Solo at the Agora 1982

Recorded live at the Agora in Cleavelend and Broadcast by Cube this show features a one man performance by Todd. Tracks are:-
  1. Love of the Common Man
  2. Cliche
  3. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  4. Can We Still be Friends?
  5. Experimental Video clips
  6. Song of the Viking
  7. Compassion
  8. Lysistrata (+ Story)
  9. Tiny Demons
  10. Bag Lady
  11. Drunken Blue Rooster
  12. When I Pray (Audience Partitipation)
  13. Time Heals Video
  14. I'm so Proud/Oh Baby Baby/La La Means I love You/I saw the Ligt
  15. One World
  16. A Dream Goes on Forever

This video is not currently commercially available.