate not to see any
more of them.

Todd Rundgren: Much as I am tempted by a life of leisure I will not yank anyone's chain by announcing retirement plans

% Question from SAN RAFAEL, CA: [76550,2540] John Hanley, Jr.
Hey, Todd, what's your vision for the world?

Glenn: broad enuf?

Todd Rundgren: I have enough trouble keeping my internal world in order. If I ever get that together, maybe I'll have a clue

% Question from NEW YORK, NY: [76520,2563] binki
Have you ever considered having someone else produce one of your albums?

Todd Rundgren: The musical possibilities are intriguing but as you may have heard I am a bastard in the studio.

Glenn: no!

% Question from NEW ORLEANS, LA: [74647,3155] Mike Hogan
Hate to be a techie but,
What's your new main recording console, and some other favorite in-line gear.
"the current state of the TR-i sound.

Todd Rundgren: For the past 15 years I have used a NeoTek console. Clean, simple, and dependable. The gimick is a graphic equalizer inline on every channel.

% Question from WATERBURY, CT: [74641,3433] David Pastorello
Todd, first of all, thanks for your stance on keeping the cost of the CD+ within
the reach of the not-so-affluent consumer. Second, how do you hope to use the
transforming power of confusion (in the record industry and elsewhere) to evolve
the medium?

Todd Rundgren: There is a Zen saying "Not this, not this." Sometimes the conclusion can only be reached by eliminating all other possibilities.

% Question from TROY, MI: [74504,1562] Dennis Kutzen
have you every had any exposure to devices like the HyperCello, or other
performance *interactive* instruments. If so, do they have a satisfying appeal, or are
you just trapped in the prearranged sequence?

Todd Rundgren: The NWO interactive tour was managed by a real-time programming language called MAX. It was developed at IRCAM in France (a musical research facility) and it is killer.

% Question from NORRISTOWN, PA: [75047,2211] Ken Zemalis
Todd: Any plans to hook up with Howard Stern on your trip to the east coast?
I listen to the tape of your last appearance and laugh my #@** off!

Glenn: a little less tech more sleeze please

Todd Rundgren: Howard has this way of tricking you into embarrassing yourself. (remember the lame stab at "Hello It's Me")? If I know what's good for me I will avoid the opportunity again.

Glenn: he'll be appearing next week.

% Question from SARASOTA, FL: [102172,1660] Thom Williams
What are the emotional differences between NWO & Indiv.?

Todd Rundgren: From a musical standpoint NWO represented a foray into blendo-media That means you often don't know what you've heard until the music stops. The Individualist is a more conventional (if such a thing is possible for me) approach to song writing.

Glenn: get a pencil for this one.

% Question from KANSAS CITY, MO: [102412,207] Chef Norm

Glenn: hehehe

% Question from DALLAS, TX: [70530,541] PCMusic
Are you involved in the traveleing interactive concert that I have heard about a
nd do you have any information (I heard it was like a Lolopolooza except 75% int
eractive, 25% live music)?

Todd Rundgren: This will be collect, of course.

Glenn: of course.

Todd Rundgren: That would probably be me, There are as yet no instruments capable of detecting the degree of musicality in my work. Some believe it approaches zero.

The results of the issue:
Favorite TR Tune from these slices:
(84 votes cast)
1: Hello, It's Me 9 10.71%
2: Bang On The Drum 7 8.33%
3: I Saw The Light 8 9.52%
4: Real Man 44 52.38%
5: Can We Still Be Friends 16 19.05%
Glenn: hahaha let's find out the results of the vote no contest. Real Man kicks virtual ass

Todd Rundgren: Oddly enough,

Glenn: we move on we do not

Todd Rundgren: That was my choice. (make that Todd'ly enough)

Glenn: way to go out there! you said it..

Todd Rundgren:

Glenn: usually I get in trouble for the humor

% Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [76225,2722] Scott W. Richardson
Todd, Interactivity appears to be of interest to a minority of active music
listeners. Will folks like me, who enjoy listening to your biased tunes, still be
able to look forward to 'linear' releases?

Todd Rundgren: I am always willing to take a first crack at organizing my music. I am just offering the opportunity for you to make it as personal as you want.

% Question from LA CROSSE, WI: [72102,2321] Cathy Brandstetter
Since you'll be going on stage shortly, what's your favorite / least fav songs
to play tonight?

Todd Rundgren: Do you mean in terms of moment to moment bliss/agony? Without giving anything away, there are many potential favorites but the most troublesome tune seems to be Woman's World No reflection on women of course.

Glenn: of course! Well everyone it's time to wrap Thanks to everyone for coming Todd...any last words for us? before I give the floor to Jim?

Todd Rundgren: If I seem to have disappeared in the coming week it's only because I will be in Japan 'til the 22nd. When we return we shall do this again. Sayonarah.

Glenn: kill them tonight! Jim close 'er out!

Jim Maki: Many thanks to all for attending tonight. Glenn, as usual, great job!

Glenn: yes

Jim Maki: Todd ... go get em!

Glenn: <--- hehehe

Jim Maki: Nite all!

Glenn: I'll open the floor applaud!

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