Todd Rundgren fan:

I have been a collector of TR's art for most of my life. As a rabid fan I bought virtually everything that came out and searched for rare and unusual variations of everything. This collection fills boxes and boxes full of irreplaceable pieces of paper, records, tapes and clothes. Trust me, it is huge. The collection is for sale as a whole at $6,000.00

Individual prices listed are for purposes of estimating the collection's worth. No items are for individual sale.

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Ken Thomas

Todd Rundgren Collection
CD Singles-WB
PRO CD 3643 Can't Stop Running$20
PRO CD 4551 Change Myself$20
PRO CD 33632 Parallel Lines$20
PRO CD 4553 Public Servant$20
45 pic sleeves
PS 7923 Utopia Records Crybaby$20
SGC 001 Hello It's Me Nazz$30
AMS 7423 Tubes Prime Time$20
YUM 107 Mated/Man of Action UK$30
SGC 006 Not Wrong Long/Under Ice$35
1559 Bearsville Wolfman Jack/Spain$35
Island I Just wanna Touch/3 more EP$35
Onion Head Boot EP Rundgren Comes Alive$30
45-001 Hello It's Me SGC$20
Something Anything Little LP jukebox ep$50
D-15023 Hello People Future Shock S/M white$10
30761 ARP Synth Promo Roger Powell$15
EMI Kasim Sulton Rock & Roll/Don't Break My Heart$25
SGC 001 Hello Its Me/Open Eyes$30
Bearsville UK Sunburst Finish/Communion Sun$30
Bearsville Pic Disc 45 EP$40
K 15588 Black Maria/Long Robe/I saw Light$40
AVAB P1 I Saw The Light/3 more$30
45 Promo Bearsville
BSS 0304 Real Man w/letter:Paul Fishkin$50
BSS 49579 I Just Wanna Touch You/S/M$20
7-29947 Lysistrata S/M$20
BSS 0335 It Wouldn't Made Diff S/M$20
7-29759 Hideaway S/M$25
BSV 0003 I Saw The Light Blue Vinyl$20
BSS49579 I Just Wanna Touch S/N$20
BSS 0310 Love Common Man S/M$20
BSV 005 Hello It's Me/Cold Mrng white lbl$20
BSV 007 Couldn't I Just Tell You S/M$20
BSS 49696 Time Heals S/M$20
BSV 015 Sometime I Don't Know Feel S/M wh$25
BSS 49771 Compassion /edit$25
X31004A Runt-A Long Time white S/M$30
BSS 0321 Love Is Answer S/M$20
BSS 0324 Can We Be Friends /edit$25
BSS 0330 You Cried Wolf S/M$20
BSS 49247 Very Last Time/edit$25
BSV 0020 A Dream Goes S/M white$25
BSS 49545 Second Nature S/M$25
BSS 5006 One World S/M$25
BSS 49247 Very Last Time/Love Alone$25
BSS 0317 Communion With Sun /edit$30
BSS 0324 Out of Control/Can We Still$25
BSS 0335 It Wouldn't/Don't You Learn$15
BSS 0305 Good Vibrations/When I Pray$15
BSV 0007 Wolfman Jack/Could I Tell You$15
BSV 0003 I Saw Light/Marlene$15
7-29759 Emporer Highway/Hideaway$15
7-79947 Lysistrata/Junk Rock$25
BSS 0321 Love Is Answer S/M$20
BSV 0020 A Dream Goes/Heavy Metal Kids$20
BSS 49180 Set Me Free/Umbrella Man$30
BSS Real Man/Prana$30
X31004B Runt Parole/A Long Time$50
BSV 0030 We Gotta Woman/I Saw Light$15
BSS 0330 Onomatopeia/You Cried wolf$20
7-29686 Chant/Bang The Drum$20
BSS 495579 Just Wanna Touch/Always late$20
GBR0001 hello Its Me/I Saw Light$20
BSS 0301 Wolfman jack S/M$20
BSS 50062 One World S/M$25
BSV 0009 Hello Its Me/Cold morning Light$25
BSS 50062 Special Interest/One World$25
BHS 3622 Tiem Heals/Tiny Demons$30
X31002A Be Nice Me/Broke Down Busted$30
WB 45 Promo
7-28821 Something To Fall back On/Lockjaw$15
7-69830 Hammer In Heart/I'm Looking At You$15
7-69830 Hammer Heart S/M$20
