Oh my Gosh! This is it. The Todd Rundgren Temporary Sanity Refuge will be going down for good in just a few short days. Insanity will surely ensue! Thanks to all for the great compliments and also the critiques. If you want to contact me, you may now do so at sschumac@kuht.uh.edu
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The TR-I
Temporary Sanity Refuge!

Come, all ye heavy laden, to a refreshing haven of musical bliss. For this is the place where you don't have to worry about someone saying "WHO is Todd Rundgren?"

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Last updated 4/18/96

Thanks for stopping by! Please look around and enjoy yourself. This page is meant to give you some things not available elsewhere as well as lotsa other stuff. At the bottom of this page is a list of some of the current web sites that deal with Todd. If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at stevelet@infocom.net

Well, it's finally here! Rhino has finally released Oblivion and P.O.V. on a double CD! There are extensive liner notes and also contains Fix Your Gaze and Monument from Trivia and the bonus track Man of Action. Go get it now!

Where Is He Now?
Remember the song, Hello, it's me? How about I Saw the Light? For those of you who thought that Todd isn't making music anymore or just plain forgot about him, check out the Latest on what TR is doing. If you don't know what TR-I stands for, please click on the TR-I logo at the top of the page.

the Individualist is out on CD-e format!
Here's a virtual tour of the enhanced CD

Here's a slew of pictures that were taken on the

The Individualist tour
No World Order tour
There are also some pictures from the
No World Order Tour Book
TR-I Digital Press Kit
Here are a couple of magazine clippings
Todd's house up for sale in Woodstock in Style Magazine
Todd's thoughts on music through computers in People Magazine

Here's lyrics from:

Todd Rundgren
Lyrics to The Individualist

Sound Stuff!
Here's where you can find various Todd sounds. Check them out here

Guitar Tabs and Chords!
Coming soon!

Expand Your Utopian Music Library!
Check out all the cool Todd music available from CDnow.

Other essential TR/Utopia Reading and Interaction

The TR mailing list
Get all kinds of Rundgren info right to your E-mailbox from TR enthusiasts like yourself!
Todd Rundgren Newsgroup
Join in or just spectate!

Other Rundgren/Utopia Sites

the Individualist
Todd's very own web site.
The TR Connection
A wonderful place for getting the lowdown on Todd.
Todd Rundgren's Freedom Fighters
The other side of The TR Connection with some other tidbits.
This site has some good information as well as some great pictures.
The Difference with Todd Rundgren
Todd's weekly radio show web page companion.
One World homepage
Infomation from the Todd Rundgren Fan Club in Japan.
Toddfest/West '95
'Cause in '95 something comes alive...
Shep Siegel's look at Bearsville Studios
An inside look at where much of Todd's music came from.
Steve Cox's Rundgren Refuge
Steve's pictures and a bunch of other stuff as well!

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