Utopia by Todd Rundgren - Gig handout 1974

Hello and Welcome to the show!

Rest assured that these is no energy crisis in Utopia this year as the new look featured this Spring is the tried and true 'streamlined design' and the sound is newly improved 'uphonic vortex' system designed to scramble your brains and roast your ears.

We open tonight with a solo set of new and past favourite material delievered with that international feel. You will notice that there are no musicians about the stage and yet an active band is heard at times (just like on TV). It is only the original solo performances on these instruments which of course cannot be played simultaneously if one expects to be able to remember the words. It is a logical progression of the music minus one concept. Someday everyone will do it.

Following a brief intermission, the real band takes over, and before you know it - Bingo - Utopia! We are featuring some new music this tour, so following the familiar Utopia These and selections from the latest solo LP, "Todd", we are debuting "The Freak Parade" and a 30 minute piece tentatively titles "The Ikon". And may I say a word about the members of the band?

From let to right:-

Ralph Shuckett - Ralph began his musical experience with Clear Light and has been a member of Yo Mama and an invaluable contributor to my recent solo albums.

M. Frog - known to friends as Jean-Yves, he is also a Bearsville solo artist and he will be glad to tell you what he does as soon as he figures out what to call it.

Kevin Ellman - formerly Mythmaster for many highly placed (and unnamed) entertainers, Kevin has originated most of Utopia's unique and hypnotic beats such as the 'funkatero', and the 'funky regular'.

John Sieglar - John has 'burned' with the best including Herbie Mann and most recently Mandrill. In a display of Utopian Kung Fu, Jogn features 'Five Fingers of Funk' to round out the rhythm section

Moogy Klingman - Author of 'Friends', King-Kong keyboardist, singer - dancer - standup comic, all you do is wind Moogy up and watch him steal the show!

So that's the line up! Sit back, relax, let your head fill in the spaces, and jump up in the air when you think you have to.

See Ya,

Todd R