Date: July 25, 2001

For some time, the awizard mailing list has languished in a state of slumber, although a number of people (327 as of this writing) are still subscribed, and new subscriptions are added all of the time.

Originally (about 10 years ago), awizard was established as a forum for discussion among Todd Rundgren fans, and intended primarily for discussion about Todd Rundgren, the man and his music. Over time, as topics were rehashed over and over, the discussion turned to other items of interest, some far outside the scope of the original intent. After a period of degradation, it was finally closed down as an open forum in March, 2000.

There are now many forums for the Todd Rundgren fan community to engage in open discussion, but no one forum which focuses strictly on facts and news relating to Todd. It is my intent to make awizard that forum, and not to create another splinter group.

Many will say, perhaps even from an official perspective, that this type of activity should be carried out by Todd, or at least his publicity or management organization. I agree, and I anticipate that information will continue to be released through authorized channels. But I also believe that there are many types of news-related events that would not be distributed from an official source, but that would be considered by this vehicle. I also recognize that there are certain types of information releases that are restricted to a select group, say Patronet subscribers, that should not and would not be released without permission.

Others may ask what right I have to assume this mantle. None, I suppose. Certainly none from an official perspective. I'm just a fan. But I do have access to the facilities and a portion of the fan base to implement it, and I perceive it as a need within the community. I do not speak with an official voice, but I welcome information from official sources.

The Awizard list will continue to be an announcement-only list, and will not accept general postings outside of a limited set of so-called "publishers" (right now, just me). However, I encourage anyone to send information for publication consideration directly to me. If it is appropriate, it will go out to the list.

Basically, I see the typical content to be:

Items that generally would not be distributed:

Although the focus of information would be Todd Rundgren, it is indeed possible that news from Todd-related persons would also be distributed, such as recent activities from Moogy Klingman and Kasim Sulton, although it would not make up the bulk of the information stream. There are distribution channels in place that already focus on this type of content.

It is yet to be seen what volume this list will be able to sustain. It all depends on what news is available to distribute. There could be information made available on a daily basis, or days or weeks may pass without any significant content. Two things guaranteed: you will not be receiving dozens of messages daily, and I will do my best to ensure that any information distributed has been fact-checked, or if it involves any speculation, is clearly marked as such.

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Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22
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