No World Order/Computer Broke

by Kate Erickson <>
Let me tell you 'bout my 'No World Order'
(Made me wish real hard for my old tape recorder)
It's a new kind of format, a media revolution
With no solution for my PC's lack of evolution

Hope the Standards Committee has a sense of humor
'Cause the directions in the box made success just a rumor
I just wasn't  laughin' when my PC started freezin' and
Didn't give a single hint, 'bout what keeps it seizin'

UMB's, shadow RAM, funky graphics chip sets
These are the problems, and as tough as it gets
Interactive CD and a set of good speakers
If you have an older bios, you're in for lots of trials

Bill Gates wants my money, Taiwan gets more of it
Creative Labs got it's share, TR-i got just a little bit
Got to get it re configured, got to get it together
Hate to think of upgrading,  but I want to get it playing

Will conspicuous consumption cancel my assumption
That a four-eighty-six would not  make me shout
Not make me want to punch it's lights or tear my hair out
I can't help my reaction, my checkbook defies subtraction
Got a kid in college, the PC's got to get more mileage

I work on networks all day long, seems so definitely wrong
To come home with expectations, to find more frustrations
Where's the frigging magic that I put on the users
Like granting connectivity or setting up their choosers
PC's are getting sentient, with a piss-poor attitude
A Pentium might do the trick, play the CD, change my mood
Or I'll settle down with No World Order Lite, and
Enjoy some relaxation without the damned distraction, and
To satisfy my need to interact, I'll trash the PC and get a freakin' cat.

Numb is the word when I get like this
Still out of touch, still couldn't play the disk, the disk
It wouldn't play, but I can't say why
Trapped in the house with the PC mocking and temper on fire
On fire
Ire rises higher
Computer broke
My PC hosed as I watched over it
Land of opportunity, this is the
I don't dare quit my day job