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Last updated on Thursday 15th Feb 1996

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Before we go any further - if you have not bought the Individualist CDe - why not? - it's quite amazing!!

These pages should allow those who've bought the CDe, but cannot yet access the multimedia content, to share in the mind blowing visuals.

The following is the quote from the back of 'The Individualist Software Box'
Songwriter, recording artist, video pioneer, producer, computer software developer ...

Visionary Todd Rundgren does it again with the Individualist.

Much more than the standard fan club fare of interviews and photos, The Individualist is a harmonious marriage of image and sound. A recognised master of art and technology, Rundgren combines his original music and exquisite graphics to create yet another innovative form of expression. Ten new songs each with an accompanying visual, interactive lyrics to navigate the album and full CD quality sound make this a disc like no other you'll see or hear.

Please remember this information and pictures, were only made possible by :-

Summary of the different releases of the Individualist.

The News Breaks

  • A member of the awizard mailing list gets a promo review of the Individualist at the tail end of '94 - a few copies circulate the TR-i community - 5th generation copies are not unheard of!

  • Your chance tojoin this mailing list -

Japanese Release

  • March '95 - Pony Canyon based in Japan - release of the 'I' but No CDe part. I ordered my copy thru' CDNow! (a USA on-line music store).

  • My claim to fame is that my copy is the most travelled, Japan to USA to UK and must the dearest - I had to pay UK import taxes as the Customs grabbed it - it must have cost $85+. A small price to pay for such a masterpiece!

  • A kind friend from Japan translated the Japanese cover notes.
    Click here to read them.

  • The photographs from the booklet are displayed later. Read on!

CompuServe Free Release!

Thanks to Kelli Richards for this info.
  • All the songs from the "I" were made available on CompuServe (on the 12th June '95).They could then be downloaded by IMUSIC Forum members. The songs still remain there.

  • For more info on the TR-i C'serve IMUSIC Forum, refer to the 'Latest Info' section on TR-i's www site.

  • Todd is on the cover of the January issue of CompuServe Magazine (which reaches over 4 million subscribers worldwide) talking about various online TR-i activities.

    • See the cover picture. (57K)

    • The article is available on-line at CompuServe.

Individualist USA Tour

  • TR-i starts his Individualist tour (early June to late August, No UK dates) - for some tour reviews and photos choose from below.

  • A big thanks to Kurt and Jerry for sending the following photos:-

  • TR-i also played on New Years Eve in the States
    Nows your chance to see what happened. This site is maintained by Lion Keezer and well worth a visit.

Cassette Release

  • Due to the CD industry trying to eastablish as CD+ format and Windows '95 about to be launched - a limited edition cassette,35,000 copies, again NO CDe part, was released. As far as I am aware only a few copies made it to the UK.

Nov '95 USA CDe Released

  • As the readme.txt file says:-

    W e l c o m e _ T o _ T h e _ I n d i v i d u a i st
    You have purchased a new type of Audio CD which is called an "Enhanced CD". It called "Enhanced" because in addition to the audio tracks normally found on the CD, there is a complete interactive multimedia experience that can be played back on a properly configured Macintosh or Windows-based PC.

  • Video Switcher

  • Animated Song Experience
    60+ 'stills' to view , Lyrics and Inner Booklet Photos as well.

  • Reviews

    • Recent review found on AOL of The "I".....

    • Review 2 .. etc ... etc

Where To Buy In The UK

  • Key Mail, who advertise in 'Record Collector', import the 'I'. The price was #17.99 + 99p p+p. The phone number is 0181 770 0900 (UK)

  • CDx (Music by Mail), The Old Coach House,Windsor Cres, Radyr, South Glamorgan, CF4 8AE, Tele 01222 842 878. Check it out! (lots of other Todd/Utopia CDs)

  • If you have another source, please send it along

My Installation

  • I run the CDe on a PowerMac 7500/100 - it couldn't have been easier - ran first time with NO problems.

  • A BIG thanks to Bill Perion of the USA who kindly exported me a copy. The UK always seems to take ages to get import copies.

Trouble Shooting Guide

  • For tech support on the "I" specifically, contact Digital Entertainment (who are handling that "officially") at

  • Mac - Read the Q and A section from the Readme file that came with the CDe

  • PC - Read the Q and A section from the Readme file that came with the CDe.

  • There IS hope!. Thanks to Liz Wilkinson for the following.

  • More details can be found at Compuserv - the IMUSIC Forum.
    • TR-i has set up a 'Starter pack' for USA only

    • Details on the UK Compuserv set up, look out for free CDs they sometimes distribute in PC mags, Free 10 hours online, Free s/w, Free membership, Free internet access, Free personal home page - call 0800 000 200 for joining info and 0800 000 400 for technical support

  • If you have encountered any problems please feel free to email them to me and I'll compile a summary.

Further Reading

Your Feedback

  • One last section, please feel to contribute your reviews/ideas/little snipets of information about the CDe for others to enjoy.

  • Please Email me with your comments - Thanks!

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