Springfest - Pensacola, Florida May 15, 1998

Spectacular acoustic show. My sister-in-law (v.p. of Springfest) arranged to have she and myself meet Todd before the show! Walked into the motor home as Todd and Jess were warming up. Best experience since kids were born! After ten minutes of great conversation I mentioned the only thing that could make this better was if Michelle could take a picture of us. With that, he stood up, put his arm around me. Picture looks like two old buddies at a party! Being below the mason-dixon line, the only opertunity to see my hero was when I was at Florida State and attended the "Ra" tour in Tallahassee.

Set List (best I can remember)

Solo Acoustic Guitar
  Hammer in My Heart (opening tune - unbeleivable)
  There goes my inspiration
  Hide your love away - great beatle's sing-along
  Tiny demons
  Dont want to tie you down

  Viking song
  Wouldnt have made any difference
  Free male and twenty-one  (never heard this before)

With Jess
  I saw the light
  Never never land
  Love is the answer
  I want you
  Dream goes on forever

  Solo acoustic - One World
I'm sure I left a few out, but what a soulful show! Converted my younger sister and a few others. Springfest had more that 60 acts. Each played for approx 45 minutes. Todd performed for 1 hour and fifteen minutes. What a treat to see the master and his tunes in a "stripped down" format.