Media Appearances 
(Covers period from May '97 - present)

Topic/reference/article title Media type Date of publication/air
May 1997
USA Today -- TR & PatroNet - Money section Print 5/1/97
Wired Magazine -- TR & PatroNet - Updata section -- page 92 Print May-97
ZD Net (Australia) -- TR & PatroNet Online May-97
Billboard Magazine -- music distribution on Web Print May-97
June 1997
Wired News -- future of musical distribution Print/Online 6/13/97
Billboard Magazine -- Artists using the Internet Print 6/13/97
XGames (ESPN) -- TR cover of theme airs TV 6/20-22/97
USA Today -- TR/ESPN Games - Life section -- front page (reference) Print 6/20/97
Forbes - article on TR/George Michael (and the Internet) Print/Online 6/20/97
Yahoo's Internet Life -- TR & PatroNet (in Double Scoop section) Online 6/20/97
New York Post -- TR/Ch. 11 story - Page Six column -- page 8 Print 6/22/97
Daily News (Philadelphia ) -- Ch. 11 Print 6/23/97
Village Voice (NY) -- Ch. 11 Print 6/25/97
Politically Incorrect TV 6/24/97
"E" News Daily -- TR & PatroNet TV 6/25/97
Alex Bennett Show -- TR & PatroNet Radio 6/27/97
Greg Kihn Show -- TR & PatroNet Radio 6/26/97
MS NBC News -- TR & PatroNet TV 6/27/97
Christian Science Monitor -- TR & PatroNet Print 6/24/97
July 1997
Res Rocket -- TR & PatroNet Online Jul-97
ICE -- release of Very Best of (Rhino) Print Jul-97
CNN News -- TR/PatroNet/GMO TV Jul-97
60 Second CD -- TR & PatroNet Radio Jul-97
NPR -- TR & PatroNet Radio Jul-97
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- TR and GMO Print Jul-97
Billboard Mag -- TR & PatroNet Print Jul-97
MACLife (BNN - Japan); tribute book Print Jul-97
Keyboard (Japan) -- WD story fr M&C Print Jul-97
USA Today -- Online music sales (TR, et al) Print Jul-97
Kansas City Star -- TR & PatroNet Print Jul-97
CD World newspaper -- ref to WD & Ch 11 - Liner Notes section -- page 4 Print Jul-97
Agents of Cool interview -- TR career review Online 7/25/97
Sonoma County Independent -- Todd (career update) Print 7/31/97
August 1997
MOJO Mag (UK) -- TR judge in "100 singles" Print Aug-97
NY Press -- TR as artist/PatroNet Print Aug-97
ICE -- mention of "With a Twist" & PatroNet - Multimedia Music section  Print Aug-97
Good Times (Santa Cruz) - review of show Print 8/7/97
BAM Magazine (Bay Area) -- music on 'Net
Beat section -- "Rundgren Alert: CD Singles Ready for Downloading" -- p. 62
Print 8/8/97
Philadelphia Inquirer -- TR & PatroNet Print 8/17/97
September 1997
PC Portables Magazine -- TR sidebar in story (starts on p. 26) Print Sep-97
Uncut Magazine (UK) -- review of "Up Against It" Print Sep-97
Philadelphia Inquirer -- story on music on 'Net Print Sep-97
CMPNet -- TR feature Online Sep-97
Melbourne Public Radio -- Retrospective on TR Radio Sep-97
PC Music (Japan) -- TR cover feature Print Sep-97
ZD Net (Yahoo Internet Life) -- Top Web Music sites Online Sep-97
EatMag - Review of "WAT" Online Sep-97
Weekly Planet (Tampa, FL) -- Review of "WAT" Print Sep-97
The Leo (Louisville, KY) -- Review of "WAT" Print Sep-97
October 1997
Uncut Magazine (UK) -- Story on TR & "WAT" Print Oct-97
Computer Shopper (ZD Net) -- Music on the Web Online Oct-97
Politically Incorrect show TV Oct-97
LA Times Syndicate - Review of "WAT" Print Oct-97
San Diego Union-Tribune -- Review of "WAT" Print Oct-97
Philadelphia Daily News -- Review of "WAT" Print Oct-97
The Album Network - Review of "WAT" Print Oct-97
20th Century Guitar -- Review of "WAT" Print Oct-97
November 1997 - Interview (transcript) Online Nov 1, '97
Daily Vault -- piece on TR (PatroNet and WAT) Online Nov-97
