From: Steve Boyce To:
Subject: [awizard] Todd in Seattle last night Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 14:57:07 -0700
Hi all - just a short note about the oh-too-rare Todd appearance in Seattle last

The show was at a club called the Ballard Firehouse, which is exactly what the
building used to be. I'm guessing there were about 400 in attendance - the place
was quite full. I didn't know if he was going to have a band or play solo until I
arrived - it was a solo show. Guitar, piano, and he played along with the Mac to a
number of songs from the Individualist. He had a large screen that projected the
Mac images, and had a video camera (focused on him, of course) projected on the
screen when the Mac was not in use.

Because his equipment was minimal and he had no other band members to deal
with, aside from the Mac not booting up properly at first, the show was just about
flawless! His voice and wit were in great form throughout the night. Sorry, but I
didn't time the show or keep a list of the songs, but it seemed he was onstage
around 90 minutes or perhaps a little longer. There were a few pleasant surprises,
for me anyway, in the song selections - such as Compassion - at the piano. He
played a bunch of his "standards" as well: Love of the Common Man, The Wheel,
Black and White. It's always great to hear him play them, especially when he was
in fine form - as he was last night.

If you have a chance to catch him this time out - by all means, DO IT! You'll be glad
you did!