7-69859A Feet Don't Fail Me/There Goes inspir$25
PS 7827 Stand For Something/Mated$25
PS 7923 Winston Smith Jaw/Crybaby$25
X3101 Baby Let's Swing/We Gotta$30
Deface The Music windbreaker autographed$150
Utopia 45 adapter$50
1980 Backstage Pass Utopia$35
Valentine -- Midnight Special Promo$50
Todd Stickers-dyed hair$10
Circus Nov 1974$50
Texas Pop Festival -- Nazz played$25
Something/Anything songbook$75
Hermit Mink Hollow songbook$75
Best of TR songbook$75
Intl Musician summer 1985$25
Creem nov 1974$40
Audio Nov 1981$25
Modern recording April 1982$25
1982 UK Tour Program$50
Circus July 1975$45
Guitar World Nov 1985$45
Music & Sound Output Nov 1980$45
Circus Aug 1980$45
Record Review April 1980$45
San Antonio Phonograph Mag May 1973$45
Record April 1982 $45
Discoveries 1993$30
Utopia Times Fanzine -- lots
Nexus Fanzine -- lots
The Ikon -- some
Various articles and reviews -- hundreds
Something To Fall back on 33 1/3 single promo$45
Healing sealed$25
Healing promo $30
Healing Japan Hi Fi$45
A Capella promo$35
Nearly Human sealed$30
Initiation promo$30
Faithful Belgium sealed$45
Ever Popular Tortured Artist sealed$30
Todd promo$25
Runt autographed TR/Hunt sales/Tony Sales/Levon Helm/someone else$125
PRO 597 interview 1974$100
Free Creek$25
Moogy II Mark Klingman w/TR$25
Roger Powell Cosmic Furnace promo autographed$35
Roger Powell Air Pocket autographed$35
Air Pocket promo$25
Price-Sulton Lights On$25
Mark Moogy Klingman$25
Kasim Sulton Kasim$25
In Todd We Trust boot$50
Best of Nazz Rhino$35
PRO A788 Todd Rundgren Radio Sampler$100
King Bisquit 12/15/85$80
Runt Acappella boot$100
Nimbus Thitherward boot$100
Deface The Music test pressing$100
TR & Utiopia 77 boot$100
Nimbus Thitherward double Lp$100
Looking At Us boot$100
Rolling Stone #46 Guest DJ$100
King Biscuit April 15, 1982$100
Ooops Wrong Planet test pressing$100
Death of Rock & Roll 1978 boot$100
TR & Hello People in the Studio 5/2/72 boot$100
The Nazz retrospective Foresight boot$80
Promo Tribute to Thelonius Monk w/TR$80
Network Utopia autographed$100
Network promo$45
Deface The Music sampler promo$25
Rolling Stone -- the Producers$100
Network promo$45
RA promo$45
Another Live UK different jacket$50
Another live pyramid card$20
Adventure In Utopia autographed Kasim only$45
Adventures Japan hifi$50
Ooops promo$45
TR's Utopia promo$45
RA promo$45
Ra Germany$80
Deface sealed$45
Utopia Oblivion Japan hifi$80
Oblivion promo$60
Runt Ampex$50
Runt Bearsville$50
Runt TR autographed$100
Runt w/ extra tracks$200
Nazz 3$50
Nazz Nazz black vinyl$100
Nazz Nazz red vinyl$100
Ballad of TR Japan Hifi sealed$100
Runt promo w/sticker$80
Runt Denmark$80
Runt Ampex w/sticker$80
Runt Ballad Denmark$80
Runt sealed$80
Hermit red vinyl Canada$80
Hermit promo$60
Hermit sealed$60
S/A import different jacket$80
S/A promo$60
S/A hifi Mobile Labs numbered$100
S/A promo w/ sticker$100
S/A red & blue vinyl$300
AWATS autographed$100
AWATS promo w/insert$80
Cassettes of Concerts from 1971 to 1990s -- many many many, hundreds of hours
T Shirts
Initiation promo$60
Concert Tour shirts-several$60
Runt Eight Track sealed
Ballad Eight Track sealed
Runt Cassette
Video Collection
Bootleg concerts
Promo video tapes
TV appearances
More rare stuff than you can imagine