Top Ten Encounters

Jim Boda relates another top ten encounters with the Wizard

Top Ten Encounters Minus Todd 10. Hear Original Hello It's Me on radio - too cheap to buy album.
9. Girlfriend goes to Nazz / Procol Harum Concert and jumps stage ends up meeting Procol Roadie.
8. Friend buys red NAZZ NAZZ album I borrow and never return it.
7. Hook up two stereos together so can make out to Runt album - stereos blow up. Love making interupted to fix problem. Lovemaking resumes with one stereo only. Girlfriend thinks I have problem.
6. Make trip to California. Exit at Sunset Boulevard. Pass church of Scientology (and hawkers) to Capitol Record Store - Hear entire Ballad album - leave and drive by night through Death Valley.
5. Buy Broke Down and Busted Graduate-type car to get more chicks.
4. Friends go to Big U to sublet appartments for summer. I stay home and work two jobs. Write letter to Todd seeking help fixing car.
3. Most Beautiful Girl at School keeps ignoring me, so drop out and work in Steelyard to get new Graduate Car.
2. Steel Works lay me off, so get job selling records for Record Distribution Company - Crash car into Wife and Mother Inlaw of Chief of Police on way to K Mart - Judge tells me this serious offense. All survive.
1. 1983, Todd appears Back to Bars. I now on Heavy Medication for thinking that I Messiah. Standing rigid in balcony - Todd appearing solo throws down Acoustic Guitar in disgust and Plugs in Electric. Last concert attended.

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