Cleveland Scene -- piece on TR (review of local WAT show) Online Nov-97
Island Valley Daily - review of "WAT" Print Nov-97
Uncut Magazine (UK) -- Story on TR (4-page retrospective) Print Nov-97
MacUser (Japan) -- TR cover feature Print Nov-97
Hollywood Reporter - Review of "WAT" show at HOB Print Nov-97
MOJO Album Review section -- "WAT" Print Nov-97
Rock Love review - "WAT" show in Santa Cruz Print Nov-97
The Onion - TR "Cyber Troubador" Print/Online? Nov-97
Conan O'Brien show -- performance w/WAT set/band TV Nov-97
December 1997
CIO Magazine -- TR and PatroNet Online/Print Dec-97
San Jose Mercury News - PatroNet Online/Print 12/30/97
January 1998
Interactivity Magazine -- piece on PatroNet (one-pager) Print/Online Jan '98
The Daily Vault -- review of NWO Online Jan '98
Musician Magazine - review of "WAT" Print Jan '98
Music & Computers -- piece on PatroNet/MOD column Print Jan/Feb '98
February 1998
MOJO Mag (UK) -- TR 30-year retrospective Print Feb-98
Music & Computers -- piece on TR & PatroNet Print TBD ('98)
Gallery Magazine -- TR & PatroNet Print TBD (1/98?)
CNN Online -- WAT and PatroNet Online Feb 2 '98
Winston-Salem Journal - "Wizard of Odd"/ WAT & TR Print/Online Feb-98
April 1998
Guitar Magazine -- WAT & TR retrospective Print Apr-98
Politically Incorrect TV Apr 2, 1998
June 1998
The Globe & Mail -- TR (Music & Internet); Canada Print May-98
Computer Life Magazine -- PatroNet & TR Print & Online May-98
July 1998
Winnipeg Free Press -- TR playing EOTW Festival (Canada) Print Jul-98
Finland Newspaper -- TR (music & the Internet) Print Jul-98
August 1998
Boston Herald - TR (Music & the Internet) Print Aug-98
Magical Blend Magazine -- TR (spirituality) & PatroNet Print/Online Aug-98
Performing Songwriter Print Aug-98
Boston Herald -- Online Music article Print/Online Aug-98
Yahoo Internet Life- Music on the Net Online Aug-98
September 1998
Upside Magazine -- Making Beautiful Music on the 'Net Print/Online Sep-98
Forbes Magazine -- "Rock The Net" Print/Online Sep-98
November 1998
Guitar World Magazine -- article on Todd's role as producer Print/Online Nov-98
.Net Magazine (UK) -- Online music sites review Print/Online? #51 Nov-98?
The Webnoize Interview: Todd Rundgren Online Nov-98
December 1998
Hollywood Reporter - Todd & PatroNet Print Dec-98
Daily Show TV 12/1/1998
January 1999
Impression Magazine (Univ of Missouri) Online Jan-99
Guardian (UK) -- Top 100 Alt Albums of the Century Print Jan-99
February 1999
Entertainment Weekly (mention - artists on the web article) Print Feb-99
Houston Press (feature on TR & PatroNet) Print/Online Feb-99
Apple Computer web site -- profile on Todd (brief) Online Feb-99
Rolling Stone - 3/4 issue (part of Rock on the Web mention) Print 3/4/1999
NY Times - Ringo tour review Print Feb-99
Conan O'Brien Show -- TR plays in band TV Feb-99
WCNI interview -- PatroNet, Ringo tour, et al Radio,Online Feb-99
Castle Records re-issue of TR catalog (UK) - I'view w/TR Print,Online Feb-99
March 1999
Forbes -- top 100 celebrity/athlete earnings issue; TR on Technology Print,Online Mar-1999
Politically Incorrect appearance (3/17 air date) TV 3/17/1999
"One World" in Arizona News commercials TV Jul/Aug - 97
"Bang Drum" Ericsson phone commercials TV Jul/Aug - 97
"Bang Drum" commercial for "Working" TV Aug/Sept - 97
VH-1 home page -- review of "WAT" Online 8/28/97
IUMA home page -- featured banner cross-link Online 8/97-present
Airline video -- specific airlines TBD; TR story Flight video Feb-98
"Bang Drum" featured in teaser for Dreamworks film "Antz" TV Sep-98
Yahoo! Chat featuring TR Online 9/24/98