Top Ten Encounters

Jim Boda relates his top ten encounters with the Wizard

10. When crowd asked where was Nazz from, I screamed New Jersey.
9. When first saw Utopia, Todd played through Marshall with recording - Now I play like that.
8. Before same concert, went out and bought seven tickets for all my friends - some kids broke into house and stole them - had to talk office into replacing tickets.
7. Friends decide that I queer because Grateful Dead concert would have been better.
6. Next time Utopia appears Todd admits previous concert was not so good - But this one was.
5. Todd appears at College rock festival - now very hip to be into Todd
4. Now that I own Electric Guitar, send tape Todd, also play Piano tune, and Violin tune in 1974.
3. Having sent Todd Something / Anything, now think that Treatise on Cosmic Fire is Wizard's brew of my material.
2. Todd aims Guitar at me standing in bacony at theater during encore.
1. Next concert Todd climbs to top of pyramid and scares me out of front row balcony seat.

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