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C _ o _ l _ o _ r _ e _ d _ _ _ V _ i _ n _ y _ l

C o l o r e d _ V i n y l _ that I know about - I'm sure there must be more - please let me know- thanks!

Singles - U.K.

Bearsville0003I Saw The Light/Marlene1972 ( blue vinyl promo and stock versions) Picture (34K)


SGCSD5002 Nazz Nazz1969 (First pressing in red vinyl smaller, second pressing in black vinvl)
RHINO Nazz Nazzmid 1980's red vinyl reissue, thanks to Bruce Walton of the USA for this info
Bearsville2BX2066 Something/Anything?1972 (2-record set. A limited pressing on red and blue vinyl is worth $250)
Bearsville6981 Hermit Of Mink Hollow1978 (Ltd. Canadian versions exist pressed in red or green vinyl. U.S. versions are black vinyl.)

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