From: Kelli Richards To: "TR mailing list"
, "

What several of you have been waiting patiently for -- here are the details for how
to order a subscription to PatroNet (currently just for Todd's site), if you don't
want to subscribe over the Internet. This information should appear on Todd's site
later this week (I hope), but for now, please help spread the word to other online
newsgroups that may be interested.

NOTE: This is a brand new system and there are a couple details still being nailed down as
I send this to you -- so please be aware of that going in; there's a chance they may
need to take down your information & confirm your subscription in a subsequent
correspondence (FYI).

Toll-free (US and Canada) -- is 888-302-8766 International -- 216-447-8882

(If you have room you can also include the following info, but if you do PLEASE be
sure to add that they should verify these details on the "" site for
accuracy as of 8/1).
Checks or money orders may be made out in US funds only (fees are dependent on
which subscription package they select and associated S&H charges) to "PatroNet",
referencing Todd Rundgren in the "memo" area and sent to:
attn: Customer Service - "TR-i"
P.O. Box 471013
Cleveland, OH 44147-8013
Also, be sure to specify which subscription package you're interested in (from the