OK, let's see, another TR-i show at The Fillmore, another couple of drinks at Jack's, and another inevitable "until we meet again" session after the show amongst awizard and non-line Utopians...? Not this time.

We knew this would be a special evening. We were told so by Lani Hanson's prophetic Bazooka enjoyed by Roger Linder. Its fortune told us we 'were headed for the most excellent day ever'.

TR-i's Fillmore set, introduced by Randy and Rebop, presented itself in three phases: a raucus-rockin-funky-love-dance fest followed by a half-dozen solo numbers, finishing with several strong standbys.

At the show's completion, most everybody left the theater to begin their trek home. A few of us loitered about it for the opportunity. Several within our group ignored the calls from Fillmore security to disband as we chatted and took pictures near the stage with
Larry Tagg, Rebop Rundgren, and the coveted SG. The atmosphere was casual perhaps due to the 'volunteer' effort of this benefit show. Ultimately, we surrendered to security and headed for the back of the main room.

But kurt and Lani took a hard right and headed for the stairs. Several others followed as we somehow trucked our convoy to the upstairs booth level of the Fillmore. We were alone. Everyone has left for home. Debbie, Tory, kurt, Lani, Ron, Kelly, Cindy and Jill found ourselves munching on remnants of the richest chocolate chip cupcakes and ignoring yet another hired hand at the Fillmore that "the band has left and won't be coming out".

If this was the case, then why were Randy and Rebop treating the upstairs of the Fillmore like a Presidio playground? The offspring were scaling chairs and tables like monkey bars and rolling on the ground with sealed bottles of Black Label. ...We stood our ground.

After a query to security of OH's whereabouts from an apparent cliquer and kurt's verification of said individual's cliqueness, Michele Gray and her significant other soon appeared.

After small talk with a few unknown cliquers, OH shakes Ron's hand, looks over at Shine-pup and exclaims, "Hey, it's kurt!". Debbie Sommer then asks TR-i to pose for a few pics. OH, never one to pass up a posing opportunity, so graciously obliges.

We all rap and pose for about fifteen minutes, until the Rundgren family begins to head for the exit. Dad asks Mom where the camera is when Rebop is spotted rolling with the Black Label in the rear bar.

Outside on Geary Blvd, Todd pauses yet again to sign a few LPs and t-shirts before hopping into the family minivan. kurt grabs one more pose as OH tells us we can't believe the farewell hype and he'll be back in a few months.

Since Ron still owed kurt a shot, we all went back to Jack's to medicate our senses and lower our blood pressure from our brush with His Skunkness.

Text: moko
Photos: kurt and Debbie
Layout: the colonel