The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect 1982

This video autobiography, featuring video clips to illustrate TR's career along with interview sections, was written and produced by Todd for the UK TV station Channel Four. Song clips are:-
  1. Pulse
  2. Too Far Gone
  3. Hello It's Me
  4. I Saw the Light
  5. Breathless
  6. International Feel
  7. An Elpees worth of Toons
  8. Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel
  9. Eastern Intrigue
  10. Everybody's Going to Heaven
  11. Compassion
  12. Black and White
  13. Determination
  14. A Dream Goes On Forever
  15. The Verb to Love
  16. No 1 Lowest Common Denominator
  17. Born to Synthesize
  18. Initiation
  19. Real Man (live with Utopia)
  20. Flesh
  21. Healer
  22. Just one Victory
  23. Fair Warning (new vocals)

This video is currently commercially available.