The Bottom Line NY 1978

Live Broadcast of a Back to the Bars Show. See TR dressed in what looks like Gaffa tape wrapped around him for the second half of the show. TR (along with the Hello People, and some Utopians) performs:-
  1. Real Man
  2. It Wouldn't have made Any Difference
  3. Black and White
  4. Never Never Land
  5. Zen Archer
  6. Can we Still Be Friends?
  7. Couldn'tI just tell you
  8. Black Maria
  9. Range War
  10. You Cried Wolf
  11. I'm so Proud/La La La Means I love you/I saw the light
  12. Eastern Intrigue/Initiation
  13. Love in Action
  14. Hello It's Me' and
  15. Just One Victory'.
This video is not currently commercially available.