Todd Rundgren: Okay -- we're back in business.

Glenn: ok.. that really you now thereTR-i?

Chef Norm: So it looks like it will cost as much to download the Individualist as the import costs?

Todd Rundgren: Yes

Glenn: ok...let's rock.

% Question from KANSAS CITY, MO: [102412,207] Chef Norm
How about if I call up The House of Blues Pay phone and You leave it off
the hook so I can listen to the show tonite?

Todd Rundgren: It's your dime.

% Question from PEORIA, IL: [102173,173] Jane Miller
How long will you be maintaining the Web page or will you just concentrate
on the CompuServe forum? Also, what can you tell us about your NEXT

Todd Rundgren: The future of the web page Is uncertain after July 1st but will likely continue to exist. The next project Is to complete the new version of the In(r)Active music engine.

% Question from SHELTON, CT: [73544,3642] Curtis Mathes
Do you think your listeners are adapting to the multiple formats of your
music (i.e. CD+ vs. CD-ROM vs. CD-i)?

Todd Rundgren: I have great sympathy.. for all music lovers at this point in time.. The battle over formas formats is a pain in the brain for all of us.

% Question from KANSAS CITY, MO: [102412,207] Chef Norm
Whats th number?

Glenn: hehe

Jim Maki: hahaha

Glenn: you funny Norm

% Question from DAYTON, OH: [102362,1272] Radman
Todd, you sure are keeping technology on it's toes. What do you think thbig
breakthrough will be? What do you see coming in the years beyond 2000?

Todd Rundgren: Technology is less and less the stumbling block. to new experiences. Artists must begin to develop content to fill the interactive. pipeline.

% Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [102362,3042] Roger D. Linder
The press releases mentioned the possibility of a cu-seeme feed. Is that
available. If so, what is the reflector address?

Todd Rundgren: Unfortunately Either technical or financial (or both) issues have altered our plans. My apologies.

% Question from WAUWATOSA, WI: [102413,2207] MikesPOV
Have you read Clifford Stoles latest, "Silicon Snake Oil?" If so what did
you think?

Todd Rundgren: I've only read the reviews.

% Question from KANSAS CITY, MO: [102412,207] Chef Norm
I'll be at the concerts in Omaha, Lawrence and Columbia. I would enjoy
getting a chance to interact personaly with you at one of those shows.

Todd Rundgren: Not difficult -- Happens all the time.

% Question from PEORIA, IL: [102173,173] Jane Miller
Any ballpark date for TI?

Todd Rundgren: I don't understand the question.

Glenn: the CD+ release you can be frank..

Todd Rundgren: Not today

Glenn: ballpark frank.

Todd Rundgren: Stay tuned to CompuServe for the latest updates.