An evening with Utopia

This concert from Rissmillers in LA features Utopia in energetic form running through songs from their most recent LP 'Utopia' as well as a lot of older tracks. Tracks are...
  1. Infrared and Ultraviolet
  2. Libertine
  3. Burn Three Times
  4. Couldn't I just tell you
  5. Princess of the Universe
  6. Swing to the Right
  7. There goes my Inspiration
  8. Hammer in my Heart
  9. Don't call it Love
  10. You Make me Crazy
  11. Rock Love
  12. Love Alone
  13. Feet Don't Fail me Now
  14. Say Yeh
  15. Only Human
  16. Very Last Time
  17. Road to Utopia
  18. Caravan
  19. Love in Action
  20. One World
  21. Love is the Answer
  22. Just one Victory
This show is commercially available on the 'An Evening with Utopia' video.